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My 12 year old brothers friend raped me

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I was looking after my brother and his friend and he raped me

Once a month my mom would go out with the girls from work and I had to look after my 12 year old brother even though I’m only 15 .
I’m what people call a swot at school not many friends always doing school work I’m size 8 4ft 10 my bra size is 32 a and I have long blonde hair but I’ve not had boy friends me and my brother Tommy have experimented with each other as kids do so getting back to the night of what happened. Mom said that Tommy’s friend was staying he was called Toby they were upstairs in the bedroom on the PlayStation as 12 year olds do She then said she would be back after the clubs close about 2 and make sure they are in bed by 10 and off she went I ventured upstairs and knocked on the door went in to tell them the rules and I noticed this friend was twice the size of Tommy he was more like a adult for a 12 years old they both just looked up and said OK and when was the pizzas coming I said 6 about 30 mins and went down stairs and continued with my homework it was soon 6 and the bell went and the pizzas arrived and I shouted up and they come down and sat on the sofa eating the pizzas. I asked Toby were he lived and he said the big estate and Tommy was his best friend at school and he lived with his dad I couldn’t believe how well built he was for a 12 year old.
After the pizza they went upstairs to continue playing and I said they had one down for 8 to watch some TV before bed .
8 o’clock came and went tell them put on their pj’s and come watch tv they came down Tommy in his marvel pj’s and Toby in shorts and a top and sat down on the sofa opposite I was still dressed in my jeans and blouse I let them put a marvel film on I wasn’t bothered I was reading but I noticed Toby keep whispering to Tommy and was looking over at me and he had his hand in his shorts and Tommy did too they were playing with their cocks looking at me, I didn’t say anything but kept glancing over Toby just smiled at me but continued but then he stopped took his hand out and his shorts stood up he had a massive hard on I had only seen Tommy’s in my life but his is like a pencil and we have played so I know what they do . Tommy jumped up said he was going to the toilet as soon as he was out the door Toby pulled his cock out and was wanking it I looked away but was curious never seen one so big esp as he’s only 12 he was going fast and he heard Tommy flush the toilet and pushed it back into his shorts I was red by then .I made a excuse to go into the kitchen to make drinks when Tommy came in and whispered to me that Toby bet him that he would not wank infront of me and Tommy said he would and when I come back in he was going to get it out and make me watch I laughed and said no your not were not doing anything when other people are here and he said Toby will make me watch him . I just they better behave and took the drinks in when I got in Tommy whispered to Toby something and as I sat down Toby got up and said to me we going have fun now I trued stand up he just pushed me down and said do as your told I got frightened he was so strong he told Tommy do it now I will make her watch and Tommy jumped up took off is pj’s bottoms and started wanking I said stop it your being bad and Toby said Tommy told me so your bad too you have played with him so now your going to me I was shocked why did Tommy say anything and what has he told him I said I wouldn’t do anything and Toby grabbed me and pulled open my blouse he said you can be my first, first what I said he then said first everything with a girl as he dropped his shorts his cock was hard it must of been 8 inches as he said hold it qas he grabbed my han Tommy was just laugh8ng I was crying I could not even get my hand around it as he placed it on it and said wank me I was trying but I could not grip it properly and he said stop and told me strip off my jeans which I did I was hopping he only wanted to see my pussy like Tommy did and he pushed me to the floor and knelt on my arms his cock was next to my mouth and he said suck it I licked the end he said no suck it and as I did he told Tommy take her panties of see her pussy I wasn’t shaved I had quite a few hairs and I noticed he had lots of hair for a 12 year old I sucked for a while and pulled out and he rolled on the floor next to me and said Tommy get yours sucked I was crying saying stop this he then said he will when he’s done and as I sucked Tommy’s little cock he opened my legs and pushed a finger in his finger was bigger than Tommy’s cock it hurt but also felt good but I wasn’t going to say then he pushed my legs open more and I felt what I thought was his finger at my lips opening then and then go in it was then I realised it was his cock end I struggled tried stop him pushing in but he was too strong it felt like I was getting torn open I screamed as he forced it right in he looked me in the eye and said no virgin anymore as he was pumping his cock into me he started saying I was amazing better than a wank as he fucked me and all off a sudden I felt it he had cum in me and he rolled off .I just lay there crying as he said to Tommy his turn now Tommy said he didn’t want to but Toby made him I just closed my eyes sobbing as Tommy fucked me when I opened them To y stood there holding a phone he had been videoing me and TOMMY why I said he said so you do as I say from now on as Tommy shot his cum in me I went to get up and Toby said not yet I want another go I just flumped down as he fucked me again 4 times he fucked me that night I was so sore and felt so dirty.I went get a shower and could hear them laughing in the bed room it was now gone 130 and hopefully mom be back soon .I sat down stairs crying until mom got back she was hammered as usual and when she came in just dropped into the sofa drunk,I heard upstairs door open and dreaded who was coming down it was Toby he was naked he looked at me looked at mom and said I want you take her to bed and strip her I said I can’t carry her ,he bent forward picked her up and took her to her room he told me to strip her and wank his cock to her (were will this end ) He then said go get my phone take photos of my mom and him as he lay on the bed sucking her tits and fingering I did as he asked I was so scared he then opened moms legs and got on top and started fucking her he was going fast and he said he was going to cum and he told me open my mouth as he pulled out and put it in mouth and cum in me .Mom just rolled over passed out he went out the room I covered mom up just as he came back in with Tommy and he made Tommy fuck mom too and me suck her tits it was awful how a 12 years old could be so nasty and I was scared of him .
After all that he headed to sleep and I went my room and cried all night .In the morning he came down and threatened me and Tommy and said now you will be my girlfriend if anyone askes and you will do as I say Or the photos and videos get sent to the police as I’m only 12 we agreed I was so scared of going to jail as I was 3 years older and would get all the blame .mom woke up just before he was going and asked if all OK he said was lovely and that him and me were going to go out she was so pleased as I had never had a boyfriend.

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