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Simone Part 36 – Who’s the Boss? Part 1

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I woke with my cock still in Lena’s mouth. Simone was eating Lena’s pussy and the sun was shining. Today I would go fuck Petra again.

In fact, I was going to be doing more than just fucking Petra today. I had some very serious business to take care of at the office. There was an issue I had discovered a day or two earlier and today I was going to deal with that issue. Today I would be dealing out some swift and hard justice, but more on that later.

Realising I was not going to be hunted or accused of Tom’s murder, I felt invigorated, new and fresh, and my memory of Jenny, that sweet teen that I had so humiliated and raped, had clearly kept Lena busy during the night.

“You gave me a lot to drink last night, master.” She giggled as I pulled my soft penis from between her lips.

Simone smiling face popped up from between Lena’s thighs.

“Good morning, sir.” She beamed at me. “Is there anything we can do for you?”

“No, not this morning girls.” I smiled back. “I want you to clean up today and be ready when I get back. I will be going to the office later to clear up some work stuff, but Petra will follow me and come back here. She will be spending the whole night with us, eating your cunts or doing whatever else the two of you want her to do. She has an excellent tongue. I told you about her.”

“Yes master.” Lena pouted, and I knew she was jealous. That was the only fault with Lena, she had accepted Simone, but she resented any other woman or girl I fucked. In a way, it pleased me that she was that way. On the other hand, she needed to understand by now that I was not hers. I was not her lover or boyfriend. I am her fucking master. She belongs to me. She is my toy to use as I wish.

“Lena, you need to stop sulking. You know I will punish you for that don’t you?” I asked, and she nodded.

“Yes, master.” She whispered. “I’m sorry.”

I knew exactly how to cure Lena’s jealousy. I had taught enough females in my time that they were my property; I was just not sure I wanted to do that to Lena. Lena was special. The history of abuse from her sick family made me feel protective towards her. Simone felt the same way. In fact, I knew Simone would kill for the girl. I decided I would discuss the matter with Simone alone.

“Simone, come with me to the kitchen.” I ordered, and she immediately slipped from the bed, her beautiful naked body sending a shiver up my spine. Simone is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Lena started to get up, too.

“No, no! Lena.” You stay here. I need to speak with Simone, alone.” I commanded, and she stopped dead, with a look of shock on her face.


“Lena!” I shouted angrily. “This is not a fucking negotiation or democracy. You are my fucking plaything, my fuck-toy-slave and you will do exactly as you are told or I will use my belt to remove every fucking piece of skin from your ass before pouring alcohol over it as I did with Ursula. Is that what you want, fuck-toy? Do you want to be punished?” As I spoke the final words I had taken the two steps need to grab Lena by the hair and twist her head back, bringing a grimace of pain and fear to her face.”

“No, no, no sir. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She cried and begged me with her eyes not to hurt her.

“Lay face down on the bed and spread your arms and legs, fuck-toy.” I demanded, and violently pushed her over onto the soft bed. She immediately rolled onto her stomach and spread her limbs as I had commanded. I looked at her exposed cunt and anus as I walked to the foot of the bed.

“Cuff her.” I said to Simone, who was giving me a look of ‘don’t be too harsh on her’ like she always does when I punish Lena. “Do not give me that fucking look. Just get the cuffs from the draw and chain her to the fucking bed.” I added, but Simone was already doing my bidding.

“Yes, sir.” Simone whispered and started fixing Lena’s wrists and ankles spread-eagled to the bedposts. As she chained Lena, she continued to beg me with her eyes to go easy on the girl. I would.

“I’m so sorry, master.” Lena sobbed into the pillow. She was clearly expecting a brutal thrashing, but that was not what I was about to do. I would lash her, but not as much as she feared.

“Lena shut the fuck up!” I growled. “Do not fucking speak or make a sound.” As I barked my orders, I had retrieved Lena’s own iPod from the dresser and gone up to the head of the bed. She jumped with shock as she felt me touch her ears, but calmed when she realised I was inserting earbuds. I selected a playlist and set it to play. I wanted her to be deaf. Simone looked at me confusedly, but with a small smile on her lips as she realised what I was doing.

“We need to talk.” I said to her. “Alone and so she can’t hear us.” I added, and Simone nodded. “Nonetheless, I am still going to punish her. Or rather we are. Take the two largest dildos we have and ram them into her ass and cunt. Turn them on full, too.” I added and Simone responded with a nod.

“Yes, master.” She whispered and followed my orders. She was gentle, though. Trying not to hurt the young girl any more than needed, but she inserted a massive dildo into each of Lena’s fuck-holes and turned them onto full power. Lena groaned and then cried out as I brought the first lash of my leather belt down onto her exposed right buttock. The second lashed her left cheek, and I repeated the process four times to each side, leaving red marks but being gentle not to damage her beautiful skin. I threw the belt onto the bed and walked out of the room, naked.

“Now! With me.” I simply commanded, and Simone jogged quickly after me.

“Yes, sir.” She said, and we both entered the kitchen.

“Get me a coffee.” I ordered as I sat down at the table, and I could smell the machine was already turned on in anticipation of me waking up. There was always fresh coffee ready when I woke. Both girls knew they would feel my belt if there was not, but they also like to please me. Simone now filled two mugs and joined me at the table, sitting on a chair opposite me. She surprised me, though, by starting the conversation.

“It’s about Lena, isn’t it master? Her jealousy, I guess.”

“Yes.” I confirmed. “I need to check it a little.”

“What will you do, master?” Simone asked, and that was my problem, as I explained to Simone.

“Normally I would drag her ass to the nearest biker bar and let a bunch of hairy bastards gangbang her until she can no longer stand or walk.” I stated flatly. “She has some romantic notion about me that is not the real deal. You and Lena are my property. My fuck-toys, my slaves. Sure, I love you both in my own way, but not in the way Lena thinks.” I added, and actually rested my hand on Simone’s as I spoke, noting the look of hurt that had crossed her face that vanished with my touch. She smiled at me.

“Would you like me to talk to her, master?” Simone asked, and I shook my head.

“No, it’s fine Simone.” I whispered. “I will deal with it. In fact I have a plan to deal with it today.” I added, squeezing Simone’s fingers in mine. My touch had betrayed me of course. It had let Simone know that I in fact loved her very much in the way Lena imagined I loved them both. I am a hunter, a predator, but I can in fact love, and I had fallen very much in love with Simone over the time I had now been living with her.

“I lied.” I whispered, looking deeply into Simone’s eyes. “Just now, I lied to you. It is true that I do not love Lena the way she hopes for, Simone. I love her the way you love her. She is my toy, my pet and I love fucking her and taming her and abusing her beautiful body. However, I do not romantically love the girl. I do however love you Simone. I love you in the deepest possible way a man can love a woman.” My own words shocked me. I had without plan or warning just declared my love for Simone, who now squeezed my hand and smiled gently at me.

