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That is what best friends are for

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This is a true story when a married friend asked me to move in his spare bedroom, boy that was a mistake on his part.

When I was 30 years old I was living in Ohio. I had gave up my nice apartment for a large house at the request of my very good friend Mark. He stated that the room was empty and it would be cool hanging out together. He had a 28 year old wife Tammy and a 11 year old daughter Trina. They always fought constantly and I do believe I heard Tammy cheated on him a couple times. I made a mental note of that for later use. Trina was blond with blue eyes and the mother had dark hair with brown eyes both with a good body.

The room was so huge I had room for a couch, chair and coffee table along with a king size bed. I was working at the time making good money with a good car. Since I had no girl friend at the time I had lots of money to play with. One particular morning I was running as I always did and came up on a cute brown haired girl just sitting there talking to herself mad as hell about something. Well I stopped and talked to her because she was really cute with a nice body about 5′ 1”. Come to find out she had a really big fight with her boyfriend which she said they always do because he was to controlling and then cheated on her. Her name was Sara with a very angelic face with the most poochy dick sucking lips I have seen in a while. She had the cutest smile and the tiniest ears sticking out from her hair looking almost elfish like. Her nose was small being slightly turned up at the tip.. My god she was a looker to say the least not to mention those sheer black spandex pants she had on showing everything.

Me being me I started talking all kinds of trash to her, letting her know she can come over any time she wants to for some good fun, all she has to do is come by my house. She grinned and said she might take me up on that but for now she was ok, not quite mad enough to cheat back. She was a little concerned that she was only 18 and I was 30 but as always I told her age is just a number that man has instilled and if two people like or care about each other it was ok. She got up and hugged me thanking me for talking to her and when I hugged her back I picked her up. She squealed and grinned from ear to ear then when I sat her down she gave me a peck on the cheek. She wrote my address and name down the stuffed it into her pocket so her boyfriend will not find it. She turned around to pick something up giving me a glance at her ass her turning to see if I was looking. Her fucking ass was so tight and as round as a beach ball causing my mouth to drop. “WOW!, that’s nice” is all I could muster up her sporting a devious grin as she raised up. Sara was hot, really hot and knew what she could do with that body.

We said our good bye’s and I continued on my run. Two weeks had gone by and I went out on a Friday night at the local night club with pool tables. I had won about 150 bucks on the table finished my drink then headed home around 11 pm. When I walked through the door Mark my friend met me at the door and stated to me “ Hey Rob!, do you know you have company sitting on the couch for over two hours waiting on you!”. He then winks at me grinning ”She’s so fucking hot to” he says. “ Oh really!, I didn’t know anyone was coming over tonight.” I said walking into the living room to see who it was. “Sara!, what a pleasant surprise. If I would have known you were coming over I wouldn’t have went out” I stated to her. “ Oh that’s OK Rob!, your friend and I kept each other company until you finally got home” she said giggling. “So what bring you over tonight Sara?” I said curiously. “ My fucking boy friend cheated on me again so I said Fuck him I am going to get some dick right to his face. So here I am sitting here for two hours horny as hell Rob”. She said seductively winking at me. I look over to my friend and his mouth is literally on the floor. “You lucky mother fucker you”. He says as he walks away into the kitchen just shaking his head.

Sara gets up and grabs my hand looking straight at me “I want you to eat my pussy then fuck the daylights out of me Rob!. IF I am still horny after that I just might let you fuck me in the ass!” Sara seductively blurts out with a devious grin batting her eye lashes. My friend herd her all the way to the kitchen yelling out to me “ You lucky fucking bastard you!. Why can’t my wife do that for me?” then just mumbles incoherently. I look at Sara and we both started laughing then Sara leans over planting a very long passionate kiss twirling her tongue with mine. She moans then parts out lips. Saying “ This is going to be a really fun night, lead the way Romeo!” as we turn heading upstairs to my bedroom. Once in the bed room with barely the door closed Sara attacks me frantically kissing me unbuttoning my shirt and I hers. She gets my shirt off but one of her button were stuck so she rips her blouse off setting her 36C’s loose and bouncing, nipples hard as a rock. She grabs my head pulling me into her breast crying out “Suck my breast hard!. Bit my nipples, do anything you want to me tonight, I am all yours!” She screams out lustfully.

