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Daddy’s special cuddles

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For months I have been having sex with my blind daughter, Mia, and videoing it for others to watch. Sex with her is great, but now I feel bad.

I’m a horrible father and I can’t stop fucking my 11 year old daughter Mia, what’s worse is, she’s blind.

Her mother left us when Mia was 5 years old, she couldn’t cope with having an imperfect daughter, but she is perfect to me, I don’t care that she is blind, she is my baby girl and I love her.

I was in a bad place when her mother left us, I hadn’t had a relationship with anyone in years, I used to pay prostitutes for sex when Mia was staying with her grandparents some weekends, then a year ago I got in to watching a lot of porn online, and I mean a lot of porn.

I started watching underage pornography and for some reason it really turned me on, watching hundreds of little girls giving blowjobs and getting fucked, their little naked bodies looked so sexy, so pure, so innocent, and I always turned up the volume so I could hear them moaning with sexual pleasure as I jerked myself off, that’s when Mia started getting my sexual attention.

While she was home during the school holidays I would walk around the house with my cock hanging out, she couldn’t see me and strangely that made it more exciting, I’ve always helped her in and out of the bath, only now I was jerking myself off while standing over the bath tub watching her bathe herself.

I started recording videos of what I was doing around her, so I could share them on the website with other men and even women who liked getting sexual with underage boys and girls.

I sneak in to her bedroom at night, walk right up to her bed, stand near her head, stroke her hair and jerk myself off while watching her sleep, I do it again in the morning, this time I jerk off in to her clean panties and watch her put them on as she gets dressed, while videoing her.

In the mornings while she’s sitting at the dinner table eating her breakfast I’d ejaculate in to her cereal bowl while she was eating it and watch her spoon my spunk in to her mouth.

We did a lot of baking together, she enjoys messing with the ingredients, we were making cream cakes and she always licks the spoon, on this occasion though, I spread cream on my erect cock and guided it in to her mouth, as I slowly pulled it back out of her mouth, the feeling of her soft lips sliding over my cock as she sucked off the cream was intense.

The people on the website loved my videos, they were all jealous of me, they commented on how beautiful Mia was and how lucky I was to have a sexy blind daughter, and they all wanted to see more, they wanted to see me have sex with her for real, and I was very eager to do it.

I should probably describe Mia to you, she is 4’2” tall, with a skinny frame, lovely curvy body, no breasts due to her age, her hair is a light summer blonde colour, shoulder length and her eyes are emerald green with freckles on her eyes.

Mia had eczema, mostly on her arms, which would get very itchy when it flared up, I told her I’d got some new cream from the doctor and that they told me I had to rub it all over her skin, I am her daddy and she knew nothing of the world, so she believed anything I said, I got her to lay on her bed naked while I set up the camera and then I lovingly rubbed the fake cream, which was actually baby oil, all over her silky naked skin, rubbing a lot of it on her pussy so I could finally touch and feel it.

“Daddy, that’s cold and it tickles.” She giggled.

“Does it? Sorry. Doctor said I have to make sure I rub the cream all over your skin.” I replied.

I started to rub my finger along the crack of her pussy and stimulating her clitoris, while jerking myself off at the same time, her breathing changed and her skin started to warm up and turn a light red, “Daddy that feels strange.” She said.

“Good strange or bad strange?” I asked.

“Umgh – Just strange.” She gasped.

I then ejaculated on to her pussy and rubbed my spunk all over it and deep in to her crack, then I stopped to let her rest, I didn’t want to overwork her just yet, and I helped her get dressed then told her I’d be back later with her medicine.

An hour later I went back upstairs to her room, already jerking on my cock as I entered the room, she was sleeping so I woke her, “Mia, time for your medicine. Come on, wake up.” She gradually opened her eyes and lifted her head up, “Here it is, open up.” I said, rapidly approaching climax, she opened her mouth and I quickly aim my cock between her lips and then released, ejaculating directly on to her tongue.

“There we go, makes sure you swallow it all.” I said, and she closed her mouth and gulped it all down.

“Yack – “ she complained, “Is that new medicine, it taste funny.” She said.