“I know.” Simone whispered and leaned forward to kiss me gently on the lips before pulling away to enquire about Lena. “But what are you going to do about Lena? You said you have a plan.”

“I will explain later.” I smiled, and took a sip of my coffee. “But Lena needs to get showered and dressed because I am taking her to work with me. Please make sure she wears a knee-length dress and shoes. Nothing else. No underwear. No panties or bra, just a dress. Oh, and no makeup.” I added, and Simone looked alarmed.

“So you are going to let someone else have her?” She asked with a worried look on her face. “I am confused. You just said…” I cut her off.

“I told you, I will tell you later.” I said softly. “But no, I am not going to give her to anyone else and no one is going to abuse her. We both love Lena, and I need to train her better, but I will not let other men have her. She is my toy. Our toy. Our plaything, but she needs to learn that she cannot be jealous of the other women I fuck, because I do and will continue to fuck other women, Simone. Even though I have told you that I love you, you know who and what I am. I will always hunt and I will always find new fuck-toys. I will continue to come home smelling of other cunts, asses and mouths. You and Lena will continue to suck and lick strangers’ cunt-juice from my cock when I have been hunting. And you and Lena will continue to be my fuck-toys.”

“I know, master.” Simone whispered, and kissed me again before standing. “I will get Lena ready for you, sir. Would you like to shower first? I can give her a few more ‘gentle’ lashes if you want me to.”

“Yes.” I stated and stood, taking Simone in my arms and pulling her naked body onto mine, my cock jumping to attention and prodding her thigh. “I will jump under the shower whilst you punish the girl a while longer. Please do not damage her skin or leave lasting welts.”

“I will be gentle with her, master,” Simone smiled and took my rigid cock in her hand. “Would you like me to take care of you first, master?” She giggled, but I was already pushing her to her knees.

“Yes, Simone-suck-bitch.” I growled. “I want you to suck my fucking cock and eat my spunk.” Which is exactly what Simone did. Taking me in her mouth and cupping my balls in her hand, she began the most wonderful and skilful blowjob on my raging cock.

“Oh you fucking cock-sucking whore.” I whispered. “Your mouth was made for my cock. That’s it, suck-toy, drain my fucking balls.”

“Yes, master.” Simone whispered slipping my cock from her mouth and flicking her tongue across my balls. “All my holes are there for your cock, master. I am your fuck and suck-slave. My only purpose in life is to pleasure you and receive your wonderful seed in all of my holes. I serve only you and only that purpose day and night. I am yours my lord. I obey every command.”

As Simone swore herself to me, she continued to lick at my balls and shaft and to wank my cock with her right hand. Her total submission and her skilled tongue and hand were bringing me to the edge and I felt a familiar tingling at the base of my spine. I was about to come and Simone sensed it, too.

“Then obey my command, suck-toy.” I growled grasping Simone by the hair and pulling her head back. “Shut the fuck up, and suck my fucking cock.” As I said this, I forced my swollen glans between Simone’s lips, not stopping until I filled her throat and my balls rested on her chin. “Eat my fucking seed, bitch.”

I now started throat-fucking Simone, holding on to her hair and thrusting my hips back and forth. I did not give her any opportunity to breathe as I fucked her face, but I did not need to, because after only six or seven thrusts into her neck, I emptied my seed deep into her throat, pushing my cock as deep as possible as several waves of warm sperm splashed from my cock.

“That’s it throat-whore, eat my fucking cream.” I growled, and actually wrapped my forearms around her head to push even deeper, bending over her as she coughed and spluttered on the thick liquid going into her belly. “That’s the way my lovely spunk-eating whore. Eat it!”

Then I was spent. The shudders and tingling stopped and my cock softened in Simone’s tight throat as I relaxed my grip on her head. I pulled my limp penis from her mouth and walked away to get showered. Simone fell to her hands and knees, coughing and still choking on the remaining seed in her throat. I listened to her gulping and swallowing to clear her mouth and throat, and though I knew she would eat every drop of my semen, I still warned her as I left the room.

“Do not spill a single drop, cum-slut. Eat your master’s seed or I will flog you.” I laughed and left the room.

“Yes, master. And thank you for your seed.” Simone coughed from behind me. I smiled and went to take my shower.

After showering, I went into Simone’s back room to do some work on my notebook. I still had a couple of things to sort out before going to work and Lena still needed to clean up in the shower, too, as I was taking her with me. The idea of taking Lena into the office had only come this morning having witnessed Lena have yet another jealous pout when I mentioned Petra. I had a serious matter to deal with at the office that should actually help me with Lena’s jealousy, too. I smiled at the thought of what the day would bring as I listened to my two beautiful fuck-toys giggling in the shower. I guess Simone had decided to jump in with Lena. I stood and walked into the bathroom.

“Hey, the two of you need to get a move on.” I smiled seeing Lena on her knees behind Simone licking at her cunt and ass. “We need to leave soon Lena. Did Simone tell you? You are coming with me, Lena. I will give the two of you twenty minutes then I want you standing at the door ready to leave, Lena. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.” She replied from between Simone’s ass-cheeks, before pushing her face back into Simone’s cunt. Simone moaned,

“We will be on time, sir.” She whispered, and grasped the shower rail to steady her body as Lena teased her holes from behind. I knew Simone. I knew she was not far from climaxing. Lena was good with her tongue and mouth, but wait until the two of them experienced Petra’s skills. I smiled and went back to my notebook.

Twenty minutes later, I packed up my notebook and went into the hall. Both girls were standing to attention, waiting for me. Waiting for their master.

“Good girls.” I said. “You both look beautiful.” I added.

I took a long look at Simone, starting at her slender feet and moving my gaze up over her slender body. Her raven hair hung long and loose over her shoulders, framing her beautiful delicate face. A face I loved. My cock pulsed and started to harden.

“I see you made a special effort, too, Simone. Good girl.” I said, smiling at her.

Simone was not coming with me to the office, but she clearly wanted to meet with the same approval that she expected for Lena, because she too had put on a dress in the style I had commanded her to put on Lena. However, Simone had chosen my favourite red cotton dress, and I presumed she would be wearing the red thong that she always wore with this dress. On the other hand, I had ordered Lena to be without any underwear, so perhaps Simone had followed the same order. I would check, but for now, my attention turned to Lena.

“You also look wonderful, Lena.” I smiled at the girl, and she blushed, smiling back at me.

Lena is beautiful. Not the elegant, magnificent beauty that Simone has, but Lena’s youth and her pale skin together with her shapely, tight figure make her a wonderful fuck-toy. Today, she was looking especially radiant. My cock twitched again.

