Mum turned into a slag and left Dad to take care of me when I was 13

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I had to get clean and asked Dad to help me cause I stunk like a fish

I had a good upbringing to a point, my dad worked hard to put bread on the table and was very often tired when he came home so I expect that’s when a small problem occurred, my mum not to put to fine a point on it was sex crazy, I lost count of how many people she tried to say was my uncle while at the same time not to say anything to dad, she eventually abandoned us for a better life as she put it, I was 13 at the time, so dad was left to bring me up on his own but at least was old enough to understand what a slag she had become and we were better off without her, a few months went by and divorce papers arrived which my dad signed on the condition she got nothing more and I said I was staying with him.

So moving on to when I was 18, had a boyfriend and he had a motor bike, which he managed to crash with me on the back of it! Breaking my right arm and thumb on my left hand, luckily no surgery was needed and after applying plaster casts, I was allowed home, which was a good thing dad could look after me and his works were great giving him time to do it letting him work from home, I also had a nurse come in every couple of days to help shower me too, since dad couldn’t do it, then the corona thing happened, the lockdowns and family bubble thing and I was basically left high and dry, Even though it was embarrassing I had to get clean.

Dad said if mum was here she would have to do it but I said that cow wouldn’t get near me and would rather him do it, after what happened I would never trust her again and never wanted to see her again, I was really surprised he mentioned her but I was really in a jam with this, normally I would have a shower or bath every night and fresh clothes the next day and now I just felt horribly dirty, the final straw came when after two weeks no nurse visit and I was at the end of my tether, the weather was hot and I desperately needed to get clean cause I was beginning to stink, and in the wrong places to!
In sheer desperation that night I asked Dad if he would help me, I don’t know about that he said I think it’s illegal for me to do that that’s why the nurse does it for you, Dad I’m desperate I said, the nurse hasn’t been here for two weeks and who’s to know, besides I haven’t got nothing you have not seen before have I? Well you were much smaller then he said and your a woman now.

Reluctantly he agreed so that night we headed off to the bathroom, he tied a big bin liner around my casts to be sure they didn’t get wet, now came the difficult part, I knew he’d not seen or been with a woman for at least 5 years and possibly longer, using the time to raise me, he removed my top but I wasn’t wearing a bra as I couldn’t fasten it on my own, Pulling down my track suit bottoms I was wasn’t wearing panties and I knew he was going to hesitate! God I see what you mean he said, I know I smell like a fish and it’s horrible, all those are going in the wash tonight he said, Ok he said get into the shower and I’ll get a sponge, when he lathered it up he did my breasts and body down to my waist, that felt lovely feeling real water and now the ify part, I stood there with my legs apart and nodded to him, jesus that first touch was heaven, and after a few strokes I was beginning to tingle, he put the sponge down and continued with his hands, I felt his fingers running up and down between my bum cheeks right between my legs, he washed my pussy which by now was tingling like hell and I couldn’t help but moan a little as I noticed how comfortable I felt with it though, when he was done he took the shower head and rinsed all the soap off me.

I got out and he towelled my dry, that wasn’t so bad was it I said, now you’ve done it once you can do it again if you don’t mind, for gods sake Emma not a word to anyone Ok, if that nurse asks anything I got a lady friend to come and do it for you, Dad ever since that slag you call my mother left you’ve looked after me and done an amazing job, I’m not about to say a word to anyone about what you just did I promise, when do you think the nurse will be back he said, I don’t know Dad I said but these casts come off in 3 weeks or they are supposed too, you’d better call them tomorrow and find out when she’ll be coming, but in the meantime you did a great job.
You know what a lot of the problem is young lady don’t you, I looked at him a little puzzled, No I said what? Your err hair down there especially when your like this, I know Dad but you never think this will happen do you, if you like tomorrow night especially after what you’ve just done can you take it off for me, you mean shave your, yes Dad cause it couldn’t be anymore embarrassing than what’s just happened now could it, and just how would you explain that to the nurse then he said, I got my friend to come and do it cause I stunk I said, let me think about it first ok, ok I said.

