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Breaking in Brooke pt.2

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(warning: violent if you can stomach it, then just click off)

All of the girls I’ve had in my life succumb to me inevitably, and unexpectedly, Brooke, the youngest, was the last to crack. I’ve already branded and injected a GPS chip into Channel and Amelia and began to pimp them out. The cash flow was decent, but it could be better; I know many people who would want to fuck a 16-year-old girl, and I know those people would pay top dollar for it.

After sifting through her social media and phone for a time, I uncovered the source of her perseverance: she had a boyfriend. They were so in love that they had already planned out their wedding plans, honeymoon arrangements, and future life. Unfortunately, her unending devotion to this kid prevents her from being a good slut. I now knew what I had to do.

Her lover is a 16-year-old guy called Carter; he was a geeky unathletic youngster with many offers from leading colleges, and Carter appeared to have a promising future. But, alas, he was just a façade for a wicked child. He had a relatively active account on many nefarious websites on the dark web, which he used to ddox, swat, and blackmail individuals to extort them for money. I know you’re going to tell me that I’m no better than him, which is partially true, but at least I’m better at covering up my tracks. I discovered where he lived through some hacking, and in the dead of night, I waited outside his house and began texting him. He lived in a two-story suburban home in an unremarkable neighbourhood, yet he figured he was invincible since he had a laptop and a VPN. I dressed in a black coverall, steel toe boots, black leather gloves and a black full-face mask.

“Hello, Carter”
“Who the fuck are you?”
“Didn’t your parents teach you any manners? Don’t talk to your superiors like that.”
“Bro wtf are you on about?”
“Do you feel safe inside your house? (sends him a recording of his house).”
“Nigga I don’t know what you’re on about, but I’m calling the cops” (he’s white, by the way)
“(sends him footage of his girlfriend being tortured and raped by me) I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
“Ayo chill, bro. What do you want???”
“I want you to look outside your window now” (While texting, I climbed my way up to his bedroom balcony).
I break through his window, smothering his mouth as he turns to look outside. Finally, I knock him out and carry him to my black SUV, where I drive away as alarms sound. I drove him back to my estate, where I had constructed a torture cabin. For perspective, my backyard extends rather far and then comes to a halt when it reaches the wooded area where the cabin is located. I carried him through the dirt to the cabin, where I shackled him to a chair and prepared everything I needed to torture him. Then, I drove back to the apartments and decided to get a good night’s rest for the next day.