“Thank you, master.” Lena said through her little-girl grin.

She wore a dark green cotton dress that suited her red hair beautifully, which was piled up in a kind of bun on top of her head, and it looked magnificent. Just a few wispy curls dangled around her face. She looked like she was going to a ball.

“Did Simone do your hair, Lena?” I asked, and she nodded.

“Yes, master. Do you like it? I can take it down quickly if you don’t.” She blustered, and I laughed.

“Lena, it is beautiful.” I replied and smiled at Simone. It really is very nice, well done.”

“Thank you, sir.” Simone responded, and actually blushed a little.

Lena’s dress was not quite knee-length, with just a little thigh showing, and though shouldered and with half-length arms, quite deeply cut into a v that exposed the soft white cleavage between her ample breasts. Lena’s tits are actually a little larger than I like, yet still beautiful. She also had beautiful nipples, though I had badly mutilated one of them, and even now after so much time, the damage is still visible. I feel a little twinge of guilt every time I see the mauled flesh.

“Lift up your dresses, both of you.” I commanded. “Show me both my beautiful fuck-cunts.”

Both girls lifted their dresses without hesitation to expose their naked and freshly trimmed cunts. One with a tiny mound of flaming red and the other a triangle of jet-black perfection. I was wrong; Simone had not put on a thong. I smiled and admired my two fuck-toys and their glorious cunts.

When I had first met Lena, she had been completely clean-shaven, presumably at the command of her perverted paedophile father. I had ordered her to grow pubes, and she had followed that order. She had clearly seen Simone’s well-trimmed triangle of jet-black hair and followed suite. The only difference was the colour. I was tempted to walk over and place a hand on each perfect cunt, maybe finger them a little. My cock was hard at the thought. Yet, we were running out of time. I restrained myself.

“Ok, put them back down.” I commanded, and both girls let the hem of their dresses fall back to their knees. “I presume no bra either, Lena?”

“No, master.” She whispered a little embarrassed I think. “All I am wearing is my dress and shoes. No underwear and no makeup.

“Just as you ordered, master.” Simone added.

“Good, then let’s get going.” I smiled as I passed both girls to open the door into the hallway. “Come on Lena.” I said. “Today is going to be a very busy day.”

Lena followed me down the hallway to the front door into the street. I pulled the heavy door open and indicated she should go out first while I held the door. It was at this same door where I had grabbed Lena the first time I saw her. She had just stepped out of a taxi and was fumbling for keys as I grabbed her and forced her into the building and into her own flat upstairs.

I had raped and abused Lena in every way possible, and she had told me her story. A story of abuse and her sick incestuous family. It all seemed so long ago now. I had punished all but one of Lena’s family, Theresa, and though her part in Lena’s torment had been less than that of her father, Ursula and Tom, I would get around to punishing her, too. I led Lena along the street towards the subway and set a mental reminder to deal with Theresa soon.

As we entered the subway station I led Lena down to one of the platforms, but she looked at me confused, as this was not the right platform. The train that would take us to my office was a different platform. I pre-empted her question.

“We have a small errand to run first, Lena.” I smiled at her. “Then we will go to my office.” She did not reply, but simply smiled and nodded. The train was already pulling into the subway station.

The journey was not too long. Just a dozen stops that took us into an industrial part of the city. We emerged from the subway into the bright sunlight, and I took Lena’s soft hand in mine. As we walked the short distance to one of my client’s offices. Our first port of call was a major logistic company run by three brothers, Frank, Ian and Stan McCain. The three of them had moved to Germany from Ireland in the 1990s during what was then a boom in Irish Pubs in Germany. They had ran a successful pub in my neighbourhood, and that is where I first met them. As with most trends, the bubble burst and many pubs closed and the owners went back to Ireland. The McCain boys had stayed. They now ran a major haulage and logistics company with a multimillion turnover and hundreds of employees.

“Do not speak at all.” I commanded to Lena as we entered the foyer and crossed the granite floor to a large reception desk. The man sitting at the desk recognised me immediately and smiled at me before turning a very appreciative stare to my beautiful companion, his eyes roaming form her waist to her face.

“Go straight on up, sir.” He said, still staring at Lena. “They are expecting you. They are waiting in the small conference room to the right of the elevator.” He added.

“I know.” I stated simply and turned towards the elevator to the left of the desk, leading Lena by the arm.

The ride to the third floor was quick, and Lena and I emerged into a corridor, the elevator doors closing behind us. I turned right and took the eight or so steps needed to reach the small conference room. I had chosen to ask Frank, the oldest brother to use this room, because it had a large window to the corridor. I was not going to take Lena into the room, but I wanted the three men to see her. It was important.

“Wait here.” I stated, positioning Lena in front of the window. “Stay where I can see you through the glass and do not wander off.” I added, and knocked on the glass to get the attention of the three men sitting at the table. I gave them a quick wave before opening the door to enter the room, but I could see their eyes were not on me. My plan kicked off.

“Kurt, it’s great to see you pal.” Frank McCain laughed jumping to his feet and stretching out his broad hand, which I took as he slapped me on my right shoulder, shaking my hand. “It’s great to see you my man. And who the fuck is that beautiful creature?” He asked, pointing his gaze to the window.

“That, Frank is Lena. And it is good to see you, too. All of you.” I had switched to English out of respect for the brothers, and as I spoke, his two younger siblings had also stood and were offering their hands for me to shake. I greeted each by name and we all sat down at the table to get down to business.

“Ok, Kurt.” Let’s have it.” Frank stated.

“Sure, Frank.” I replied and I pulled a pile of papers from my Notebook case. The men’s eyes were not on me.

Lena watched on through the window, and she must have been very much aware that despite me going through the papers with the three men, much of the conversation was about her. Not only the brothers but also I repeatedly gestured towards Lena with a hand or eyes, and each time I turned to look at her, I could see she was feeling more and more uncomfortable. Good.

Most of the business the four of us needed to attend to had already been discussed on the phone. I simply needed some signatures on the documentation, and we needed to cover some of the finer points in person. We were finished literally within twenty minutes, and I slipped the documents into my case and stood to leave. The three man remained seated as I shook each of their hands and left the room, closing the door. Lena immediately turned to face me.

“Turn back round.” I commanded. “Keep looking at them.”

Lena was visibly surprised, but did as I told her. She turned to face the three men through the glass and I stepped behind her, placing my case on the ground and pushing my groin into her ass. My cock was hard and she could feel it poking into her firm butt.

“Put your hands up above your head and place them palms down onto the glass, Lena.” I commanded, and despite her giving me a quick glance over her shoulders, she complied, raising her hands above her head then placing them onto the window. I reached down and took hold of the hem of her dress.

