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My Family – Revelations

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My sister made a startling revelation to me and I needed to talk to her seriously.

After a week of flashing me naked in the bath to my son, my relationship with him changed dramatically. I was more ashamed to look at him on a daily basis, we hardly spoke. Ironically, I felt more comfortable getting naked for him in the shower than in my clothes.

One Friday my son invited my sister and I to watch WandaVision on Disney+, my son was a huge Marvel’s fan. My husband would work late at work, he is an on-call doctor, and the pandemic always makes him have to stay late.

We watched the series and we were having fun. Until at one point, I felt that Jacob was getting uncomfortable, it was in episode 6, which was about Halloween. Those who watched the series, must already imagine why, Wanda’s fantasy was very sensual and apparently was making him excited.

He placed a pillow on his lap, no doubt intending to hide his erection. I found it ironic that he was ashamed to show that he was excited in front of me, but not at all ashamed to see me naked. When this episode ended, he paused and said he needed to go to the bathroom, I wondered what he was going to do, and it sure wasn’t pee. But apparently, I wasn’t the only one to notice this, and my sister, who never had any shame, and was always more mischievous, said to me:

–“I’m sure he went to relieve himself.”
–“Excuse me, what do you mean?” – I pretended not to understand, despite knowing exactly what she was talking about.

–“Come on, are you going to tell me you didn’t notice that he got horny seeing Elizabeth Olsen in that outfit? If even I stayed, imagine him.”
–“I didn’t notice, and you shouldn’t notice my son’s erection either.”

And I was speechless at what she replied: “And you shouldn’t flash yourself naked for him.” I said that she was going crazy, and that I would never do something like that. But she replied saying:

–“No use trying to deny it, I know exactly what you’re doing.”
–“And how could you know that?” I asked pretending to be indignant.
–“Simple, I was the one who gave him the idea.”

I was completely speechless, which made my jaw drop at the revelation. In the meantime, my son returned to the living room for us to continue watching the series. We watched all the remaining episodes, but I couldn’t pay attention to anything that was happening, as what Hailee revealed to me kept hammering in my head.

In the final episode, when Wanda become the Scarlet Witch, Jacob started to get uncomfortable again. The uniform made Elizabeth Olsen extremely hot, but this time, something different happened. Jacob didn’t even have time to hide his erection, my sister pretended she was tired, yawned and lay down on his lap. As it was dark, Jacob couldn’t see what she was doing, but the TV lit her up enough for me to see.

My sister was definitely teasing me, making faces and mouths lying on his lap. Until she started pretending she was giving him a blowjob, rolling her eyes, all at me. And this time, I was uncomfortable, but not in a bad way, I started to get excited about this scene, I started to imagine my sister sucking Jacob, but worse, for the first time, I thought about my son’s dick. I wondered the size, was it too small? It had been years since the last time I showered him and saw Jacob naked, ironic, since every day he saw me and my pussy.

When it was over, my sister said she was sleepy and said was going to bed. When she was leaving, she gave me a wink, and went further, lifted her blouse and flashed me her boobs, Jacob didn’t see it, because she was behind him. I opened my mouth in amazement and she came out laughing at the whole situation, she was much more naughty than I remembered. I kept trying to find out why she was doing this, which motivated her to advise my son, her own nephew, to see his mom naked. Then a frightening thought came to me, was she doing this to him too?

I was out of orbit at that moment, when Jacob called me and asked me if he could watch TV until later, I said no, because it was getting very late, it was after 2 am, and I told him to go brush his teeth to go to sleep. I sat on the couch trying to process all the information. It was after 3 am when my husband got home, I was sleepy, but I still gave him a kiss and a hug. I started to tell him everything about what had happened that night:

–“Hailee knows.”
–“She knows? Of you flashing to Jacob?”
–“Yes, she knows.”
–“How? How could she know? Did she see you?”
–“No, she said she gave him the idea.”