The next day, I went directly to the girls’ apartment, and to my surprise, everyone except Brooke was already waiting for me. Amelia and Channel have already dressed up in slutty outfits and are on their hands and knees next to their dog bowls. Brooke was still in bed being a disobedient pig, but I was confident she would change. I fed the girls dog food and cum for breakfast before dragging Brooke by her ponytail and forcing her into the SUV. She whined the entire journey, but instead of disciplining her, I opted to let her vent before we got to the cabin. As I led her inside the cabin, I showed her the scene: her gagged boyfriend bound to a chair with cuts and bruises all over him, a slew of torture tools and equipment, a shotgun set down next to his feet, and a video of all the horrific things he did on the dark web playing on the tv next to him. The whole thing was set up like a dentist’s treatment area. There was also a leather box in the corner of the room, which I had filled up with Brooke’s slutty outfits. I had already branded and chipped her, but those outfits would top it off for her.
“What the fuck is this?” She cried out
“Oh, this? This is your boyfriend, your obsessive toxic boyfriend,” I replied back to her casually.
“No, shut up, stop this now!!” she cried and begged, but I wouldn’t listen to her.
I moved over to him, took a mallet, and began pounding him; each stroke was harsher than the last, and Carter’s muffled pleas and begs for me to stop drowned out by each bone being shattered. Finally, Brooke went to her knees and began weeping, but I wasn’t going to stop torturing him until she eventually came to her senses. Brooke had no choice but to confess it. Brooke had to acknowledge that she loved me and would serve me and be loyal to me; of course, I didn’t tell her that she had to figure it out for herself. I put the bloody mallet down and grabbed some salt and a scalpel; I began cutting into his flesh and salting it. My face formed a sadistic smile. I couldn’t fathom that he hadn’t passed out from agony yet, but love allows you to accomplish extraordinary things. I got a gut knife and began disembowelling him; disembowelment isn’t particularly fatal if appropriately done; I’m not sure whether I did it correctly, but I assume I did because he was still alive.
“Well, much respect to you; good job on surviving so far”, I laughed out whilst slowly clapping my hands. Brooke looked up at me from the ground. Her golden eyes still shimmered in the light after crying for so long.
“I love you; I will serve you and be loyal to you…” she whispered meekly
“I didn’t hear you say it louder,” I replied in a taunting manner
“I LOVE YOU; I WILL SERVE YOU AND BE LOYAL TO YOU!” She screamed from the ground
“Carter, you see that your terrible choices in life have led you to this, your ex-girlfriend on her knees preparing to serve me and you half-dead”, I chuckled whilst unbuckling my pants and taking out my cock.
“Watch this; look at her suck me off,” I said as Brooke opened her mouth and began to suck my cock.
Brooke massaged my balls as she deepthroated my cock; she was good at this. Her soft hands stroked my balls, her delicate petal lips moving slowly up and down on my cock, and her lack of gag reflex allowed me to shove my cock into her. However, I wasn’t here to have a sensual session; I was here to humiliate Carter. So I started thrusting my cock fast into her, spit and saliva mixing in with the precum dribbling onto the floor. I began slapping her in the face pulling on her pigtail, not letting her breathe for a moment. Finally, I pulled my cock out and let out all of cum onto her beautiful face; she licked all of it she could; she knelt on the ground licking the cum that got onto the floor and setting herself up in doggy style. She had finished lapping the cum off the floor and was staring at Carter as I mounted her from behind and began fucking her. I decided to fuck her anally whilst rubbing her clitoris. Her moans were loud and passionate. I knew she never got this from her pathetic boyfriend; Carter was dead on the inside; he knew that he could never please her like this. As I finished in her ass, she squirted so much onto the ground. I slapped her ass as my white cum dribbled out of her destroyed ass; I walked over to the leather box and got her new clothes; it was one of those playboy bunny outfits but tighter and translucent like when you have a wet t-shirt. I told Brooke to get changed in that and to ditch her old clothes. I picked up the shotgun from his feet and loaded it with 00 buckshot.
“Carter, do you know what this is? This is called 00 buckshot, swat standard. Did you know how many people died at the hands of your swatting? 4; 4 innocent lives were taken away at the hands of you!” I said to him, holding up 4 fingers and 4 shotgun shells.
“Brooke, I’m gonna give you a choice; if you really are loyal to me and don’t love him no more, you would stand aside, but if you still love him, you can both die together!” I informed both of them.
Brooke walked behind me and hugged me; I let out a grin and unloaded all 4 shells into him; the leftover was just a bloody mess of flesh and bone. I’d call one of my friends, an ex crime scene cleaner who works in the morgue, to clean up this mess. Now I don’t want you to think I’m some sort of misunderstood vigilante because I’m not. I’m a terrible human, I probably don’t deserve to live, but God had different plans and decided to keep me alive.

As we walked back to the SUV and drove back I told Brooke something, “You’re usefulness comes from your ability to be used, so I will be having some of my customers over who really want to fuck you, you will listen to them, submit to them like you did today and please them until they are happy”

(idc about stars and ratings I’m just using this as a vent to talk about my life)

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    It would have been A MUCH Better story if the creep had were killed instead as is this is garbage

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    Yeah usually idon’t care but this one’s kind of weird I mean hell in the past I even wrote a crazy story but yikes this is bad

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    yeah this one im submitting a tip to the fbi

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    Forgot hashtag snuff

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    this is fucking gross bro