“Yes, it’s new. It’s better for you though.” I said, and I tucked her in and gave her a kiss, “Go back to sleep now, darling. Goodnight.” I said and I left her to sleep.

I repeated this every night for weeks, telling her the cream had to be applied and she had to take her medicine every night, over the course of those few weeks I slowly thinned out her hymen until one night it finally breached and my finger opened up her hole, the first time it went in she lightly screamed and her body jumped, she told me it stings, but I managed to calm her down and over the night that followed I continued to finger her and she soon got used to it.

Finally, after weeks of preparation and hundreds of messages from people on the website demanding that I fuck Mia, it was time, she was ready.

I took her out for the day to all her favourite places, we ate at her favourite restaurant, went bowling, she liked hearing the pins being knocked down, I made sure she had a great day and came home happy and loving her daddy for giving her such a fun day.

I took her to bed that night, having already set up the camera ready, I started it recording, then I applied her nightly eczema cream because I didn’t want to break up our routine, only this time I applied lube to her pussy as well, “Did you have a fun day today, darling?” I asked her, while lovingly rubbing the lube between her legs.

“Yeah, it was fun.” She replied, laying perfectly still like the good girl she is.

“I had a great time too. Do you want to cuddle with daddy tonight?” I asked her.

“Yeah.” She replied excitedly, it wasn’t often we cuddled up in bed together, in fact we hadn’t done that since she was about 8.

I took off all my clothes except for my boxer shorts and I climbed under the sheets with her, leaving the bedroom lights turned on so the camera could catch everything clearly, and we spooned with her in front of me, cuddling her tightly.

“I haven’t got my pyjamas on.” She said.

“That’s alright, I’ll keep you warm.” I replied, then she kissed me on the cheek and laid her head down to go to sleep.

I waited 10 minutes to let her drift off just a bit, it wasn’t easy controlling myself for those 10 minutes with my erect cock pressing against her ass, as she drifted off I started to rub my hands up and down the length of her body, she was slippery with all that baby oil on her.

My fingertips brushed over her small nipples then down her belly and between her thighs and I started rubbing her pussy, she moaned briefly and shuffled on the bed, but she didn’t stop me, I pushed my cock between her closed legs and began to thrust it between her lubricated tight thighs and I pushed the sheets off us so the camera could get a better shot of what I was doing.

She woke up when I took the sheets off, probably from feeling the cold air in the room, “Daddy, why have you taken the shee…” she started to say, but I shut her up by kissing her on the lips.

“Huh?” she uttered after our kiss.

I rolled her over on to her back and positioned myself loosely on top of her, “I love you, Mia.” I said, then I kissed her again while fingering her pussy hole, her legs spread apart as I lowered my hips between them, my back was arched because I had to lean my head far down to reach her lips, she was very small underneath me.

I pushed my cock between her flaps and with the help of the lube and baby oil, and the fact I’d already opened up her hole, my cock slid inside her like a warm knife through butter, “Ung – Daaa – Ungh” she moaned, breathing hot air on to my chest.

“It’s okay, darling. You’re old enough for Daddy’s special cuddle now. Daddy’s special cuddle.” I groaned in reply as I enjoyed the tightness of her pussy squeezing the life out of my hard cock, I felt like a teenage boy losing her virginity and feeling pussy for the first time, her pussy was amazing, I now know why men like fucking little girls so much, every man needs to try it, it’s out of this world.

“Ungh – Oh – Ungh” Mia was moaning repeatedly, and I could tell they were good moans.

“Do you like Daddy’s special cuddle?” I asked while staring in to her green eyes as they danced around wildly in their sockets, Mia nodded and moaned some more.

I was stunned by how calm she was being, I thought it would hurt her and that she wouldn’t like it, at least not at first, but she seemed to be enjoying having my cock pump her pussy, if I’d have known she would enjoy it this much I’d have done it weeks ago, I felt confident enough to reposition, so I held on to her and flipped us over.