Chris’s reaction was the same as mine, his mouth dropped open when I told him, and he said: “I knew she was naughty, but I didn’t know she was on that level”. He asked me the same questions I’d asked myself, if she’d also caught him seeing her. Maybe she was flashing too. What could have motivated her to do that. He told me that I needed to talk to her about everything, about the reason for this conversation and what she was doing with Jacob. Unlike before, I agreed with Chris, I really needed to talk to my sister about it, even to understand the whole situation. Then he asked me:

–“Is she having sex with him?”
–“That was the same thing I asked myself. –“Then I told how she started to pretend that she was giving a blowjob when Jacob got turned on by Elizabeth Olsen.”
–“Yeah, I think she is. Or if she’s not, she wants to. Which is weird since she’s a lesbian. Or does she make exceptions for preteen boys?” – Chris said that laughing at the situation.

I asked him why he was laughing about it and he didn’t show any concern at all. Then he answered me:

–“My only concern is if she’s forcing you to do something you don’t want to do. If it’s consensual, I don’t see a problem with that. Every teenager wants to have sex with an older woman. He would be no different.”
–“And you wanted to?”
–“Of course, my Math teacher, Alexandra, was 35 years old at the time. Brunette, blue eyes, a very thin body, but with big breasts. I was 11 years old.”
–“You men are perverts.”
–”Haha, I won’t deny it, but it’s funny coming from the woman who flashes naked for her son and has a sister who gave him the idea.”

I had no answer for that, really. I got horny from the whole conversation, and I needed to get laid, but Chris said work had drained him of all energy and he was too tired for that. I was disappointed, but that didn’t stop me from doing it myself. I waited for him to sleep and took my vibrator, and started to masturbate.

The conversation with Chris was still in my head, and I started to imagine my sister with my son. I masturbated to the idea of ​​the two of them, her giving him a blowjob, sucking his balls, and finally, him eating her, shoving his dick, which shouldn’t have been more than two inches in her pussy. I imagined my sister moaning saying:

–“How delicious, your dick is so good. Fuck me you little pervert, you’re the only man I want.” I imagined her panting speaking.

–“Imagine that I am a mommy, she is what you want, right, she is what you want to fuck. That’s why you keep seeing her naked in the bath, right?”

Until I realized, I wanted to have sex with my son, I not only wanted to, but I needed to. I wanted to suck his dick, his balls, I needed him inside me, I want him back from where he left, I needed his cock inside my pussy. I didn’t give a damn about what they would think, I didn’t even want my husband’s approval anymore, I was going to have sex with Jacob. And with Hailee. She’s a lesbian, isn’t she? Then I would be the woman for her, I would suck her pussy. I was going to suck her tits. I was going to rub my pussy on hers, with Jacob hitting one seeing his mother and aunt in the biggest lesbian slutty, which not even the best porn in the world would provide him. I was going to become the biggest incestuous bitch who ever lived. I was going to give it to my 12-year-old son and have sex with my younger sister.

On Saturday, I needed to have that conversation with my sister, to understand everything that was going on and why she was doing this. This weekend my husband had a break from work and I suggested that he go with Jacob to buy him a computer. Soon he would return to classes, and the last year Jacob suffered a little to be able to follow the online classes. They went to the mall and would be out of the house for at least two hours, enough time for me to talk to Hailee.

I knocked on her bedroom door to talk to her, then she authorized me to enter. She was dressed in a white nightgown, which was very sheer so I could see a little bit of her breasts through her, her nipples looked small and pink. That sight was already starting to turn me on. As she had her legs under the blanket, I had no vision of her legs, although I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing panties.

Without further ado, I asked her why she was doing this, which motivated her to suggest to my son that he peek at me naked in the bath. Then she told me that it all started a month ago, when she noticed that some of her panties were missing, usually the ones she had just worn, when she put them in the laundry basket. So she started looking for a reason why that was happening, she went to Jacob’s room to see if he was stealing her panties, and she told me:

–“I found one of my panties inside the pillow.”

Hailee told me how excited she was at the idea of ​​being the reason for a boy masturbating, even if that was her own nephew. Then she said that she devised a plan so that he would always get the freshest panties possible. She would wait until Chris and I left for work and then she would shower. But instead of putting her panties in the clothes basket, she started putting them on Jacob’s door handle, both her room and his room were side by side, so the “confusion” wouldn’t be abnormal. She started to take longer in the shower to wait for Jacob to “steal” her panties and whenever she left the bathroom, the panties were mysteriously no longer in the place where she had left them.

