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Phone call from a stranger: continuation!

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This was the beginning of my new life with my daughter, I think I’m an edict.

“I Promise you my baby, you will be the only one” I quickly tried to drive my shaft in her absolutely beautiful wet pussy I’ve ever seen. “Ahhhh!” She screamed loudly “what’s wrong baby!” I enquired “be gentle daddy I’m a virgin” “what!?” Shocked; she looks at me and smiles “yes daddy this pussy is yours and you alone” that drove me even crazier,
I tried the second time still it refuses to penetrate. I keep trying slowly but then I hear her say “It’s ok dad just push in” I did what she told me to do and pushed hard. I then heard a pewee! I knew that I was through the hymen, She sounded like one of the porn star girls on my videos “ahh!” and my shaft slid in.

I stopped and looked at her face to see if she is ok, she assured me that everything is fine “dad it’s painful but continue it will go away, at least that’s what my friends tell me” I agreed with her and reassured her as well, “yes my baby it’ll soon go away”. In few minutes she started moving and moaning. “Daddy I like the way you fucking me ahhh, your big dick feels good” not knowing how to respond I simply said “your pussy is the best ever” of course I was not lying about that, she felt so good.
“Daddy let me turn I want to feel it from the back” she turned and moved to the edge of the table, placed her tits on the table and opens her legs wide exposing her wet pussy for daddy. “Fuck this pussy daddy, I’m your little bitch! Do with me what you please, oh do me baby” her saying all that waked the beast in me, I lifted her up holding her hips, she wrapped her legs around me backwards. I’m pumping her going around the table, we are now both moaning uncontrollably.
“Oh daddy I think I’m commmmmming! Ohhhh” she was shaking like jelly. I wanted to come inside her so bad but she says “daddy I want to taste your spank please let me blow you” I let her go down on me, as she suck my dick I’m going crazy I’m about to blow, “Thandi!!!!!!!!!!” Screaming name as I blow all my load in her mouth……. She swallowed the whole thing and said “wow that tastes great daddy, next time I want us to make a baby” we went and sat on the couch. “For a virgin you know a lot about sex” I said. she looked at and smiled “my friends and I watch a lot of porn and they are very experienced”

We fell asleep on the couch. That night was the best night of my life but I have to say, I feel a little guilty because she is my child but I doubt I’m going to stop🙈….,,,,,,The End

Hope you enjoyed that.

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    This isn’t a continuation.

  • Reply Satanist ID:a9crihrc

    Oh an ‘edict’ you say? I doubt very much you are in a position of power sufficient to issue those?
    May I suggest attending school, learning the meaning of words and maybe some synonyms?
    Won’t bother wasting my time reading any stories by those who can’t spell or use words with correct meaning.
    The bastardisation of the English language is bad enough without exacerbating it by me giving credence to you by reading your inept musings

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    She absolutely needs fucked six times a day by you or any other family members but she Hass to be fucked every day

  • Reply A ID:5u1d7cg49a

    Keep her barefoot, naked and pregnant

  • Reply Tim ID:42occim99

    Love it wish I was there