I was on my back and I carried her over with me and steady her as she sat on top of me with my cock still lodge in her tight hole, I held on to her ass and bounced her up and down on my shaft, it took her a minute to work it out and then she took over and started to bounce herself on my cock, “Ooah – Ooh Mia.” I groaned.

As I laid there watching my beautiful little girl ride me with so much enthusiasm, I smiled widely with pride, she leaned forward and pressed her hands on my chest, she stunned me again when she started to bounce on my cock at an unbelievable speed, “Ungh – Ungh – Ungh” she moaned again and again.

I could feel the spunk begin to flow up my shaft, so I quickly flipped her on to her back again, and I held her tightly as I fucked her hard, my entire 6 and a half inch cock was barrelling into her pussy and my saggy balls were knocking against her ass cheeks as I finally reached my limit, and I ejaculated a huge load in to her, “Oooaaah!” I groaned with immense pleasure.

“Unnnnnnggggh!” Mia moaned.

I looked down at her gorgeous sweat soaked face and smiled with pure happiness, finally, I fucked her, and knowing that my seed was now inside her body made me even happier, “Hey…” I said, brushing her wet hair off her face, she smiled and gasped, “…You okay, sweetheart?” I asked.

“I’m okay.” She huffed.

I gave her a big kiss while popping my cock out of her and I moved off her to the side, she fell asleep quickly afterwards, poor little mite, I tired her out, I spend about an hour just laying beside her and gazing at her naked sweaty body.

I posted the video on the website the next morning and everyone loved it, I even started receiving offers from men and women wanting to do child swaps for the night, but I refused, Mia is the only little girl I’ll be fucking, she’s my baby, the only girl I need.

Mia doesn’t understand about sex, she doesn’t even know what we did was sex, she still thinks we have special cuddles every night.

I have been having sex with her for nearly 4 months now, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy it immensely, but I do have that nagging in the back of my mind at how wrong it is for me to be using my daughter like this.

I fear that one day she will realise what I’ve been doing to her and she will hate me for it.

For now, I will continue to enjoy our special cuddles for as long as I can.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2v99

    So beautiful to treat your daughter this way. I bet that tight pussy felt amazing and I am sure she will thank you in the long run. Every sense she has is higher because she can’t see so I am sure she loved it immensely .
    The first is always special so I myself always do my best to make sure every young female i have been with feel extra special. To this day some grown and married still come see their real daddy. That love will be forever in their hearts.

  • Reply Brandy ID:y8hyzb0d

    “I quickly flipped her on to her back again, and I held her tightly as I fucked her hard, my entire 6 and a half inch cock was barrelling into her pussy and my saggy balls were knocking against her ass cheeks”.

    Omg 😍🥹 why would you be a “horrible” father? That was super erotic and delicious, and you always took care of her making sure not to harm her pussy. If she enjoys and that makes her extra happy in life, there is objectively nothing wrong at all. Keep going, and fill her while she’s not fertile yet. Enjoy your orgasms together with that little dolly.
    You guided her kindly, never forced her, and she had a beautiful first time. That is 100% sweet and really speaks wonders of you! *-*

    Deserved 5/5 stars by making me so fucking horny and finger myself really hard ❤🖖🏻💦🫠

    • Gonzo ID:7ylren2v99

      Behind every great daddy is a great daughter and as a daddy myself there is nothing better then teaching the art of sensual sex and foreplay to those who you love and those who want to learn.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfy8k

    Wonderful story! So beautifully sick!!

  • Reply Jewels ID:3zxjhzgg49a

    Hot story…all daddies should get to use their daighters holes whenever they want..it’s what we were made for
    Snap chat me

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2wcj27x7zi

    Hot story.

  • Reply PJM ID:1d57qdwfj366

    I only had the luck of locking both my granddaughters tiny pussies so sweet

    • Teenslut ID:y4jgvdyoqhc

      I wish that was me

  • Reply TvT ID:1etztn9dwl6s

    Gorgeous, you’re a lucky man

  • Reply Strawberry Milk ID:7122g0a6ik

    Wow I like the story a lot. Wish it was me.

    • Daddy4Princess ID:11aviywbqra

      You wish you were blind? Lol only kidding

    • James ID:2px1mmwmvhu

      It could be you Strawberry u gotta gmail?