I lick and suck every inch of her young Firm beautiful breast ending with her erect nipples in my mouth. I bite down softly as I tweak the other with my fingers. Sara screams out “OH god yes! OH god yes!, bite those hard nipples!. Make me cum hard Rob”. Within minute she was so aroused from my nipple thrashing and grinding on my leg she had an orgasm. ”Oh god yes Rob!, Oh Yes!, I- I- I’M Cumming!” Spewing juices out of her spandex pants onto my leg running down to the floor. “UNGH!, Uh!, UNGH!”, she moan out loudly shaking and thrashing all about. Cum juices running down my leg as she grinds hard into me. Slowly her intense orgasm subside and I catch her as she is about to fall to the floor so weak from the orgasmic pounding of her body. I Pick her up and set her on the bed laying her flat on her back. I then twirl my fingers in her spandex pulling them down and off gasping at the sight of her massive 18 year old mound. Her pussy lips were so engorged with blood with her clit sticking straight out from under it’s hood begging for more. I throw her wet spandex pants into the corner then pull my trousers and underwear off kicking them into the corner as well.

I part her Lucius silky smooth legs clearing my way straight to heaven then position my mouth right at her opening exhausting my hot breath over her swollen mound. “OHHHH!, my god your amazing!” she screams out in ecstasy looking down to me. I look into her eyes telling her “I’m gonna take you places your young boyfriend can never go!”. I then lower my mouth licking all around her swollen labia, circling her clit like a vulture. She then lets out a gasp “ UNGH!” as waves of newly found pleasure rock her young body. I then lick her clitoris brushing it with my hot tongue. She jerks with excitement letting out another gasp and moan “UNGH!, OHHH!” grabbing my head pulling me in hard, her flood gates wide open . As I lick and suck her throbbing clit I insert a finger into her hole. She is wet and dripping with her sexual juices yet my finger is barely able to move inward. God she is tight as I finger fuck her pussy. I then insert a second finger barely able to insert it yet thrusting forward. “OH god!, FUCK!, OH YES!, she yells out thrusting and grinding her hips onto my hand. I them cram my fingers in as far as they will go sucking on her hard throbbing clit. Sara screaming out “I’M going to cum!, OH god yes!, Don’t stop!, I’m going to cum again!, I’m going!, I-I, I’M CUMMING!” letting go such an intense orgasm squirting her vaginal juices covering my entire face and head dripping down to the carpet below me. Convulsing and thrashing on my hands and face she can not take it any longer and pushes my away from her throbbing cunt. She then curled up into a ball pulling her legs up to her body, hips and pussy still twitching from her horrendous orgasm she has never experienced in her life.

She just lies there twitching for five minutes if not more completely silent. I crawl up beside her rubbing her back, side and legs while her breathing slowly returns to normal. She then stretches out on her back looking into my eyes. “ Oh my god! That was unbelievable Rob!. If I had known it would have been this good I would have followed you home right then and fucked your brains out. Good god your almost twice my age, I have never came so hard in my life!” Sara said enthusiastically. To shut her up I leaned over planting a kiss on her lips twirling our tongues doing so. She begins to moan loudly aging taking her hand behind my head pulling me in hard. Within minutes we we were at it again her spreading her legs awaiting my hard throbbing cock to enter her. As I line up my cock to Sara’s hole she looks to me and says “Fuck me hard Rob!. Make me cum so hard I pass out!. I want that 8 inch cock deep in my pussy!”. I thrust forward in one swift move with her completely soaken wet hole and my precum dripping from my cock it went in half way in one thrust. Sara screams out “OH GOD!, FUCK!, grimacing in pain and pleasure digging her fingernails into my back. I pull out then thrust forward hard sinking my cock all the way in hitting her cervix when I did. “OH God it hurts!, Your fucking cock is so huge in my little pussy Rob!” she screams out. The pain was horrendous as she scrapes her fingernails dragging them down my back sending us both shrieking out in pain.