“Do not fucking move or speak, and do not close your eyes. Keep looking at the three men in that room, Lena.” I whispered as I slowly slid the thin material up over her thighs and soft belly to expose her naked body to the three drooling men in the room. I slid the dress up to her neck, so not only her fine cunt and well-toned belly were exposed to the stares from within, but also her ample firm breasts. A sob went through her body as six eyes burned into her nakedness and the three men unzipped their trousers and removed their cocks. All three were rock hard and as they started to wank, I whispered into Lena’s ear.

“Would you like to go in there, Lena?” I asked. “Should I let the three of them fuck all of your holes at the same time?” as I spoke, I used my left hand to unzip my own trousers and pull out my throbbing cock, which sprang between Lena’s soft thighs. “Imagine it fuck-toy. Whilst you choke on a cock in your throat, another would be in your fuck-pussy and Frank, the older one with the elephant cock, will be tearing your ass open. How about it, Lena? Would you like that, fuck-whore? Speak.” She was sobbing, but the three brothers could not see it because I had pulled the dress up over her face.

“No, master.” She whispered. “Please don’t make me do that. Please don’t let them have me. I will be good. I will never sulk or be jealous again, I promise.”

“Spread your legs, Lena.” I commanded, and as she complied, I slid my penis into her soft warm cunt and started a slow fucking motion. The three men could see my shaft sliding in and out of her cunt, and their excitement at my private porn-show was evident. “Once I’ve let them watch me fuck your cunt, I might give you to them and watch how they tear you open. Of course, I will film it, too, so we can show Simone what a filthy slut you have become. A filthy gangbang whore. A filthy fucking torn open piece of fuck meat. In fact, Lena, once Frank has loosened your butthole enough, I might even try to get in there with him. Now how do you fancy that, fuck-toy? Would you like to get two cocks in your ass at the same time while a third is in your cunt and a fourth in your fuck-face?”

“Master, I am begging you! Please! Please do not do this to me; I am begging you, sir.” She moaned and her sobbing was heavy. I was terrifying her. Which was exactly what I intended to do. I pulled my cock out of her cunt.

“Lena, I have just made a deal with those three men. A deal that possibly involves you, depending on how things go.” I said. “You need to understand that you are my fuck-toy, and I can let anyone play with and use my property as I see fit. Now turn round and let them see your fuck-butt.” She turned to face me, and I pushed her naked ass onto the cold glass. There were audible cheers and hoots from the three brothers.

“Do you understand that, Lena?” I asked, but already knew she did. I let her dress fall down back over her body as I spoke. No longer naked, she looked at me with a tear-stained face, her eyes wide with fear; more tears welled in her eyes.

“Yes, master.” She sobbed, understanding the worst that might come. Convinced I might be about to push her into the room with the three Irishmen. What she could no longer see was how the three of them were laughing and had already put their cocks away. I too put my still hard cock back into my trousers and zipped the fly. I took Lena’s arm, gave the three brothers a salute, and started towards the elevator. Lena let out an audible sigh of relief.

“Thank you, master.” She sobbed.

“Do not thank me yet, Lena. The three of them will be coming to my office later today. Then you will hear what that deal is. For now we are leaving.” I said, and pushed the button to call the elevator.

“Yes, sir.” Lena whispered and another sob went through her body. Her fear had returned.

“Stop whimpering or I will lock you in there with them now.” I growled, and Lena flinched at the harshness of my tone as the elevator doors slid open. We stepped in and I pressed the button for the ground floor. As we exited the elevator, the young man looked up to get another eyeful of Lena, and clearly saw she was crying.

“Is everything alright, miss, sir?” He enquired, and I span Lena to face him.

“How many women work here?” I asked, taking him by surprise.

“Sorry! What?” He asked.

“I said how many fucking women work at this company?” I growled, and the young receptionist flinched at my angry tone, but then a wry smile crossed his face as he answered.

“None, sir. At least not any more. Females do not tend to stay here very long.”

“Thank you.” I said, and turned Lena back towards the exit. “And now you know why that is so, Lena.” I laughed as we walked into the street.

It took Lena and me about forty minutes to get to my offices in town. By the time we arrived, it was mid-afternoon, and as it was Friday, many people had already left for home, which is a thing in Germany. Many companies and especially state run organisations knock off early on Fridays. However, as we entered the large open office, there were still a few employees to offer me a quick hi or hello and of course, the obligatory stares of animal lust from the men and loathing jealousy or intrigue from the women. The newest employee, Rachel stared at us as if she had seen a ghost. I stopped mid-room and addressed her, though actually speaking to the entire staff.

“Rachel, get the McCain files and bring them to Petra’s office.” I called.

Rachel flinched and gave me a hateful look, but stood the go fetch the files.

“Sandra!” I continued, turning my attention to a rather plain looking skinny woman of about thirty-five, and a person I actively dislike. Sandra was actually the reason for my visit today. She just did not know it yet, though she could probably guess there was an issue after I had asked for the McCain files, as she had been to visit them just a week ago. A fact that I had only found out about because Frank McCain had called me in a rage.

“Yes Kurt?” She asked worry clear in her eyes.

“I need to see you in five minutes in Petra’s office. You and Rachel stay, the rest of you, go home.” I commanded, and everyone but Sandra and Rachel started to turn off PCs and there was small cheer.

“I want you all gone within five minutes. Rachel, those files now please then you stay at your desk. We are expecting guests and I would like you to greet them. Sandra, five minutes.” Now Sandra knew there was trouble. My tone was anything but friendly.

I turned with Lena and we strode across the rest of the open-plan office to a door bearing Petra’s name and title. My boss was expecting us, and smiled up from her desk as I knocked and walked in without waiting for a reply. That smile would soon be wiped off her face.

“Hello Kurt.” Petra said softly looking up from her desk. “And you must be Lena.” She enquired smiling warmly at my companion. “Come in, come in.”

“Yes, I’m Lena, you heard about me?” Lena replied and stepped ahead of me fully into the room as I closed the door behind us. Petra smiled at her and was about to answer the girl, but I interrupted her.

“Lena shut up!” I growled. “Go sit on the leather sofa over there, and do not speak. Be quiet.” I commanded pointing at a black three-seater sofa against the wall to the left of Petra’s desk, where I was now standing. Looking down at Petra, who remained seated. She did not comment on my harsh treatment of Lena. Petra knows the dark side of me. She knows my dominance and she knows my temper. She simply followed Lena with her eyes as the girl followed my orders silently, crossing the room and perching her bottom on the sofa. She tucked the back of her green dress under her naked buttocks to avoid touching the cold leather, and sat, keeping her knees together to hide her nakedness.

“So what’s this all about, Kurt?” Petra asked finally standing to face me. “You said it was of the utmost importance on the phone and to be honest, you have me a little worried.”

“You should be.” I stated flatly, as a quiet knock at the door drew Petra’s attention.

“Yes! Come in.” Petra called and the door opened. “What is it, Rachel?” Petra asked as the shy girl stepped into the room.

“Kurt asked me to bring the McCain files.” Rachel mumbled turning red and stepping into the room.

“Yes, well bring them over, Rachel.” I smiled. “And I do like that skirt.” I added with an evil grin on my face that had Petra clearly confused. Rachel effectively ran across the room, tears welling in her eyes as she dropped the files onto the desk.

“Will that be all?” Rachel enquired as she turned to leave.

“No!” I stated, stopping her in her tracks. “I told you, I need you in front to let the McCain brothers in. They will be here in about an hour. Show them in but stay at your desk in case we need you.”

“Yes, Kurt.” Rachel whispered and fled the room.

Petra was glaring at me, anger written all over her face. I simply smiled at her.

“Kurt, tell me you fucking didn’t. Please!” She begged, once the door closed.

“Didn’t what?” I laughed, knowing fine well what she meant. The look on Lena’s face also demonstrated that she too knew what Petra meant.

“Kurt, I do not know and do not want to know what you have done to that poor girl or what you managed to get on the poor thing to keep her quiet, but please leave her alone from now on. She is a good girl and she is newly married. I do not want to lose her. If you cannot keep your fucking cock in your trousers at the office, then use me, not the staff. Now what the fuck is going on and why are those three bastards coming to my office?”

Petra hates the McCain brothers. She tolerates them and their lewd advances because of the account size, but she despises them. She clearly hated the thought of them being in her office. After today, that feeling would be even worse, especially if my plan with Sandra did not work. It was time for my next move.

“You won’t lose her, but I did promise her a very generous pay rise. Oh, and you were on holiday so you’re your beautiful cunt and ass were not available to me.” I said, smiling. I also glanced at Lena to see how she was reacting to my openness about fucking not only Petra but also Rachel. Lena remained silent and showed no reaction. She was learning.

“Ok!” Ok! Petra hissed. “Now tell me why those perverted motherfuckers are coming here.

“But you did lose those ‘three bastards’ along with the five million pay-cheque that comes with them.” I said, taking a sheet of paper from my case and laying it on top of the McCain files for Petra to see. “You might want to sit back down.”

Petra was actually trembling as she picked up the letter of contractual termination signed by all three McCain brothers.

“What the fucking hell is this, Kurt?” She stammered as she read the cancellation, flopping back into her chair, all thoughts of Rachel leaving her mind. The loss of a five million Euro contract was more important than the abuse of one of her female employees. Petra was a good and a kind boss, but she would let me fuck everyone in the office for a five million Euro contract.

Of course, Petra was right. She had seen Rachel’s face and known at once that I had fucked the girl, and Petra knew what it was like when I fuck a woman. Petra had also been on the receiving end of my ability to rape and sodomise a female, fuck her throat and then get her to submit to my every command. Petra knew in an instant that I had raped Rachel. She could imagine very well how I had forced the girl to suck my cock, how I had fucked her and brutally sodomised her leaving my sperm in her guts. However, as was my skill, I had used and abused her with no danger of being caught, prosecuted or indeed of her telling anyone or even thinking about leaving her job.

It had been a Friday, and like today, everyone was off home early. Everyone except for Rachel and me. Petra was on holiday so not in the office at all, so I had come in to watch over things. The new girl, Rachel had immediately caught my eye. Slender, pretty and long blond hair tied at the nape of her neck. I was going to fuck her, whatever it took. I hatched a plan, which started with me sending everyone but Rachel home. I told her I needed her for just thirty minutes or so, to help me with some filing.

“I promise I will be quick.” I had smiled at her, as the last employee left the building and we were alone.

“That’s ok, sir.” She had smiled back, keen to impress in her new job. She knew who I was and that I have power in the office. I wondered if any of the girls had already warned her about me, though she seemed relaxed enough, for now.

“Call me Kurt, please, Rachel.” I had offered, and that clearly pleased her.

I had her fetch me useless files and papers and put them back for about ten to fifteen minutes, especially enjoying having her climb the ladder to reach the top shelves. She wore a thigh-length pencil skirt, and though I could not actually see up into her crotch when she was on the top rung of the ladder, she clearly feared I might do. Of course, each time I offered to hold the ladder for her. Her face was a constant scarlet blushing at my compliments and flirty behaviour, but I could tell she was enjoying the attention.

“You are a very beautiful girl.” I finally said, taking her hands in mine. “I heard you just got married. Your husband is a very, very lucky man and I hope he knows that.” I added, staring into her face. A pretty, slender face with full lips and grey eyes.

“Kurt, please.” She whispered. “We shouldn’t. You shouldn’t. I mean I can’t because yes, you are right I am married. Happily married, and I would never dream of cheating on my husband. I like you, and I am flattered by your compliments and it’s even ok that you are flirting with me, but I could never do that.” I still held her hands and she did not attempt to pull away.

“I respect that.” I lied, still staring into her beautiful face. “Then he is a lucky man indeed. It’s fine, Rachel, and you can be proud of yourself for being a good and loyal wife. But can I please, please just give you one tiny piece of advice?”

“Of course.” She responded, her hands still in mine. “What is it?” She asked.

“Are you sure I can speak openly?” I asked. What I want to tell you is extremely personal and I really want to tell you, but I worry it might offend you.” I was putting on my sweetest act and drawing her in. She now raised an eyebrow, curious to what I was going to say. The silly bitch actually squeezed my hands and pulled me just a tiny bit closer to her.

“Just tell me, Kurt. I am a big girl and not easily offended or upset, especially because you are being so sweet and gentlemanly towards me. I know I can trust you.” She was smiling at me as she spoke. A fucking lamb to the slaughter licking the butcher’s hand on the way.

“Well, this might sound silly, but, erm, well!” I stuttered.

“Just say it, Kurt.” She whispered, and I sprang my trap.

“Ok, please, don’t be angry with me but it’s your panties.” I stammered and a shocked look crossed her face.

“What?” She asked, but then smiled. “My panties? What about them?” She asked.

“Look, you’ve been up and down that ladder several times now and I am a warm-blooded man. It’s not that I was being creepy, but of course I checked you out. Of course, I looked at your butt. You are a stunningly beautiful woman with an amazing body. How could I not look?” I continued, and she actually laughed, still holding my hands and squeezing my fingers.

“Oh Kurt, that is not creepy or bad. You are allowed to look, just not touch, and of course, I knew you were looking, and have to admit I felt, feel very flattered that you find me so attractive, though I was a little worried that you might be trying to look up my skirt.” She giggled. “But what does this have to do with my panties? Could you actually see them?”

