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Rape and abused on camera

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While watching online porn videos, I found out that I had been getting drugged and raped for years, because it was me in the videos.

When I was 12 years old I would wake up every Saturday morning and my whole body would be aching, my bones and muscles were just numb and I felt really dehydrated, I thought it was just because I’d had a long week at school and I was really tired, but I always felt fine during the week, it was only on a Saturday morning when I felt this way.

My mom took me to the doctors and they said I was just probably over exerting myself and they gave me some medicine to ease my muscle pains and told me to take more time to relax after school.

This carried on for years, the medicine didn’t help, relaxing didn’t help, even during holidays when I didn’t have school and I had just relaxed all week, I still woke up every Saturday aching all over, it stopped suddenly when I was 17 and I went off to college, suddenly I was feeling fine every Saturday with no aches of pains at all, I’m 31 now and have a 12 year old daughter of my own.

I forgot all about it and put it behind me, until a while ago, I’d started searching for and watching online pornography, after a few months my searches got more extreme, first I looked at rape videos, then bestiality, then back to normal porn but I was looking for younger and younger videos until eventually I ended up on a website showing videos of girls and boys in their early teens.

I know it was wrong but these videos turned me on and I got off on them, the girls and boys in the videos appeared to be enjoying it, as I was scrolling through the thousands of videos one night, one of the video thumbnails caught my attention, it was a bedroom with pink painted walls, a yellow rug in the middle of the floor and on the wall was a clock, a white clock with white and silver fake fur around it, it was weird how much it looked so much like my bedroom as a child, and that clock, I made a clock exactly the same.

I clicked on the thumbnail to check it out and the video started to load and then play, the camera slowly panned around the room and at first I was smiling because it brought back memories of my bedroom, then a dresser came in to view, it looked just like mine, right down the stickers on the drawers, shoes on the floor, same as mine, the camera eventually panned around to the bed and I almost had a heart attack.

There was a young girl on the bed, she was naked, asleep, with her arms tied to the bed with red rope, it wasn’t just any girl, it was me, that was my bedroom and that was me on the bed, I was about 12 years old, I heard a voice on the video and the camera panned again, my dad’s face appeared, he was smiling and then he spoke..

“Hi, we’re back with another exciting video for you guys. First I want to thank all of you who liked the video and for the messages of support. One of the questions we get quite a lot is is this really my daughter, well, yes, this is my lovely talented little girl Kirsty. Now, tonight we’ve got a very special treat for you, you’ve all been requesting a gang bang, and tonight that’s what we’re going to do for you. Come on in lads.”

He pointed the camera towards my bedroom door and my uncle, my 12 and 16 year old brothers and a lot of their friends, walked in to the bedroom naked, they gathered around my bed, some of them already stroking their own cocks, my dad came back in to view.

“You all know my brother Phil, and my two sons, Garry and Troy, and these other boys are their friends who have agreed to be here tonight to help us make this video for you. That’s right, all thirteen of us are going to have a Gaaaaaang-Baaaaaang!”

My dad put the camera down on top of my dresser pointed towards the bed, then as he walked away from the camera I saw that he was also naked, he ran towards my bed and then leaped in to the air and landed on top of me, everyone else cheered, then my uncle picked up the camera and took it over to the bed to get better views.

I watched as my dad lifted my legs on to his shoulders and then he pushed his cock in to my pussy and started to fuck my unconscious body, when he’d finished fucking me, he pulled his cock out of my hole and ejaculated on to my stomach.

Dad got off me, then my brothers took turns fucking me, followed by all their friends and finally my uncle violated my body, I sat and watched the 1 hour video in tears, I couldn’t believe my family would do this to me, I watched them all fuck me, ejaculate all over me, force their cocks and semen down my throat and just rape and abuse my body.

I had to know what else they’d done to me so I clicked on the posters profile and there were over 40 videos of my dad, my brothers, my uncle and various other boys and men abusing and raping me, in loads of different locations, then I saw one of the first videos that was posted and it shocked me more.

My mom was on it, I was in my mom and dads bedroom, naked on their bed, dad was filming mom as she explained how they’d drugged me.

