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Baby Sitting The Next Door Neighbors Daughter.

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Befriending the Neighbor and giving her begging Daughter her first Orgasm.

Baby Sitting The Next Door Neighbors Daughter

I lived in a small apartment complex for five years maybe 24 at most as I never counted them. The next door neighbor moved in about a year ago and we actually became rather close me getting some booty maybe once a week . Her name was Briella, 30 years old, the same as me, having a rather amazing body yet not all that good looking. One of those Goddesses from the neck down yet not ugly or pretty. She had a 10 year old daughter name Simone that was the life of the party type being such a dare devil doing any and everything always pushing the limits on everything. The name Simone is French in origin that means “To Be Heard “ which was very fitting to her. Simone was extremely cute to say the least. Everyone always commented how unbelievably cute she was sporting long dark straight hair, nice cute boobs with the roundest butt and strongest shapely legs I have ever seen on a young girl in my life. On top of that Simone was the nicest creature on this earth with an angelic face and voice.

—Back track 10 months earlier—-

When they first moved in maybe two months tops Briella had to go somewhere and asked if I could watch Simone until the next day. Being 9 at the time and such an awesome kid I said sure no problem. We had a great time me ordering Simone’s favorite Pizza which was Canadian Bacon and Pineapple. It to was my favorite also, me always telling Simone “I knew I liked you for some reason, It has to be because you like Canadian Bacon and Pineapple Pizza” I said. Simone would always blush letting out the cutest giggle that would melt your heart. Half way through the night we are watching a cute cartoon movie when Simone was rubbing her belly not complaining yet saying it did feel funny to her. She then got up to use the bathroom. I heard her scream 5 minute later running into the living room with blood running down both legs leaving a trail behind her on the floor crying frantically. I scooped her up running back into the bathroom then took her shorts and panties off from around her ankles. taking a small hand towel wiping all the blood off of her. After literally inspecting her little pussy inside and out, I realized she started her period . It took probably five minutes or so just to get her to calm down. It was completely innocent then and the thought of anything sexual did not enter my mind until many months later.

I stripped the rest of her clothes off and myself included then jumped into the shower with her. I washed her whole body and hair down then let her rinse. I was not dirty but I washed anyways. I shampooed my hair then rinsed off. When my eyes were clear enough to open them I saw Simone like a statue literally frozen staring straight at my penis not one foot from it. She then asked me “What is that”. I told her “It is my Penis Simone”. She then asked me, “ What is it for”. I said we need to wait and lets get out of the shower first. After drying off I took some paper towels and made a makeshift surfboard panty liner to catch the blood taking some old forgotten girlfriends kids clothes and put on her. I dressed then back in the living room on the couch her asking a thousand questions. So basically I had to give her the birds and the bees story from start to finish over the next hour or so. From that point on Simone was completely infatuated with me not leaving my side the entire night cuddling right up next to me. That night when we slept she insisted she sleep next to me on my bed cuddling right up to me hugging me falling fast a sleep. The next day when Briella got home I told her everything that happened, her thanking me repeatedly for the good care of her daughter and apologizing for the trouble.

Over the next 10 months Simone became very sexually aware, hormones raging in her body. I literally watched her body pop out from a girl to a young woman overnight sporting the complete package of amazing ass, tits with nice nipples and strong muscular legs that just wouldn’t quit. On several occasions I was babysitting her she would make sexual advances and innuendos towards me. I quite frequently watched her rubbing her little pussy through her shorts and even with her hand down them while sitting on my couch. One particular night while watching a movie, a sex scene came up and I had gotten a hard on not really paying attention. She had been rubbing herself and the next thing I knew, Simone always sitting right beside me mind you, started rubbing my cock through my shorts. I freaked out jumping up asking her, “What in the world are you doing Simone”. “ I was rubbing your cock” she said to me. I then said, “ Wait!, what!, did you just say the work cock?”. where did you learn that from?”. “ Yes!, from school” she said. “well that is a grown up word and you should not be saying that. Your also not suppose to be rubbing a grown-ups Penis either” I exclaimed to her. “Why not!?” she petitioned me. “ Because that word is not appropriate for younger girls and I could go to jail if anyone should find out” I said to her.

I sat back down beside her and she just sat there thinking for a few minutes then looked to me “ I won’t tell if you won’t” she said looking so serious yet gleamy eyed. “ Simone please stop will ya!” I begged her. “ But I am so horny!, and your horny to!” she says. “ I am not!, wait!, did you just say your horny” I asked her in confusion. Simone then giggles, “Yes!, I did say I was horny. why do you think I was playing with myself ?. Your horny to because your cock got hard watching the movie” she said. “ Simone let’s not do this please, it isn’t right!” I petitioned her. Simone then gets up off the couch grabbing my face looking me straight in the eyes. “My hormones are driving me crazy and if I don’t get some cock I am going to explode. You haven’t gotten sex from my mom in what, like weeks now, I know your balls are blue and your as horny as I am, so please!, let me play with your cock. We both need it so badly!” she petitions me. She bats her eyelashes lustfully looking in my eyes her hormones raging like fire. “ Simone!, It just wouldn’t be right, I am like 20 years older then you” I tell her. Simone then grabs my face as I try to look away. “Look between your legs” Simone asked me. “What!” I asked her. “I said look between your legs and what do you see” she asked me again with a much more stern demanding voice. I then look down between my legs and notice my cock is raging rock hard almost ripping the seams on my shorts.