When the pain finally subsided allowing her hole to adjust to my girth I began to slowly pump her in and out. she moans out again saying “Yes Rob!, Fuck my tiny pussy!, Fucking make me cum hard Rob!” she lustfully yells out to me desperately wanting another massive orgasm she had been denied for so long. “UNGH!, UNGH!, UNGH!” She lustfully cry’s out as I thrash her swollen vagina so eager for another massive orgasm . I thrust hard and fast slamming her hole the entire length of my shaft. my swollen head bouncing off of her cervix. Her cunt muscles tighten around my shaft squeezing me hard. “ OH MY GOD Sara!, your 18 year old pussy is so fucking tight!” I scream out to her. I grab her legs bending them to her head bringing her fat swollen pussy hole right where I need it. I pound her hole with everything I have feeling my balls and legs tighten. She screams to the top of her lungs “I’M FUCKING CUMMMMING!” letting go one of the most agonizing orgasm I have ever witnessed. Sara’s cunt muscles gripped me so tight I thought my cock might tear in half when it convulsed, throbbed and vibrated around my shaft sending me over the top. “I’M CUMMING SARA” I screamed out as I ejected massive thick jets of semen into her awaiting hole. Both of us almost in tears from the intensity. Slap, slap, slap, driving her insane with orgasmic punishment. I drive in one last time resting on her cervix unloading the last of my hot thick semen. Sara has another intense orgasm feeling my jets hit her inner walls she cry’s out again. UNGH!, Uh!, UNGH! OH!, as the waves finally begin to subside with her and I collapsing on the bed. Both of us completely drained we fall asleep right where we laid not moving until morning.

The next morning I wake up needing to pee real bad from the beers I drank. Putting my briefs on Heading to the bathroom I spied My friends daughter Trina giggling with her head out the door. She had the biggest grin on her face I have ever seen. She was staring at my piss hard on the asked me” Did you kill her from all that sexing last night?. I heard her screaming loud so I thought you killed her with that cock of yours!”. Trina just giggles, licks her lips blushing then slams the door to her bedroom. I just chuckle and pee badly. Back in the room I finally wake Sara her rolling over looking at me so content. She lovingly rubs my chest and abs just shaking her head in amazement. She looks to me then says. “I can’t believe it, you literally fucked me until I passed out”. She then pulls me in kissing me long and passionately. We finally get dressed and go down stairs with my friend Mark in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Mark says to me “What’s up Superman, How was Superwoman?” then chuckles loudly. Sara blushes then says to Mark. “WE!, were amazing together”. Mark says to her “ I know I heard as did the whole house”. Then we all laugh about it. Sara started helping Mark with the breakfast asking what needed to be done.

When breakfast was over Mark asked me if I could watch Trina as he needed to go out. I said sure no problem and he left. Sara said she had to go to her moms house to help her with some heavy boxes and she would call me later or stop by. We kissed and I walking her to the door saying good by. She whispers in my ear “ We will talk about my ass fucking another time!” then grins at me then leaves. When I turned around there stood Trina grinning at me blushing with this far away look on her face. She then say to me ”You must like young pussy don’t you?. She is so pretty and has an amazing body. How old is she?, she looks young”. I just look at Trina shaking my head. “Trina!, she’s 18 years old and yes I do like em a little young” I stated to her. “Why are you a little jealous Trina?” I petitioned her. “ Well maybe a little as she gets to have that fat cock of your and I don’t!” she blurted out. My mouth fell to the ground hearing this. I then tell Trina “That little pussy of yours couldn’t handle this 8 inch cock if you tried. Besides your dad would kill me!”. Trina then looks seductively at me “ Dad isn’t here right now, he’s out looking for mom so we have all day by ourselves!” she states. “Oh really!, mom on adventure again huh?” I ask her. “Yep!, you know mom wants your cock as bad as I do right?” she says to me. “WHAT!, No way!” I say to Trina. “No really, she told me the last time we went shopping together. That’s when I told her I wanted it to. She just shook her head and licked her lips wanting your fat cock. That’s why they fight all the time cuss daddy had a small dick!” she exclaimed to me lustfully looking down to my crotch.