“No! I swear I could not. But, well.” I started, choosing my words carefully, deliberately being hesitant with pretended shyness. “You see, it’s the line they leave in your skirt. Your panty line. You have such a great figure, Rachel, and you can certainly wear tight skirts with such firm and pretty butt like yours, but it seems a pity to have an ugly panty-line spoiling it. I hope I am not embarrassing or upsetting you by being so honest, but you should wear a thong in tight skirts or trousers. That way there is no panty line.” She smiled, blushing a little but squeezing my hands.

“Oh, Kurt.” She giggled. “Thank you for being so honest with me. It’s fine and I told you to be open and say what you feel. Also, you are right. I should wear a thong in this skirt to avoid getting that line. Thank you. I promise next time I will.”

“Look, this is really forward.” I whispered. “And I don’t want to make you feel awkward, but for now you could just take them off. No one will know, and well, this is embarrassing, please don’t be angry with me, but then you could…” I stopped and looked down at my feet, again pretending to be shy.

“What is it, Kurt?” She asked in a soft whisper. “Do you want me to take off my panties and give them to you? Is that what you are trying to say, Kurt?” I lifted my chin to look at her again. She was smiling.

“Yes.” I whispered. “I would like to take your panties home with me.” She giggled, stupid fucking cow. If only she knew how I was playing her. I almost had her now.

“Now that is very forward and extremely cheeky, Kurt. You naughty, naughty boy.” She laughed, but still held onto my hands. “I am not going to sleep with you, Kurt. Ever.” She stated firmly. “But if you promise never to tell anyone about it, I will give you my panties, yes.” She thought she was in control of this, and yet she was clearly a little flustered and even a little turned on by it. I could tell. The stupid fucking bitch actually believed I was the kind of simp who would want to go home and wank on her fucking panties.

“Please!” I whispered shyly.

She dropped my hands and bent over to reach up her skirt.

“Never tell anyone, Kurt.” She whispered. “And please look away.”

“Thank you.” I said, looking down at the back of her head as she shimmied her panties down her legs, clearly wanting to avoid me getting a look at her now exposed cunt. I was going to get a lot more than just a look.

“There you go, Kurt.” She said shyly as she stood back up to face me, straightening her skirt. She held out her panties, smiling at me as I took hold of the soft white cotton garment, taking it and pushing the crotch to my nose. I took a deep breath and she blushed.

“You smell wonderful.” I whispered, and took another breath.

“Thank you.” She whispered. I was confusing her. She was clearly turned on and ready to fuck, but would remain loyal to her husband, or so she thought. “But now we should go. I need to get home.”

“Please, wait” I blurted taking her hands back into mine. “Look, I know I am pushing my luck here. but do you think I could have your bra, too? Please!”

“Kurt.” She gasped. “That really is pushing things too far. I am not going to take my bra off in front of you. The only man to see my breasts is my husband, Kurt. That is not going to happen. I already feel like a slut for giving you my panties.”

“You could go to the bathroom.” I blurted out, deliberately sounding like an excited schoolboy. “Come on. I dare you.” I added, and tugged at her hands as if we were playing. She did not resist. She actually let me lead her across the office to the toilet door. I pulled the door open and allowed her to pass me into the room, where an automatic light flickered to life. She was giggling.

“You really are a naughty boy, Kurt.” She laughed, but as she turned towards me and realised I had entered the toilet with her and closed the door behind me, her smile faded. “You are on the wrong side of the door, Kurt.” She smiled, but the worry in her eyes was betraying her. “I won’t take it off until you go out, Kurt.” I threw her panties onto the floor and glared at her.

“You will fucking do whatever I fucking tell you to do, bitch.” I growled, and as she started to open her mouth to protest, I slapped her hard across her left cheek with my open right hand, sending her reeling backwards and crashing into a closed stall. She put her hand to her red cheek.

“Kurt! What the fuck are you doing?” She asked through tears now welling in her eyes.

“I am doing whatever the fuck I want to, bitch.” I growled. “And you are doing whatever the fuck I tell you to do.” I added, and as I spoke, I started to unbuckle my trusty leather belt. So unless you want the next blow to be from this.” I added slipping the belt from my trousers. “Start stripping, now, fuck-bitch.” I barked. She stared at me in horror. A frightened rabbit caught in the headlights. “Now!” I screamed, and lashed her left thigh with the belt, raising a red welt above her knee.

“Kurt…” She started but the next lash to her right leg cut her off.

“Strip.” I commanded. “Take your fucking clothes off now, bitch or I will hurt you in ways you cannot even imagine.” It was at this point I pulled the carpet knife from my back pocket. That sent a look of wild panic across her face. “Or do you want me to cut them off you?” She started to cry.

“Please don’t hurt me, Kurt.” She begged, and saw in my cold stare that she was cornered. “I will do whatever you say, just please don’t hurt me.”

“Strip.” I said. I pushed the carpet knife back into my back pocket and started unbuttoning my shirt. A sob shuddered through her chest, but she raised the fingers of her right hand to the first button on her white pleated blouse. She started to undress, knowing she was now helpless and only able to try and survive this attack unharmed.

I continued to take off my own clothes. First my shirt then my shoes and then my trousers and boxers. I stood naked in front of the sobbing woman, with my cock ridged and ready to invade her fuck-holes. She had now removed her blouse to reveal a well-toned tummy and good-sized firm breasts in a half-cup white bra. She stared at my erection, knowing what was about to happen. At least she thought she knew.

“All of it.” I commanded, and took a step towards her, belt in hand. She immediately reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, letting it fall from her shoulders and breasts.

“Yes.” She whispered. “Just please don’t hurt me. Please.” She begged.

“The skirt, bitch.” I growled. “You are too fucking slow.” As I spoke, I reached out and placed my left hand on her right breast. A nice hand-size and firm. She was young and she was in good shape. She reached behind and I heard the zipper on her skirt, and then felt the material on my feet as it fell around her ankles. I took a step back so I could see her whole naked body. She was lovely. Slender legs, broad hips and a tiny gold triangle above thin cunt-lips.

“What are you going to do to me, Kurt?” She asked, and I laughed.

“What the fuck do you think I am going to do to you, fuck-bitch? Tell me. Say it. Tell me what you think is going to happen.” I growled and stepped back towards her, fear in her eyes and her lower lip trembling.

“You are going to rape me.” She whispered and a tear rolled down her right cheek. “But I am begging you to reconsider this, Kurt. I am married. I love my husband. I love my job. Please do not do this evil thing to me, please.” She begged.