I don’t think he expected me to ask such a thing, but I did cause I knew he was right, I couldn’t help think about the next day while Dad was working, this time enforced work from home, it was soon 9 o’clock and once again he wrapped my casts in a bin liner and undressed me, after washing me he asked me to sit down on the edge of the bath, hang on he said I better get my trimmer to take off the thick before I do anything else, are you sure about this Emma cause I’ll have to touch you? Yes Dad I’m sure, Ok then here goes, I parted my legs for him and heard his trimmer spring to life, as he removed it he put it down the loo, I didn’t think there was so much! And the vibration of it too it made me giggle, ok that’s the thick of it off I’ll get my soap brush & razor, he lathered me up, Slowly and carefully he placed the razor against my skin and made short passes, he was careful not to cut me especially round my pussy lips, I tried not to think of it as sexual but it was a losing battle, all of a sudden I had the sensation of an orgasm! As I sat there every touch of that electric razor made it worse until I had a little orgasm, I couldn’t help it.

Now I really did feel embarrassed, Dad I’m sorry I couldn’t help it I said, not to worry Emma I thought it might happen, I’ll finish off here, you’re all smooth now and gorgeous looking! Stand up and I’ll dry you off, that shouldn’t need doing again for a while, well I still need to be bathed Dad until these come off, I know sweetheart, but remember, not a word cause I have broke the law in helping you.

It was another 3 days before I saw the nurse again, I stuck to our story about getting a female friend to come and help me out and she was just fine with it, in the meantime Dad helped me every night but I couldn’t help notice it made him horny! And the last two or three times his fingers “lingered” longer than they should if you know what I mean! I never mentioned it to him cause if the truth was known, I enjoyed it, and he did his best to hide it when helping me.

Eventually after a final xray the casts came off and I was free! My arm felt stiff from being held in one position for so long but really good, that night Dad went in the shower, I went in the bedroom and stripped off and walked into the bathroom, all the glass was steamed up so he didn’t know I was there, I slid open the shower door, move over Dad I said, Emma what are you doing here you don’t need my help anymore, shhhhhhh I said, turn around Dad I’ll do your back for you, after all you have done for me it’s the least I can do, I lathed up the sponge and washed his back, Emma you really shouldn’t be in here with me, what I did for you was out of necessity, and what about your boyfriend, what I said, after what he did to me you must be joking, we are finished I said, he never said a word, I washed his back working my way down to the backs of his legs, on my way back up I put my hands round the front of him running them up his thighs until my thumbs were under his balls, he jumped a little cause he didn’t expect it, turn around and I’ll finish you off, I said he got horny over the 3 to 4 weeks he washed me, now it was really prominent, he turned around and he was standing up proud! Ok now for the fun part I said, I lathered up the sponge and worked my way down his front, spread you legs a little Dad so I can wash you, as I washed his crotch his cock was twitching, now I know this wasn’t right, a daughter should not make her own Dad come but I already made up my mind, as I put my hand round his cock I worked it up & down, Emma no you can’t do that I’m your Dad he said.

Dad Shhhhhhhh I said, this is the least I can do after what you did for me, just relax and enjoy it no ones going to know are they, gripping him a little harder I wanked him, I didn’t have to wait long cause say 30 seconds later he said Oh god and shot out a huge load of cum hitting the underneath of my tits! His pumping cock felt so nice in my hand as he unloaded on me, waiting till he was finished I washed him again, their you are I bet you feel better for that, actually I do Emma it has been a long time, I should have been angry with you for coming in here but I guess in light of recent events I’m not so embarrassed, Are you okay with this…I mean, what we’ve done? this is not normal behaviour for a father and daughter to be doing, Dad all of my life you’ve been there for me, I never heard you once complain about anything even when at times I knew you must be hurting inside, and as for a relationship with a woman I certainly haven’t seen you with anyone since that bitch left us, then this happened, even though you knew you shouldn’t be doing what you did you still helped me and it must have been really awkward for you, but I’ll tell you one thing should I, I enjoyed every second of you touching me, it made me feel alive, I’m going to get dried off if there is anything else you want I’ll be in my bedroom Ok, I put on my dressing gown and left.

I was in my room for 10 maybe 15 mins when a knock at the door came, come in Dad I said, he was in his dressing gown wearing shorts, not a lot was said, jesus I put out enough signals in the bathroom a blind deaf and dumb person could get, so I knew why he was here or hoped I knew why he was here, I stood up in front of him and I just looked, I could see a burning fire in his eyes with a look like I shouldn’t really be here like this, I kissed him directly on the lips, and to my delight he responded, We kissed for ten minutes, we hugged, we rubbed our backs, and we stroked each other’s necks, all the time his cock was getting hard, I reached down loosening the belts on our dressing gowns so they fell open, Emma you and I should have talked about this first, shhhhhhhh Dad as we kissed again, this time our  tongues went in each others mouth, his came round my front feeling my breasts, my nipples are fully erect as his fingers move over them.

In a few more seconds he had a nipple in his mouth sucking it really hard, after a minute or so I broke off
and I sat on the edge of my bed taking off my dressing gown, I opened my legs as he came over to me, he let his dressing gown fall onto the floor as he got down on the floor, he started kissing my thighs really gently, I stroked his hair letting him know it was what I wanted, he worked his way up to my pussy which by now was on fire, after a few licks his tongue started probing wanting to be inside, I lay back on the bed opening my legs as wide as I could, a couple of kisses and licks then his tongue followed through going really deep inside me, it was amazing, as he probed my depths I built up to an orgasm, I kept as still as I could when it hit, over the edge I went coming into my Dads mouth, after a few more moments I sat up, I pulled down his boxer shorts, his cock is standing up proud, now I’m not going to claim Dad is huge or some kind of superman (like many do) if fact he is smaller than my ex at around 6 inches fully erect but it doesn’t matter, I put the head of his cock in my mouth letting my tongue swirl around the head and licking his little slit.

A few more minutes licking him and I lay back down, I rubbed his cock on my pussy entrance, sliding it up and down from my clit to my love tunnel, I let go still with my legs as open as I could get them, Dad positions himself and slowly pushed himself all the way inside me, suddenly my pussy is pulling on him with a tug that is so strong, my muscles grabbing onto him as I manage to move my hips sliding his cock in and out, not that he needed help! I calmed down a little as he leaned over me, we kissed while being locked together sucking on each others tongues, he was building up to an orgasm really fast, after a minute or so he pushed really deep inside me, he couldn’t stop if he wanted too, he shoots his cum deep inside me, then again, then again, and finally a last spray of warm sperm, I come immediately after, my pussy gripping his cock as I coat his cock with my cum, he kept his cock inside me while he got soft.

5 or so minutes later we got up, Dad you’ll have to get me the morning after pill in the morning I said, I think so he said and I think we need cleaning up too, we went back in the shower, this time it was all sexual, we let each other do what we wanted, we licked, sucked and fucked, he came inside another twice before we got cleaned up and went to bed, needles to say it didn’t stop there either, I got on top of him sliding his cock in & out while he sucked my nipples and came again inside me! We sleep together all the time now, we have fun go out together and have holidays, we are now in the middle of moving house, we found a nice place that used to be a farm so it’s out of the way and we can just live our lives, staying on that pill though was getting expensive so I’ve had a 5 year contraceptive implant fitted.

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  • Reply Shelly ID:2kyhpc18rd

    I did similar for my stepdad , basically replaced mom the same , but started him making me play with him then , sucking till I was quite developed and then he , came in 1 night and had 2 friends with him and he had me sniff gigantic line of coke and then light cigarette up and have first ever cigarette and then as I was a virgin, put me ontop of 1 guy and then pushed down cock in my ass and then 2nd ontop me in pussy and 3rd in throat and absolutely gangbanged life out of me

  • Reply Raphaël ID:135zg01p44

    Good story well told, any idea what happened to your mother? Did she ever try to get back in touch?

    • Emma ID:45xyw6s5zra

      No she didn’t and I have no idea where or who she is with now, I know it’s a horrible thing to say about your own Mum but I don’t really care as she came so close to destroying me and Dad, he was able to hold it together though for my sake but god knows how, even her side of the family disowned her! We are happy and have everything we need now.

  • Reply Ron ID:135zg01p44

    With a mother like who needs enemies! Pleased it worked out for you both, great story.

  • Reply Sarah ID:99uwotzm

    You’re a good daughter taking care of your father’s sexual needs

    • Big Ed ID:11awnw3im9k

      Hello Sara. Can I ask you something

    • Emma ID:45xyw6s5zra

      Thank you Sarah for being positive, Dad had gone through an incredibly hard time as well as bring me up, he never once as far as I know complained and heaven knows I was no angel! what teenager is! and he never once tried to introduce me to another woman, as far as relationships go I think his world had come to an end, then the accident happened and things changed, I’ll take care of his needs for as long as he wants me too, it’s not abuse it’s consensual but of course it still illegal even if I can’t get pregnant. bringing and seeing him come back to life as a man was wonderful.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2t0b

    Good God what a boner. Fuck I’m hard as a rock. Nice job Emma.