Tracy then looks to me and says ”You can at least let me try and If it’s to big we wont do it” as she walks over to me dropping on her knees. I then look at Trina then tell her “ I don’t know, It isn’t right you being so young!”. “Sara is not that much older then me and you pounded her pussy with that fat cock of yours!” she stated licking her lips in anticipation. “Sara is also 18, which mind you is legal in all 50 states!” I tell her. “Please!, let me do this and I will make your bed for a week!. I will even clean your room to!. Please!, let me have fun today with just us two” Trina begs me scooting up to me undoing my shorts pulling my semi- hard cock out with her hand. As she slowly strokes my cock she tells me “ I have been eve dropping on you and our woman you have over listening to you fuck them. They all seem to like this cock so I have been dying to try it since you moved in!”. “OH really! You little stinker. Did you like what you heard?” I asked her as she steadily strokes my cock giggling at what I had said. “Oh yes!, I sure did!. I even masturbated many times thinking of your cock in me” she said lustfully looking at me with her blue eyes. With my room right next to Trina’s room I imagine she heard every little detail.

My cock is rock hard by now with precum glistening on my head. Trina lowers her mouth on my head then licks all the prcum off then swallowing. “ UMMM!, your girlfriends are right!. Your cock does taste really good. I can’t wait to taste your cum in my mouth” she exclaimed then taking in as much shaft down her throat as possible. I moan at the pleasure she is giving me. Trina then reaches up massaging my balls while bobbing on my cock. She must have listened very good through the walls as her blowjob for a young girl is amazingly good. “UM!, UM! ,UM!” Trina moan out each time my throbbing shaft enters deep into her awaiting mouth. the vibration on my cock sends chills throughout my body causing my cock to twitch with excitement. “UNGH! OHH!”, I moan out again. “Trina! Man you suck a mean cock girl!. where did you learn how to do this so good?” I cried out to her. She then pulls my cock out of her mouth “ My mom taught me!. She had me practice with banana’s!. She said all guy’s like a good blowjob!. You really like it?” she then continues sucking and bobbing harder and faster. “ WOW your mom taught you! That’s amazing!, I never thought her as the freaky kind” I said. Trina takes my cock out of her mouth again saying “My mom is a freak in bed from all the things she told me she likes to do to guys. Just wait until she gets a hold of you. She already said she wants to fuck and suck you”.

Then once again sucks me even faster causing my legs and balls to tighten. “Trina!, I am about to cum darling”. I said to her as she pulls my cock out leaving just my swollen head in her small mouth thrashing my head with her tongue. “Oh god Trina!, OH man hear it comes! Oh shit!, AWWWW !”. I scream spewing into her mouth shooting thick jets of semen causing her to jerk back and gag. She recovers though managing to swallow most of it having a little run down the sides of her mouth. I look down and Trina’s eyes are as big as silver dollars desperately swallowing as fast as she can. In the end my legs are so week I need to sit down and catch my breath. Trina pulls my shrinking cock from her mouth and I sit on the closest chair to me painting. After Trina wipes up all the jizm from her hands and face she swallows then looks to me. “ Well Rob!, How did I do for my first blowjob?” acting all giddy with a shit eating grin. I look to Trina and say “Darling!, that was one fine blowjob girl!. Wow!, your mom really taught you well!” as I lay back in the chair getting my wits back. Trina gets up off the floor walking to me beaming like she just had gotten an award appreciating the compliment coming from a me who gets a lot of blowjobs. Trina climbs up on my lap and hugs me telling me “Thanks Uncle Rob for letting me suck your cock!, that was so much fun!. Maybe we can do other things now that you know I am good!. I can even sneak in your room at night when everyone is a sleep if you let me!”. I look to Trina with a shocked bulge eyed look and we both just bust up laughing.