“As you know we’ve been trying loads of different drugs to try and keep Kirsty asleep, we think we’ve finally found the right combination…”

Then she started hitting my naked unconscious body with a large pink dildo.

“…I’m hitting her pretty hard, and she isn’t waking up. She’s been unconscious for nearly two hours and we think it’s time to break her in, want to do the honours, darling?”

She got up and took the camera from dad, and dads enormous hairy cock came in to view, he shuffled on his knees between my legs and he forced his cock inside me, I was 12 and only little so his cock looked really huge compared to my tiny body, I saw my virgin blood on his cock as he slid it in and out of me.

It was then I realised this is the reason why I was always aching every Saturday morning, because my family had been drugging, raping and abusing my body every Friday night.

The 40+ videos had been posted over a 3 year period, the last one was of me when I was 15, it was the night of my school prom because the video started with me laying on the living room floor and I was still wearing my prom dress.

I watched my dad, my brothers and my prom date all rape me on the floor, and my mom was the one videoing it.

I had been getting drugged and raped for over 3 years and I didn’t even know it, until now.

I went home to a family dinner last week and I confronted them with what I’d found, which was a bit mistake and I never should have taken my daughter with me, moments after I told them that I’d seen the videos, my daughter Leanne fell asleep at the dinner table, I quickly realised she’d been drugged and I jumped out of my seat to go get her.

As I got up my dad punched me in the face and knocked me on to the floor, I fell unconscious, when I woke up I was naked and tied up in the corner of my old bedroom, my daughter Leanne had been tied naked to my old bed, and my dad and brothers were naked, I knew what they were going to do and it shattered my whole world, I had to endure the torture of watching them all rape my baby girl in front of me just like they raped me all those years ago.

I tried to get free, I really did, but my mom kept hitting me and stopping me from getting to my feet, when they were through violating my daughter’s body, they dragged me over to the bed and raped me next to her.

They’re all in jail now and I’m having to raise their rape babies, Leanne and I got pregnant that day, but we live in a country were abortion is illegal, so we had no choice but to have the babies.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667z49d

    What a fantastic family to be part of! So sad some members have been jailed. Your daughter being raped in front of you is especially enjoyable!

  • Reply someome ID:e9pi4g4qk

    i hope it gets better!

  • Reply WantMore ID:99wekc4z

    Great story, want a part 2

  • Reply Danny devotional ID:fx7ith49d

    That country is the USA 😔

  • Reply wake up to reality ID:1be4u2a9v3

    Give us the website

    • XXXXXXXXX ID:2vfjjta5oia

      Na bro you down bad

  • Reply Xxxx ID:2lipopbzk

    I fucked my 12 year old aswell first i raped herband she started to enjoy it now i fuck her any time i want too my whole family fuck each other

    • Kenyatte Spencer ID:nnnhosgd2

      Your going to jail

    • 15 year old kid ID:1fr5vpzrd

      their is a difference from urges and watching porn and going through with BAD urges and god damn this is a different level please conisder suicide

    • TT ID:3zxi7uylzrd

      She sounds like fun

  • Reply Sonic457 ID:6d0f703qrk

    Can we get that website link?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:43xwy9c8j

    This story is good, but the people underneath, like, what the hell?! Women are not made to be slaves! Just because we like getting fucked doesn’t mean that we should get raped.

    • OZ MAN ID:c1es4r16ii

      100% agree

  • Reply Amanda ID:ez4jk0j


  • Reply Destro ID:7zv2z4lv9a

    Great story. Well written and put together.
    Anyone interested in talking and swapping experiences, photos, etc email me
    [email protected]

    • Why not ID:3zxjq00kv9b

      You should have let them continue raping you and your daughter

    • Pusyy love ID:1daux7g6i9

      Need another part of this , loved it

  • Reply Nick ID:3n9wao7bqri

    U should have gave in u need to be rape all women need to be rape thats want yall are born for for men’s cum to go in yall are sluts

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    Shame you didnt clean out her cunt with your tongue

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqra

    Brilliant, fucking brilliant. *****