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The principal’s office

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I go to a private school with uniforms and very strict rules. Strict rules that I, at 11 years old, break all the time. I got step to the principle’s office every week. Sometimes I wouldn’t bother going to class and just sit in his office. One day, he locked the door after I entered. “If you’re going to disturb me every week, I deserve something.” He said, rubbing my shoulders. I relaxed slightly at his soothing touch. He stopped rubbing one of my shoulders and I felt him touch my thigh. I looked down and watched his band go up my skirt to press against my panties. He slid his finger passed my panties and stuck it inside of me. I gasped, feeling something I had never felt before. He got on his knees before me and slowly pulled down my panties. “I’m keeping these.” He said, sniffing where my pussy used to be. He set them aside before looking up at me. “You’re Not allowed to wear panties to school anymore.” He said right before he started to eat me out. I covered my mouth with one hand and held his bald head with the other. Right As i was about to climax, he stopped. He smiled, knowing that he had stopped before I was satisfied. He stood and gently picked me up, setting me down on his desk. He unzipped his pants before he slowly slid his dick into me. I moaned in shock before be covered my mouth. “Shhh..” he whispered with a smile. He started to thrust into me, his hand still covering my mouth. He started to thrust faster and faster making my moans into his hand grow louder. It wasn’t long before he filled me with his cum. He didn’t pull out of me. He picked me up while I was still on his cock and sat down at his desk chair. He held me and rubbed my back, whispering little things into my ear. He caressed my ass and rubbed it slowly, making me tingle and want more from him.

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