I just look up to Samone with a blank “I’m completely busted” look letting out a grin. “ See your cock is fucking rock hard because your so horny. so how do you think I feel with my hormones raging like crazy with me having my hands in my shorts 24/7 staring at that amazing big hard cock of yours almost busting your shorts at the seams. It’s fucking torture!, that’s what it is. Now please!, please!, let me play with that big hard cock of yours”. Samone again Petitions me breaking me down even farther. I just shake my head knowing everything she said is true and I need a piece of ass bad. “ Simone please!, it just isn’t right” I beg to her. “ Do you love me!?” she asked me sternly. “You know I do Simone, why even ask that” I tell her. “Exactly, and I love you with all my heart because you have been there even when my own biological father wasn’t. I am so attracted to you and I know you are attracted to me. Don’t even think for one second I did not see you checking me out, like all the time. Please!, Please!, just this once, let me have fun tonight” Simone begs me. Then she gets on her knees looking at me begging with those beautiful eyes “Please!, if you love me then do this for me” she pleads to me. I look into her eyes and lost all hope of ever saying no to her. She then stands up grabbing my hand motioning me to stand up then leads me into the bed room.

She jumps up on the bed turning around then grabs my shirt pulling it over my arm letting it fall to the floor. She then raises her arm up in the air letting me know to take her’s off which I do. I let her top fall to the floor beside me looking at her perfect small breasts with pink erect nipples staring straight at me causing my cock to twitch with excitement. Simone then embraces me softly placing her soft lips on mine, one arm around my back and the other at the back of my head. She moans out as my tongue probes her mouth feeling her warm silky flesh against mine. “OHHH!, she moans. I reach around giving her young firm ass a nice long squeeze causing her to jerk, sequel then let out another long sensuous moan, “OOOHH!”. I reach up and fondle her young supple yet firm breast taking her nipples into my fingers slowly tweaking my fingers back and forth. She lets out another long moan. “OOOHH!”. her nipples fully erect sending electric chill bumps through out her entire body. I feel her hand drop from my head and back then undo my button and unzip my shorts tugging on them and by briefs letting them fall to the floor, cock sticking straight out. I slowly do the same, unbuttoning her shorts then grabbing her panties dropping then down to the bed. She slowly steps out of them then kicks them off the bed on to the floor.

Our lips part slowly as she looks down to my throbbing cock and lets out a gasp at my size fully erect. She second guesses if she can even get it into her mouth yet reminds herself of the needed release we both so desperately seek and desire. Slowly she drops down to the bed on her knees motioning me up. As I get on the bed and lie down she reverses her body then climbs on top of me lowering her virgin hot wet pussy onto my face. She then grabs my throbbing hard shaft lowering her mouth over the head and begins to run her hot wet tongue across my mushroom head. “OOOHHH!” I cry out as electric wave of pleasure shoot through my body causing me to spasm in excitement. I grab her beautiful round ass as she spreads her legs pulling her swollen sopping wet pussy to my mouth lapping it with my tongue. She jerks her hips convulsing slightly as my touch send electric charges streaming through her virgin body. “OOHHH!, Ungh!” She lets out a gasp as her first sexual touch on her button almost overwhelms her.

She then lowers her mouth over my head and begins to suck, lapping the precum from it. She swallows then moans “UMMMM”. I feel the vibrations on my cock sending chills through out my body. My cock twitches with excitement and releases more precum into her mouth. I lash out at her pussy getting more excited knowing it will not take much before we both release. My tongue wildly flickers her hot wet opening swallowing her virgin sexual juices flowing from her hole. her little button is rock hard standing at attention. She is mad with desire bobbing up and down on my hard shaft. her mouth is stretched as far as it will go but she is determined to bring me to a sexual release I so desperately need. I take her clit into my mouth and she violently bucks her hips grinding into my face. Wave after wave rocket through her body as she jerks from side to side, her clit sending electric wave again and again through out her virgin body. She cry’s out to me, “OOH GOD!, Please don’t stop!, Please don’t stop!” then slams her tiny mouth down on my thick shaft as far as her little throat will allow then bobs up and down frantically. Licking then bobbing, licking then bobbing as she brings me to the tipping point of complete sexual stimulation. I Scream out to her “I’m about to Cum Simone!” Then frantically jab my tongue into her hot wet hole as far as it will reach taking my hand up and over to her clit between my fingers rubbing as fast as I can.