An hour later with Trina still on my lap, Marks car pulls in the driveway. Trina shoots up looking at the window and I grab my clothes running up stairs to get dressed. When I came back down stairs Mark is sitting on the couch with his Wife Tammy and they are not to friendly to each other. The started to argue again when I said I do not want to be apart of this and I said I will catch you guys later. They both apologized and calmed down a little. The rest of the night it was quiet except for Trina and myself playing a board game in the kitchen laughing and joking. Tammy finally asked if she could join in on the fun so the three of us played for hours. Mark had to go to work early so he he was already in bed. Tammy was so flirtatious the whole night winking at me many times and grabbing my hand repeatedly. When she got up to get us a beer Trina leans over to me whispering “ See, I told you she wants to suck and fuck you!”. Then lets out a quiet giggle blushing as she did. After finishing the game and the beer I decided to call it a night and both Tammy and Trina hugged and kissed me good night both grabbing my ass. I just couldn’t fuck my best friends wife that night. as I left to go up stairs Trina looks at me giving me a blow job hand sign and thanked me again. I just chuckled nodding my head and walked up stairs to bed.

The next morning I woke up at 9 am sleeping in on my day off. Going down stairs into the kitchen there was Tammy and Trina sitting at the table . I grab some coffee and sit with them noticing Trina grinning from ear to ear pointing to her mother. I look at Tammy and she looks at me telling me “Is there any thing you want to tell me Rob?”. I look at her and say “No!, nothing I can thing of”. Tammy looks to me and again asked me “ What happened last nigh while we were gone and just you and Trina was here?” as she started grinning with lust in her eyes. “ Well!, that is a good question and depends on what incident you are talking about” I said to her. Tammy just looks at me then to Trina then back to me they says “So My daughter gets some of that fat cock before I do” as she grins then thrown a pot holder at me. “ You put it in her head teaching her how to suck a cock. She just wanted to try it on me that’s all” I exclaimed to her. “ How bout you giving me some of that cock right now and we will all be happy” she blurted out to me. I just look at Tammy and say “What about Mark?. He is your husband isn’t he?” Tammy just laughs out loud telling me “Shit ! I’m tired of that little dick!, I want a man dick!, I want your 8 inch dick that’s what I want!” she lustfully tells me. She then get up from the table walking over to me and grabs my hand. “ Come on lover boy, lets go to your room and have some fun”. I stand up and and she leads me to my room. When we hit the stairs Trina yells out “ What am I suppose to do, just stay here by myself while you two get laid and I learn nothing as usual?”. Tammy yells back to Trina “ Come on you horny little shit!, there is enough for both of us”. Trina screams out in joy running after us meeting us at my room.

Four hours later I am totally exhausted having fucked and sucked every hole those two had. Tammy showed her daughter everything being right there coaching her at every step. When I came in Trina’s holes she beamed after words telling me I am the best Uncle ever. She was sore but so happy she was no longer a little girl but an experienced little tramp and loved it. Tammy went freaky on me Licking and fingering my bum. Shit!, just about everything else she could think of that was dirty to the bone. In the end Tammy told me she or her daughter was not on the pill after I had came in them many times. I took a week off of work just so I could have those two all week fucking all day long while my best friend Mark was at work.

Sara loving my cock and orgasm’s so much wound up breaking up with her little dick boyfriend moving in with me. It was a good cover for us as she was ok with me fucking Tammy and Trina as long as she got to watch or join in on the fun. Sara was built like a brick shit house and loved her new 8 inch toy in every hole. Us four fucked for the next six months every chance we had until the dreaded day Mark came home unexpectedly and busted all four of us on my bed naked and covered in cum. The worst part of it was Trina and Tammy had me cum on their faces side by side and was wearing it like a trophy when he walked in. I have never seen someone so mad in my life having cum from another man on his wife and daughters face. All I said was” That is what best friend are for!”.

