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Little Babysitting Stories 2

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I’m Sofia and this is my 1st Babysitting experience with two young girls Maggie 9 and Mary 13.

I felt my Pussy juices rubbing on my inner thighs, near to my Vagina. I was so sure that I was making a wet spot on the sofa because I wasn’t wearing any panties under my Leggings. So my juices were leaking through the soft cloth.

But still I couldn’t stop touching and looking at baby Maggie’s (9) puffy vagina and her perfect butt hole.

I leaned aside to look at Mary and she was still sleeping on the floor chest down watching the TV. So she could not definitely see what I’m doing up on the sofa.

I kept on massaging her feet, thighs and her butt cheeks, then I went up and down with my hand creating the same motion. And whenever I went near her butt I slightly touched her Vagina or her butt hole.

I was so excited and horny at that time, I didn’t even knew what to do. Also I was confused with my new born feelings towards young children and more than that I was afraid because I might get in trouble.

But my intention was not about hurting them, all I wanted was to love and care them.

After a while I saw that it was almost evening and I had a little naughty idea. I carried Maggie up and told Mary to keep watching TV while I take a wash with her sister.

I carried her straight into the bathroom and I locked it from inside. Then I removed Maggie’s sleeveless T-shirt leaving her totally naked in there. She didn’t mind at all and I loved her confidence.

She was about 4 Foot tall, Slim and obviously hadn’t had any hips or curves, because of her age. But she looked so fine with her shoulder length hair and the cute baby face.

She had pinkish puffy nipples and it was already growing. A cute belly and below that was her tasty muffin. Totally hairless fresh skin of her made me to shiver. My pussy was itching and squirming with lust while I was admiring that innocent little baby.

Then I asked her to close her eyes and “Don’t open until I say so”

She closed them with both hands of her and I started to remove my clothes. I had no idea how she’s going to take it but I really wanted to take that risk.

I removed my T-shirt and then my leggings. When the leggings were coming out I felt the wetness on my pussy. It felt cold when outer air touched it.

“not yet Maggie, keep it closed” I ordered her while checking how wet I was. My pussy was drenched. Then I did the most naughtiest thing ever.

With my left hand I held her hands above her eyes. Then with my other hand I took Some of my Pussy Juices onto my fingers.

“huny open your mouth a little” I asked her in a gentle way.

She did “aaaaaahhh”

I pushed my three wet fingers into her tiny mouth and she wasn’t expecting it. But anyhow she understood that I want her to suck my fingers and she did it like a darling.

I felt like I’m going to burst with excitement.

I took some more and rubbed on her lips and her tiny tongue. She didn’t said a word, but kept on licking and suckling on to my fingers.

Then I asked her to open her eyes and when she saw my naked body she jumped back in amazement but wasn’t scared of me. Instead she giggled like she was shy.

Then I asked her “did you like the Vitamins you just tasted?”

She said “yes I did but it tasted like water”

I tapped on her head and asked her?

“Do you want to Poop huny?”

She said “Not now”

I replied “do you mind if I poop? Before we take a shower”

She said “it’s OK”

I held her hand and took her near to the Commode, and I sat down while pulling her closer to me. I wanted to keep her close when I was pooping for some reason.

Then I started to poop and whenever I did I squeezed her hand. She knew what I was doing but she didn’t care. I kept her in middle of my thighs and she was comfy with me.

I had a little chat with her to make her more comfortable and she kept on smiling and laughing for what I was saying.

Then I finished pooping and washed myself on my butt and flushed it out.

I stood up and asked her “so you don’t want to poop huny? Are you sure?”

She said “it’s not coming”

I told her that I might be able to fix it but I asked her permission for it. She nodded her head.

I turned her around and slightly bent her down and asked her to spread her feet and to stay relaxed.

Then I took my pinky and soaked it with my pussy juices and pushed it into her Pink virgin butt. She tried to hold my hand but I asked her not to move.

Her butt hole slowly started to spread out and accepted my finger tips. But I kept rotating and pushed it completely in while she was letting out squeaks and moans.

“now try to push it out huny” I told her

And she pushed my finger out “aghhhhh” like a good girl.

“was it painful Maggie?”

“no it wasn’t but it was hard, what was that?” she replied with a question.

I asked her not to worry about it and she nodded her head..

Then I pulled her closer to me, while she was on the same position and I pulled apart her butt cheeks to take a good look at her butt hole. It looked so red now with my finger going inside. And I even felt a little bit sad for doing that to her..

So I kissed her butt cheeks and even rubbed my face on them. Then I touched her butt hole with the tip of my tongue and I lick around it. I felt her moving when I did that.

Then I held her tight and pushed my tongue into her butt hole and started to taste every bit of her 9 year old fresh Ass.

She was letting out tiny sounds from her mouth and that’s when I knew she was mine.

-To Be Continued-

(Sorry for my Bad English Grammar, I’m an Asian. I’ll write the next part if you guys want to read, tell me in the comments)

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