Both completely over the edge she and I both scream out in sheer ecstasy cuming at the same time. “AHHHHH!, Ungh!, Ungh!” She continuously screams out, convulsing like mad bucking my face wildly. Electric wave plummet her virgin body for the first time slamming into shore, wave after wave after wave spewing her virgin spent up lust and desire all over my face running down to the bed below me. “AHHH!, Ungh!, Ungh!”, I grunt out loud. My hot spent up lust came rocketing out my shaft showering her virgin inexperience mouth and face with hot sticky semen. “UMMMGTH!” She gags frantically trying to swallow all my precious fluid she has been so yearning for but it is just to much to fast completely covering her face, hands and hair in my hot sticky goo. Both bodies completely ravaged from our repeated sexual explosions. Simone just lying on top of me arm falling to her side motionless breathing erratically enjoying the aftermath of her first massive sexual explosions. Without a word she slowly stirs getting up enough to turn around still shaking then laying on top of me again with her head on my chest holding me tightly.

As we just lie there for what seems like an eternity holding each other while our erratic breathing slowly subsides. I could feel Simone’s hot breath across my chest as she exhales sending pleasant chills throughout my warm body. Simon slowly raises her head looking to me then softly speaks, “ That was unbelievable, I never knew I could orgasm like that. I am sorry but we just had to get a release and I am glad it was you” she says to me in ernest. Finally coming back down to earth I tell Simone, “Holy crap!, you sure were right, that was unbelievable, I didn’t realize just how much I needed that. You were simply amazing Simone”. Simone then giggles, blushing as she rubs my chest then twirling my chest hair with her fingers. “ You really think so, was I really good?” she asked me Beaming. “Absolutely fantastic!, couldn’t be better”. I exclaimed to her.

Simon then starts kissing my chest then over to my nipples flicking them with her tongue. Moving to the other one she does the same. She then kisses down my body causing my cock to inflate. By the time she gets to my crotch my shaft if fully erect. She kisses my shaft and head sending wave of pleasure throughout my body then moves to my nut sack gently licking them side to side. She then raises up straddling my body, grabbing my cock in her small petite hand lining it up to her virgin hole. She slowly lowers parting her swollen labia causing her to gasp out in pleasure. Slowly she lower onto my shaft inch my inch. The were no signs of her Hymen as she lowered on me. I then ask her. “I thought you said you were a virgin Simone”. “I AM!” she states to me. “I broke it two months ago with my moms hair brush thinking of being with you” she lustfully tells me then lets out a cute giggle and a moan. Again slowly she raises and lowers on my rock hard shaft wincing in slight pain at the girth of my cock then lets out a moan. “OHHH, Ungh!” She cry’s out having completely engulfed my cock in her once virgin pussy, she is then still, allowing her young tight wet pussy time to adjust.

Once the pain subsides she begins to raise and lower on my shaft moaning again as she does. “OH!, Ungh!” As she begins to bounce slapping my crotch, balls at her anus. “Holy fuck your cock feels good” she cry’s out in lust as I let her take control having her way with my cock. I reach up grabbing her small round hips helping her bounce on my engorges shaft. “Ungh!, Ungh!, Ungh!” she moan out slamming hard on my cock knowing she is in complete control of her awaiting orgasm. “Ungh!, Ungh!, Ungh!”, she moan out continuously as our bodied make contact . Slap, slap, slap she pounds harder feeling her pussy muscles tighten getting ever so close to her final release. My cock is so hard like a towering monument as Simone impales her once virgin pussy, her cunt muscles gripping like a vise then slams down on my shaft one last time beginning to violently spasm.

“OH!,OH!, OH GOD!, I’M CUMMING !, UNGH!, UNGH!, UNGH!” She screams out at the top of her lungs thrashing all about grinding her pelvis into me as hard as she possibly can. Feeling her cunt muscles grip then release, grip then release, milking my hard cock causing me to shoot my seed deep into her awaiting pussy. “ARRRG!, UNGH!, UNGH!, UNGH!” I cry out as the intensity of my orgasm is almost painful spewing load after load of hot sticky semen pounding her inner walls. The blasts of semen shoot out so hard Simone can feel them hit her Cervix causing her to orgasm again for the second time. “UNGH!, UNGH!, UNGH!” she grunts again out as continuous waves of electric pleasure ravage her tiny frame once again grinding hard on my spewing twitching cock. As I empty my last load in her she collapses onto me in complete and udder exhaustion covered in sweat dripping from her onto me. I lay motionless panting from the very intense orgasm she had just taken me through unable to even speak. We just lie there motionless completely soaken wet as the scent of sweet sexual aromatic sweat and mingling sex fluids from our bodies fill the air. Out bodied are literally buzzing from the aftermath, Simone barely able to lift her head then softly speaks to me.

“That was unbelievable, I never knew sex could be so wonderful. I want to thank you for spending the time not only being there for me over the last year but showing me just how wonderful sex can be. Your my first!, I will always love you for that and no one can ever take this experience away from me. I will never ever forget this and will cherish this for the rest of my life” as tears of complete and utter joy and happiness form up in both eyes slowly streaming down her cheeks. She then lays her head down on my chest gripping me tight, both of us slowly drifting off to sleep.

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