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  • Reply Anon ID:94t4g9v2

    Two stories in one day, eh Gonzo? You’re really blessing your fans.

    • Gonzo ID:1rou10v0

      Thank you Anon and thank you for being a fan.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0b

    THANK YOU BOTH!, Haylie and Reni. I am so glad the both of you liked my life stories. This took place a few years after Becky’s tragic death that cause a year long drunk. I was so wild back then and love to fuck any and everything I could. I am Still going to do part 2 while it will not be as dramatic there are several pregnancies that took place that caused a whirl wind of heated emotions.
    Keep moving those fingers gals.
    And thanks for reading my stories.

    • detectivehorny ID:1fto8yx7zm

      Your Stories Suck.. It’s good that you have stopped writing.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0a

      Yeah they suck like your mother does you fucking punk faggot. yeah to bad they are all true and all you have id a dick in your ass faggot.
      You jealous little bitch and thank you for the low rating bitch!

  • Reply Haylie ID:7ylren3fid

    Holy shit what a good story. My god you lived this, I am so fucking jealous to say the least. This got me wondering about your other stories and I read them all. God I am another fan for sure and so fucking turned on. I like your writing being so legible and descriptive.
    I was actually wishing I was Sara, Trena or Tammy feeling your 8 inch cock in me as my pussy was so fucking wet.
    Please keep writing and please do not let these low creatures get you down. my pussy says write more stories. THANKS so much!

    • Gonzo ID:7ylren2qrd

      Is that pussy vacant right now? I sure would like to help with that if I could.

    • Haylie ID:7ylrenaoia

      Unfortunately I am married. Not as happily as it should be though. If we should separate any time soon I will surely come look you up (Promise). Your stories make me wet and horny and my husband doesn’t fulfill my needs working to much. I honestly think her is fucking his secretary on the side.
      XOXO Gonzo keep writing.

    • Tman ID:7zv3a3h20d

      Unhappy here too. Wickr me. Tmantheman73

  • Reply Reni ID:7ylren3hr9

    OH my fucking gawd! That story was absolutely “AMAZING”. This has got to be the best story I have read on this sight.
    My pussy was so wet I had to cram my fingers in me cuming several times. Pleas do part 2.
    Gonzo you must pf had an amazing life because all your stories are very good and I am definitely a fan. hell I came three times just reading Girl Scout cookie story I was so hot and wet. Please keep writing stories/

    • Gonzo ID:7ylren2qrd

      How about U Reni? need any help with that.

    • Reni ID:7ylrenaqr9

      Gonzo I am actually Halies best friend and she told me she answered you back. I am in the same boat as my husband is turning into a dick and I to think he is cheating on me also. I can really care less at this point as Haylie and I keep each other company if you know what I mean. We both love your stories and I get so wet from them. Hell maybe one day we both with surprise you standing at your front door. Your latest story Japanese Delight was simply fantastic and I for one can’t hardly wait for part two. My pussy literally drips from your stories and I told Haylie that man is a lover and would be great in bed and I know you can eat pussy good.

      Please keep the awesome stories rolling as you say “Woman deserve a good fucking and Orgasm:.
      XOXO Reni

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0a

    I am so glad everyone liked my life story. I was really wild when I was younger pushing the limits all the time. Yes!, a pregnancy did take place but you will have to wait for part two for that. I have even been told from many woman I need to write a life time book on my life as a slut.
    Part two of 6 stories will be coming out soon. please stay tuned and thank you all for the great ratings.
    ENJOY !

  • Reply ToRIA ID:rz5vjb0j

    Now Leave Your Comment…WOW

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre69 ID:5u100ta9qk

    Great Story Do Part 2. Did you get any of them pregnant?

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0d

      Yep! and then some.

  • Reply Ñâñçÿ p ID:1ah770lft0b

    Wow more story

  • Reply Marcel ID:5tymlbdn8

    This is the best story i have ever seen omg you need to make more

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii