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Good Christian aunt helped me overcum evil !…

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My Church going aunt paddled my ass then drained my body of Evil.

I often spent summers visiting my divorced Aunt and my cousin Bobby in a small southern town. She was a straight-laced and proper lady who taught in a Christian school and had two older kids who had moved away. My cousin Bobby was 2 years younger than I and we used to have a ball every summer. This meant mandatory church on Sunday and Wednesday evening service. The only problem was my Aunt Lynn believed in “spare the rod and spoil the child” and she was quick to paddle your ass if you fucked up.

When I was 14, Bobby and I got caught stealing a pack of Marlboros from the village market one night after my aunt asked us to run a errand. The store owner was a church member and had called my aunt to report our evil deed .

She met us at the front door when we got home and we knew we were going to get it. She was wearing a dressing gown and her hair was still wet. She had just gotten out of the shower when Brother James called her from the store. She went into a rant about tobacco being the devil’s tool and stealing went against God’s law etc.

She marched both of us down to the bathroom and as usual she ordered us to drop our shorts to our ankles. We both stood there naked and I tried to cover my young and hairy cock. She reached out and smacked my hand with the paddle. She laughed and said she had seen naked boys before and I didn’t need to try and hide my nakedness.. She then ordered Bobby to lay across her lap as she sat on the toilet and gave him 5-6 whacks with the paddle and he yelled as his little ass turned red. As she was paddling Bobbie’s ass, her gown opened up and I could see her full breasts almost completely exposed. She then looked at me and I hung my head and tried to cover my cock.

Then something strange happened, She told Bobbie to leave us alone and he gladly ran out of the room. She looked at me and told me to but my hands to my side. She reached out and held my cock and balls in her hand for a moment and told me she could see that I was at an age where I was full of misguided evil ! I lay across her lap but before she started to paddle me, she rubbed my lower back and ass with and her fingertips slipped between my butt cheeks slightly.. She told me that although I was a beautiful young boy, she knew she must cleanse me of evil before it was too late !

My cock was beginning to get hard as I pressed against her thighs, when I felt the first whacks of the paddle. She gave me 6-8 whacks on the ass, but not as hard as I expected. When I stood up my 4.5 inch cock was about half hard and getting harder as I looked at her breasts with one nipple exposed. She saw me looking at her breasts and closed her robe slightly.. Then she asked me how often I abused myself ? I didn’t understand and then she took her hand and put it on my cock and stroked it. “Do you like to use your hand to spill your seed” she asked. I trembled as she held my cock and I told her that I did .

She told me that it was evil to abuse yourself and asked me if I had evil thoughts about young girls when I did it and I admitted that I did. As she continued to stroke my cock, she asked me if I liked looking at dirty books and videos when I did it and I admitted I did.

She kept slowly stroking my cock and told me that she wanted to help me overcome this evil that was in my heart. She opened her robe and placed one of my hands on her full heavy breast and
I massaged it. She felt me tense up and she told me to just let go and spill the evil from my body and with that, I shot several big squirts of cum all over her chest.

She rolled her eyes heavenly and mumbled ” Thank You Jesus. Help me rid this child of the evil of the devil” or some shit like that. For the next week, she would call me into her room late at night and we would lay naked in her bed as she prayed for me and helped to purge my heart of evil. As well as draining my young hard cock !…LOL.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

    A typical religious woman AKA a filthy slut!!

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg6ii

    While an average story, let’s keep religion out of this.

  • Reply Mark ID:1a4l0tal8m

    Good story. Being a much older man from the south I can believe that lots of the older women did this from my experiences in my youth. [email protected]