  • Reply Goldenbi ID:1dps89y16pxg

    Amazing story, loving not violent. Goldenbiguy on kik, wickr or snap to chat more. Id love to meet you.

  • Reply Piti ID:oymqa57zra

    Wooow eine der Besten Geschichten die ich bis jetzt hier Gelesen habe ich hoffe wir lesen noch viel von dir

  • Reply 08034145251 ID:gnrwbamm3

    You are a stupid father

    • Brandy ID:y8hyzb0d

      Eat shit, asshole.

    • Carla ID:y8hyzb0d

      You are a hypocrit

  • Reply Zuse86 ID:19u48dqrj

    I would love to see the video I want to do the same to my daughter

  • Reply Just a guy who wants the link ID:3v6nmmj86ib

    What is the link put it in the chat

  • Reply Daddy’s girl ID:1fr5gtbzm

    You are a truly great and loving father. You are doing exactly what your daughter needs you to do for her. She’s one lucky girl to have a father like you.

    • Zuse86 ID:19u48dqrj

      I wish I had a daughter like that

  • Reply Reading4Fun ID:60zt3ebd9a

    If it’s real, where can i find those vids

  • Reply Jai ID:60af5r6ib

    You people actually believe these stories are real???? Really???

  • Reply Destro ID:3zxjhf7zfia

    Great story. I’d love to talk!
    Also if anyone has the site info please send it to me: [email protected]

  • Reply Obama ID:2atwcworv3

    Michelle threw up reading this one

  • Reply Gods assistant ID:8ojju2id9b

    Me too sickening istg I felt dizzy reading this

    • God ID:4kedvg3d1


  • Reply JasonsLovingMom ID:eycvrhm

    Whoever you are, you are a wonderful father. The sad reality is that Mia will grow up to teasing, name calling, she will not have any close friends, the only person who will truly love her is you, her father. She sounds like a wonderful girl and happy with your relationship. I am in a similar situation with my son and you have given me the courage to write my own experiences. It is a shame I can’t contact you because we should get our children together and you and I could be together, we have so much in common. Remember, you are not abusing Mia, you are showing her true love and there is no stronger bond than that of a child and their parent in a sexual relationship. You are a wonderful, wonderful man.

    • Brando ID:2vfjk8h020i

      Hi.. Loving story..
      [email protected]
      We can chat more.

    • God ID:4kedvg3d1

      -………He is not a “man”

    • Coach ken ID:fx7i94k0d

      I agree and would be the same way with mine

  • Reply Nick ID:7zv2zyx343

    Can we talk on phone or can u give me the website please

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    I should’ve wiped you all out like the dinosaurs

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      Yes you should have

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      Haha. Stop it, crybaby

  • Reply Realfamfun32 ID:fx7itdqr9

    Definitely want to see the videos asap. God that sounds like fun. My daughter just turned 11 last month and the only reason I haven’t done anything yet is due to my controlling ex not allowing me to see her due to child support. Bullshit acting like I’m an unfit parent. As soon as I’m able to get overnight visitation set up I’m going to begin my plan to pop her cherry and fill her with my seed like a loving father should!! Nobody’s gunna take away my God given right to put my seed where it belongs. That’s the reason I became a parent to begin with. Can I get an amen

    • fuck off ID:3ds65gw2d9j

      go fuck off instead

    • Onesickdude ID:fx7itcm9j

      hope you can pop her and Breed her very soon . In the meantime find a a mom with daughters and practice on them first

    • Coach ken ID:fx7i94k0d

      You will have the greatest relationship with your daughter once you show her the way… Both my girls rather be with dad than anyone else our sex life is epic and ive found more fathers like myself..

  • Reply NaughtyDaddy ID:5azgkaqrj

    Might be my new favourite story on here. Is this true or just erotica? If true do you have the name for the website you post those videos too?

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      I head that

    • Nick ID:7zv2zyx343

      Don’t feel bad u are doing the right thing she needs a dick in her u are so lucky to have a daughter and to fuck her win u want to