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Revenge is Sweet Part4

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Returning from Boarding School after 10 yrs his Fathers passing gave him the opportunity to punish the woman that sent him there, his Mother

Dinner that night in the Kent household amused Edward no end, his Mother had been led into the dinning room naked on a leash by the upstairs maid Abigale, who sat his Mother down at the end of the table facing her son Edward. Hannah the downstairs maid bought in the dinner and then something amazing happened , both of the maids sat down at the table to dine with the family. Edwards twin sisters went to say something, but nothing left their lips, the look on Edwards face stopped them dead in their tracks.**

During the diner Edward humiliated both his Mother and Sisters with the help of the maids. He started with his Mother asking Abygail how often his Mother called her to her bedroom to please her. Abby got up and stood behind Lucinda Kent ,she lent over her shoulders and started playing with Lucinda’s breasts. His Mother looked down at the table,her face burning red with embarrassment as Abby went on to tall everyone in the room about Lucinda’s sex life. ” When ever your Father was not home , Mrs. Kent would give me an extra half days wages to visit her in her bedroom on my way to my bed ” said Abby smiling. “Head up Mother” said Edward cheerfully, he watched a tear come off his Mothers cheek and drop onto her breast. Edward spoke at the top of his voice,it was almost a shout, ” I said head up Mother” but Lucinda ignored her son , he nodded at Abygail, who grabbed the back of Lucinda’s hair and brutally pulled her head up causing Lucinda to scream out in pain. ” And what do you do when you visited my Mother in her bedroom ” said Edward softly ,smiling at Abby. **

” She likes to open her legs wide and I climb between them and I lick her special place ” said Abby laughing, ” your Mother loves to reach a climax with my tongue on her little man in the boat.” “Is that true Mother” said Edward in a surprised voice. Lucinda didn’t answer him,she was being eaten up inside with embarrassment,how could Abigail tell her son their secret. ” Mother ,Mother, Mother , when are you going to learn , when I ask you a question you answer, you don’t ignore me ” he said banging the flat of her hand on the table which made everyone jump. Getting up from the table he snapped at the maids, ” bring her here ” said Edward, and Abby and Hanna helped her get out of her chair,holding an arm each they walked Lucinda towards where Edward stood slowly removing his belt from his pant loops. **

“Please ,please Edward ,please don’t beat me “said his Mother trying to pull away from the two maids who held her tightly. Ava and Emma both stood up and started to run towards the door in fear. “STOP” shouted Edward, both the girls turned to face him , wringing their hands in fear, they watched as Abby and Hannah bent their Mother over and laying her from the waist up on the dining room table where Edward had been sitting.. ” Get back here” said Edward angrily , “or perhaps you two would like to take your Mother’s place ” ? The two sisters grabbed each others hands in fear as they slowly began to walk crying back to where Edward stood.**

” You two are in as much trouble as your Mother you know that don’t you ” said Edward. The sisters looked at each other and nodded their heads up and down indicating they did. ” Well I am tired of your Mothers inability to follow a simple instruction ,so while you two get undressed I am going to give her a little reminder’ ” he said , as he smashed the belt on the table making both the sisters and their Mother scream in fear. **

Edward stood behind his Mother, he smiled at his sisters, then he spoke to the maids, ” are you holding her nice and tight” he asked ,they both laughed and said “yes”. Edwards hand began to run up and down his Mother’s bottom, ” open your legs” he whispered softly to her. When she did his hand slid to her cunny lips and she wiggled her butt from side to side as if she was inviting his fingers to invade her love tube. Edward obliged ,first pushing one finger and then another deep into his Mother’s slightly moist cunt. She rose up on her toes and let out a little squeal , laughing and speaking to no one in particular , he said “what a lovely tight cunt I have here, it’s even tighter than dear vicars wife ” **

Looking at his sisters he stepped away from playing with his Mothers cunt, he turned the chair Ava had been sitting on sideways, and walked back to where his his Mother was being held down bent over the dining room table. He picked up his belt, wrapped the buckle end around his hand and gave his Mother a fairly tame swish with the belt. She let out a scream and jumped up and down, Abby and Hannah grabbed Lucinda’s wrist hard and laughed. ” Ok my lovely sisters ,do you want to save your dear Mother from having a layer or two of skin taken off her hide ” he asked. His sisters looked at him and started to cry, ” yes “said Ava, please Edward don’t hurt Mother.” ” That’s up to you,as soon as you have removed all your clothes ,climbed up on the chair and are standing on the table, that my dear sisters is when I will stop whipping our dear Mothers ass.” He didn’t give his sisters time to say what they wanted to say, he already had his arm back over his shoulder, and Lucinda Kent had received two hard strokes across her buttocks making her scream in pain before Ava and Emma started to remove their clothes. **

By the time Ava was completely naked and had climbed up on to the table to join the naked Emmaly ,Lucinda’s screams of pain had made her daughters cry like babies, they had been begging their brother to stop beating their Mother,thier cries had fallen on deaf ears , Lucinda’s buttocks were bright red and bruised, over twenty strokes had landed on her bottom covering both her cheeks from the dimple at the base of her spine to the top of her long legs with ugly red welts . Abby and Hannah let her wrists go and stepped back from the table, Lucina laid there for a few minutes before she very gingerly began to stand up,her legs were wobbly and she held onto the table to save herself from falling over. Her hands went to her sore butt and she slowly began to massage it.**

Edward looked at his sisters they stood on the table naked one hand of each girl covered her pubic area,the other went across her breasts..Edward slapped his belt on the table, everyone jumped at the same time. ” Hands on heads” he said looking at his sisters, “hands on heads” he said again, “or else you my dears, you will find out what it’s like to be bent over the table.” The two girls looked at each other to see who would be the first one to move. Slowly Ava lifted her hands and locked her fingers together on the top of her head. Emma followed suite. ” Nice” said Edward, “very nice, I guess it’s time for us to go to the parlor to play some games like I promised we would.” Help them down off of the table on to the chair and onto the floor. They went to pick their clothes up but he told them to ” leave them where they were,” walking over to his Mother ,he took hold of the leash ,told her to get on her hands and knees and he walked his puppy into the parlor followed by the maids with his sisters.**

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