This went on for a few more days, she even said that she started to masturbate more with the panties she was wearing that day, so that the smell of her pussy would get even stronger. At that I started to get horny listening to all that, and imagining Jacob using Hailee’s panties to masturbate. But apparently it wasn’t just me, I noticed that she started to make some movements with her arm under the blanket, she was definitely masturbating. Then Hailee told me that one day she had a rather daring idea, she went into his room while Jacob was having lunch and put a note on his pillow with the following message:

— “To my perverted nephew, if you want one more of my panties, come to my room and get one directly from me. Kisses auntie Hailee” —

It drove me completely crazy that I stuck a hand inside my pants and started rubbing myself. She went on to say that she was completely nervous about having done this and didn’t know what his reaction would be when he read the message, but that a few minutes after she put the note, he knocked on the door and then walked in apologizing, with a crying face looking like a puppy that had lost his owner, begging him not to tell us and didn’t want him to be mad at him. Then she replied:

–“I’m not mad, on the contrary, I’m flattered that you’re thinking of me when you do… you know… that.”
–“Really Aunt?” – he asked.
–“Yes, but I will give you two conditions, the first is that you need to stop stealing my panties without authorization.”
–“Yes, all right” – he said clearly sad. “And what’s the second?” – he amended.
–“The second condition is that you come here and ask me for panties whenever you want.”

He was completely shocked by the condition she stipulated, he couldn’t believe your aunt was giving him permission to ask for his panties. So Jacob asked Hailee for new panties, and she replied that he could take them. He then went to her wardrobe and opened her panty drawer, but soon heard her protest:

–“No sir, not those.”
–“But you said—”
–“I didn’t say you were going to get clean panties.” – She said that as she got up and took off her panties.
–“Here, take this one. Put your wank to good use. And don’t forget to put it in the laundry basket when you’re done.”

She ordered him out of the room, and so he did. Every day for two weeks, Jacob knocked on Hailee’s bedroom door asking for a new panty, and every day, her aunt delivers a new one, which she had just masturbated to in order to impregnate her scent even more. This continued until, she asked him:

–“Jacob, have you ever seen a naked woman?”
–“No, just my dad’s old Magazines.”
–“Do you want to see me naked, sweet?”
–“Y-yes, sure, can I?” – he replied scared and euphoric at the same time.
–“But there will be a condition, it’s more of a challenge.”
–“I do anything.”

When he answered that, she was already smirking, so she got up from the bed and opened the roby she was wearing, she was naked underneath it. She had small breasts, with pink nipples, and her pussy was completely flat. His entire vision didn’t last more than 10 seconds, but it looked like he had come out of the earth. He was completely intoxicated by the sight he had, my sister had been the first woman my son had seen naked live. What disappointed me a lot, I thought it was me. Then she said to him:

–“Now, your challenge.”
–“Alright aunt, what do I have to do?”
–“You’ll have to spy, take a picture of your mom naked and send it to me.”
–“What?!? I can not do it. How am I going to achieve this?”
–“I don’t know, this is no longer my problem.”

Then she told me that she suggested he spy on me in the shower, as she knew I never locked the door when I was going to take it, as she had already come into my room several times to talk to me. I left the room open for emergencies, in case Jacob desperately needed me for something important. So, she used that loophole for her crazy, erotic idea. And before he left, she handed him another pair of panties, but he was surprised and said:

–“This one looks different from all the others.”
–“Yeah, is your mom’s panty. Use it with her in mind this time.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, this bitch confessed that she took one of my panties and gave it to my son to use to masturbate, and even said to think about me while playing his handjob. I asked why she did that, since everything she had told me still didn’t answer why she suggested he spy on me. So she just told me that she liked incest, and that when she was 15, she used to spy on our father taking a shower. I was paralyzed, in addition to her giving my son used panties, exposing herself naked to him, suggesting that he spy on me naked, she even confessed that she spied on our naked father. After she said that, I heard my husband calling me saying they had arrived, but the last thing she did, surprised me. She gave me a kiss, cupped the back of my neck and gripped one of my breasts tightly. It left me breathless. So I went to meet Chris and Jacob in the living room, he was extremely happy with the new PC.

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