“Oh, but I am evil and I am going to do a lot more than just rape you fuck-toy.” I said smiling. “But if you are a good fuck-toy and please your new master, I will not hurt you too much and I will let you go home to your husband when I am done with you, do you understand?”

“Yes.” She whispered. “I understand.”

“Yes, I understand, ‘master’.” I whispered, and she stared at me in disbelief. “Say it, fuck-toy. When we are alone from now on you call me master.” I growled, and she dropped her chin to look at the ground but instead seeing my erect penis pointing at her groin.

“Oh my god.” She whispered, looking back up at me. “Yes, master. I understand.”

“Good.” I smiled at her. “Then we will get on just fine and you will be back home with your husband sooner than you think. Now get on your fucking knees and suck my cock, bitch. I want to feel your mouth and tongue on my cock and balls. Hey, maybe if you do a good job and make me come quickly, I won’t have the energy to fucking rape you.” I laughed, and pushed on her shoulders. She knew she would have to endure whatever I decided to do to her, so did not resist. “Now suck.”

“Yes, master.” She whispered and sank to her knees. She took hold of my throbbing cock in her right hand, before hesitatingly engulfing my glans in her soft, warm mouth. She began a soft back and forth motion with her mouth whilst wanking my shaft with her hand. She was a good cocksucker.

“Oh, wow, suck-bitch. You know what you are doing. Seems you have had a lot of cocks in your mouth.” I groaned, and rested my hands on her head to encourage her to go deeper. Of course, I was going to throat-fuck her, but not yet. Not today. For now, I wanted to test her skills a little, but my prize today would be another.

“It seems like your husband is a lucky motherfucker. His baby-doll knows how to suck cock. That is a very important skill to have for a fuck and suck-toy.” I whispered, and pushed just a little deeper, touching the back of her throat. She gagged. It seemed she needed some training, but not right now. In fact, I only had one target for tonight, and that was her ass. I was going to use Rachel a lot more after this, so I was fine with some quick sucking and then a good anal-fuck for today. I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

“Time’s up to make me come, bitch. Stand up.” I commanded, and held her hand to help her to her feet.

“Please don’t” She whimpered, but knew it was pointless.

“Over the washbasin, bend over and spread your ass-cheeks.” I commanded pushing her slender body across the room. She obeyed without resistance, and as she placed her chest onto the cold marble counter to reach back and spread her cheeks, I got a glimpse of a beautiful pink cunt and a nice tight shithole. I stepped between her thighs and started rubbing the end of my hard cock over the folds of her cunt. I was oozing pre-cum and it made her twat glisten and shine as I speared the sticky lubricant over her vagina. Then I pushed.

“Oh, my god. Oh my god.” She panted as my throbbing cock slid centimetre for centimetre into her warm and surprisingly wet fuck-hole. She was tight, clearly not well used and certainly no children. This was a very nice cunt.

“You have a good cunt, Rachel.” I whispered. “Again, your husband is a lucky bastard having a fuck-hole like that. But hey, I’m a lucky bastard, too, now.” I laughed and pushed the final distance, making her gasp as my balls reached her pubic bone. “How does that feel, fuck-toy? Do you like your master’s cock up your cunt?” She was panting, actually pushing back to meet me as I started to fuck her pussy slowly. “I asked you a fucking question.” I snarled and slapped her left ass cheek as hard as I could before lashing my belt across her back. She screamed in pain but answered me.

“Yes, master.” She panted. “I like it. You are so big.” She added, and suddenly I realised that that is why her cunt was still tight. Her husband must be smaller.

“Oh you poor baby.” I laughed. “Does that husband of yours have a micro-penis?” I asked, and she actually answered.

“No.” She panted between thrusts. “But he is much smaller than you, master. Oh my god, please keep fucking me.” She begged. “I am so sorry, Michael.” She cried, and I guessed that Michael was her new husband. “Fuck me! Please fuck me, master. Oh my fucking god. I am such a filthy whore. I will burn in Hell, but you are making me come.”

“Well fuck-toy that did not take long at all.” I laughed as tremors shot through her thighs and her fingers clawed at the hard cold marble. I cruelly pulled my cock out of her soaking cunt.

“No, no! Please don’t stop.” She begged and reached back to grab my cock, aiming it at her own cunt. It turns out Rachel is either a very good actress or she is a fucking sex-machine and I had pushed the right buttons. Either way, I did not want to please Rachel, I wanted to hurt her and please myself.

“Does your husband fuck you in the ass, bitch?” I asked, and she stopped trying to force my cock back into her cunt.

“No, master. Please not that. Please don’t ass-fuck me. I tried it once and it hurt like Hell even with my husband’s smaller cock. There is no way I can fit you in my butt. Please fuck my cunt, master.” She was begging and she was serious. I did not fucking care.

“I am going to fuck your ass, bitch. You can scream and cry all you want. Fuck, that’s the fucking idea. I want you to scream you fucking filthy whore.

“Please, no!” She whimpered, but knew it was futile.

I took hold of my own cock, slapping away her hand and put the tip to her anus. She cried then screamed as I forced the head of my swollen cock into her tight butt, plopping in behind her sphincter. I threw the belt onto the marble counter and grabbed her hips. I waited as she cried and begged me to take it out, then holding her hips I pushed in a single thrust until my balls hit her cunt. She wailed and screamed like a stuck pig, and my cock loved it as every muscle in her back passage convulsed and tightened trying to force me out of her almost-virgin hole.

“Now that is what I wanted tonight, fuck-bitch. You have a good mouth and a great cunt, but that tight ass of yours has been driving me crazy in those tight skirts you wear. Since the first time I saw such a beautiful ass with such an ugly fucking panty-line I knew that I was going to shove my fucking cock deep up that ass and fuck your fucking filthy whore guts out, bitch. Now your tight ass is mine. You are my anal-fuck-whore to sodomise whenever and wherever I want.” As I spoke, I started to thrust in and out of her anus, pulling until only my glans remained behind her tight sphincter, and then ramming my full length back into her tortured hole. Her crying and moaning simply heightened my pleasure.

“Please come.” She now begged, desperately wanting the painful assault on her anus to stop. “Please finish, master. It hurts so badly.”

“What hurts so bad?” I asked. “Tell me. Tell me what I am doing, where my cock is and how it feels, bitch.” I growled, and slapped her right cheek as I once again impaled her with my full length.

“Your cock in my ass.” She groaned. “Your cock is in my ass and you are butt-fucking me and it hurts, master. Please stop. Please just come and take it out.” She cried and I obliged, the tingle already running up my spine.

“Oh, I am going to come, bitch. I am going to shoot my jizz up your shitter and fill your guts with my batter. And then you are going to get back on your fucking knees and clean the shit and spunk off my cock with your dirty fucking little mouth.” With the final sentence, I sent the first wave of semen into her anus, pushing to full penetration as I came, and holding it there as each wave spurted into her bowels. Her sobbing subsiding as my cock started to soften in her butt.

