Wedding jerk

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Three random little girls jerked me off under the table at a friends wedding.

I attended a close friend’s wedding last year in Edinburgh, and as I’m Scottish myself, all the men were required to wear traditional Scottish kilts, my friend wanted it to be authentic.

After the main ceremony, we all headed to the reception for food, drink and dance, after the afternoon progressed in to evening, half of the guests had left and most of the others were dancing to slow playing music.

I was sitting at my table alone, my girlfriend couldn’t get the time off work to come with me and I was missing her, so I was drowning myself with glasses of whiskey.

At some point my leg started to tickle, I thought it was the wind blowing in from outside and hitting the hairs on my legs, so I reached down and scratched the itch, then I felt my kilt move, but again put it down to it just being the breeze.

I flinched when I suddenly felt someone grab my cock and give it a hard pull, I jumped and my knees hit the underside of the table making a loud bang, then I heard giggling, I leaned down, lifting the table cover and I saw three little ginger haired, very cute, girls sitting under the table staring up my kilt, and one of them had her hand on my cock.

The wedding was traditional so I wasn’t wearing any underwear under my kilt, I guess the girls were just curious about what a man looked like down there.

They stopped when they saw my face appear from under the table cover, I was drunk, I was missing my girlfriend and I was bored, so I just smiled, gave them a wink and then sat back up straight, putting the table cover back down and I left them to it.

I tried to remain still in my seat, carrying on drinking my whiskey as the girls fondled around, as my cock got erect they started to rub it, I loved the feeling of their little hands wrapped around it.

It took me about 10 minutes but they did a great job, I blew my load and it felt great.

One by one they crawled out from under the table, the first two ran off giggling, the last one stood up, looked directly at me with an adorable smile on her pretty little face, she wiped my spunk off her hand using the edge of the table cover, then she ran off giggling with the other two.

This is the first time I’ve ever told anyone about this, I have no idea who the girls were, but they certainly cheered me up that day.

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  • Reply Captain America ID:2kye84ke8k

    Great story more details please did you fuck them

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre ID:5u100ta9qk

    Great Story Do Part 2