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Rape of a pregnant woman

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Short, poem like story. Don’t hate me for this.

He came to her at night, tired after work
Dawn nearing, her pregnant body still.

He lied beside her, stripped off all courtesy
Eyeing the sleeping tablets in disgust

She said it helped her sleep,
He thought it an excuse to keep him away

From her: Her supple self,
As if moulded and born just for his desire

He ran a hand across her belly,
Mind going places, turning his hands jelly

He straddled her, pushing him closer
Body barely reacting as nipples are sucked

His foreskin in her lips,
He moved to and fro

His hands probing her depths,
Her hole surprisingly wet, slick and tasteful

He finally pushed himself inside,
Her body lying side by side

She wouldn’t mind, she should understand
Thus soothed mind. Temptation too hard to ignore.

Not being able to take it anymore,
This egregious act of pure ecstasy

An act of abuse, both frightening
And arousing to him

Which only he might know of,
A shared memory between father and child

He loved his wife, he would still do
Though this act improved his libido

This wouldn’t be impressed,
nor discussed further between them

He was sure she would forget, this
Morbid fantasy; Of simulated rape

Using his wife’s body for sex, without bothering for permission

He still missed her, he thought,
His desire getting satisfied

She had never been so ready for him,
Not before being ready for a child

He should stop, but he can’t.
Erection prevents his heart from doing that.

So he raises himself, struggling to pry open
His beautiful wife’s ass cheeks

Pummeling into her, as gently as he can
Not wanting to harm her or their unborn child

He sees his wet prick, sliding in and out
The sight driving him mad instantly

He wants his wife to hold him, screaming sexual need, as she always did on his thrusts

Uttering the filthiest words in Bihari possible, which would shame even ace politicians

But all he could do now was use her limp self,
To gratify himself and his cursed soul

And stare menacingly, one last time
At those accursed sleeping pills by the stool.

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    pure cancer