“Please pull it out, master.” She sobbed. “Please! You can put it back in my mouth and I will clean it for you, but please take it out of my ass.”

“Ok, suck me bitch.” I hissed, pulling my now soft cock from her butthole, which let out a wet farting sound and sent a drip of semen rolling down over her cunt. She immediately turned and dropped to her knees, willingly taking my soft meat into her mouth. I let her slurp and lick at me for a short while, and my cock started to harden again. However, I had taken my prize for today. Sure, I could face-fuck her, come in her mouth, cunt-fuck her properly, but I wanted to get home to Simone and Lena. I wanted Simone to suck me off, so I pulled my cock away.

“What’s the matter, master?” She asked, staring up at me with a worried look on her face.

“Nothing.” I smiled at her. Get dressed. We are going home. I held out my hand and helped her to her feet.

We both cleaned up in the washbasin and got dressed. Once fully clothed, I told Rachel to take my hand, and I walked her out of the toilet back into the office. Midway across the floor, I turned her to face me and stared into her eyes. She glanced to the door leading out onto the street betraying her thoughts and her fear.

“What is it?” She asked, forcing a smile. She was in survival mode, her instinct driving her to pretend to please me in order to get out of this alive. She did not trust me or that I would simply let her go. In her mind, she was already sitting in the police station filing a report, if only I let her go.

“Kiss me.” I said, and smiled at her. “Before you go, call me Kurt again and kiss me like you mean it, even if you don’t.”

“Yes, Kurt.” She smiled at me and placed her right hand on the back of my head, drawing my face to hers she kissed me passionately on the mouth, her tongue parting my lips and searching for mine. I held her shoulders and returned her kiss. We exchanged kisses for what seemed like a minute, and then I pulled away, placing my right hand on her face.

“Let’s go.” I whispered pulling my keys from my pocket. “Your husband will be worried.” I once again took her hand and walked her to the door. Once outside I locked the door yet could sense her anticipation. I made sure to hold her hand tightly whilst I locked the door. She was getting ready to bolt, to make a run for it, perhaps even scream for help. I stopped her in her tracks.

“I am going to let you go, Rachel. I am not going to hurt you. However, before you start screaming and running, I want to show you something. It will only take a minute then I will not try to stop you from leaving. Will you give me that minute?” I asked, and she nodded.

“Please, Kurt. I swear, I won’t scream and I won’t tell anyone just don’t hurt me. Let me go, please.”

“I told you, I am not going to hurt you, Rachel. But you need to look at this.” As I spoke, I pulled out my mobile and unlocked the screen with my fingerprint. I pressed a touch button and handed her the phone. She stared at the screen and then a look of horror crossed her face and a tear rolled down her cheek. She did not need to watch the whole video. I saw the recognition in her eyes and on her face. She now knew that I had not only raped and sodomised her but also completely outwitted her.

“That’s right, Rachel. I got it all on the security cameras in the office. So if you want to tell anyone about today, go ahead. They can watch a video of a man and a woman holding hands, kissing, the woman freely removing her own panties in front of the man and then willingly entering the ladies toilet with him. To do what, Rachel? What would the police and or a judge presume we went into the toilet for? To fuck or to wash our hands? What will they think when they see the same couple come out of the toilet, smiling, holding hands again then kissing passionately before leaving together?” I had her and she knew it. She continued to stare at the screen, but she was no longer really watching. She was processing her predicament.

“You fucking bastard.” She finally sobbed. “You absolute mother-fucking son of a bitch.”

“Master.” I smirked. “We are alone, so you call me fucking master, bitch. And just to be clear, Rachel, and more importantly, what exactly would your new and loving husband think if he watched that video?” I laughed, hammering the last nail into her coffin.

“You played me.” She sobbed. “You are a rapist. A monster. I never want to see or hear from you again.”

“Oh, sweet naïve Rachel. That dear fuck-toy is not the way to speak to your new master.” I laughed, and moved my hand to her throat, squeezing just enough to scare her.

“Please don’t.” She croaked in panic and her hands went instinctively to my fingers around her throat.

“Now listen, and listen very, very carefully.” I demanded, and eased my grip on her neck. “You will not quite your job. You will not tell anyone of what we now have between us. You will never wear panties to work again. You will be sucking my cock and letting me fuck your holes whenever and wherever I choose. You are now just one of my fuck-toys, Rachel. You will obey me and call me master or your husband will be getting a copy of that video. Do you fucking understand?”

“I cannot live like that.” She now really started crying. “How the fuck can I live like that, being your fuck-toy, your filthy whore. For the rest of my life or what? My husband will notice. He will find out anyway. I swear, Kurt. I will kill myself. I will write a letter explaining the whole dirty truth and I will slash my wrists.”

“Now, now, Rachel. There is no need for such drama. And definitely no need for you to harm your beautiful body.” I smiled. “I will make you a promise, ok? Meet me once a week starting next week for a period of just three months. If you service me as your new master and make me happy with all your holes and body, if you suck and fuck me, drink my cum and drink my piss, lick my arse and let me sodomise your ass repeatedly, I will destroy the recording and release you from my charge. I will set you free, if up until then you are a good whore and satisfy my every desire and need.” She sniffed and stared at me.

“Twelve more times?” She asked. “Twelve more times that you rape and sodomise me? Then I am free?”

“Yes.” I whispered. “I promise. And your husband need never find out.”

“How do I know I can trust you?” She sobbed.

“You can’t, Rachel.” I stated honestly. “But if in three months I do not release you, then you can still kill yourself, if that’s what you want. This way, with my deal, you have a chance to be free of all of this. I swear I will destroy the recording and never touch you again. Oh, and I will see that you get a good pay rise.”

“Money?” She sobbed. “So then I really am your fucking whore?”

“Yes, Rachel. You are my whore. My fuck-whore, my fuck-toy.” I smiled. “But my other toys can tell you, I am a good master, a kind master if my toys do as I tell them.”

“Oh my god,” She exclaimed. “There are more? More poor women like me who you use at your own will?”

“Yes, sweet Rachel. There are and have been many, many more, including Petra, who will be paying you extra money to be my whore from now on.” I smiled. “Now, you need to get off home. I am going to go throat-fuck one of my other fuck-toys.” I released her throat and held out my hand to her. She place my mobile into my palm.

“Once a week for three months?” She asked in confirmation. “Twelve more times and then I am free?”

“Master.” I corrected her. “If you get it right, yes. Then you will be free. If you break the rules, it will be longer. So be a good fuck-whore.”

“Yes, master.” She whispered, and I let her go.

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