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Sex with my little sister

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Seeing all the girls at my friends birthday party in fancy dress really turn me on. Afterwards, when my sister came in to my bedroom I couldn’t resist

My little sister and I had just been to a friends birthday party, it was fancy dress, I was wearing a Spiderman costume and my sister wore a Disney princess outfit, she looks so pretty in her glittery dress and tiara.

We had lots of fun at the party, there was dancing, loads of food, and party games, and everyone was dressed up, apart from the parents, I am 12 and I had hit puberty pretty hard, seeing all the girls running around, dancing and laughing in their outfits put my hormones in to overdrive and I spent a lot of time trying to conceal that fact that I had a boner.

When the party was over and we got home, I quickly ran upstairs to my bedroom, pulled off my outfit and got underneath my bed sheets and started to jerk on my cock, it was such a relief to finally be able to pleasure myself.

I was nearly there, about to shoot off, when my sister came in to my bedroom, “Do you want some cake?” she shouted as she ran over to my bed holding a napkin with a slice of cake on it, I went a bit embarrassed because she was standing right next to me while I had a firm grip around my cock.

“You eat it.” I replied, hoping she would go away.

But she didn’t, she sat on my bed and ate it, as I lay there motionless, I watched her eat the cake and my eyes drifted up and down her body, she had long blonde hair, still wearing her outfit, I looked at her bare arms and legs and it made my cock throb, I slowly resumed my tugging trying not to move too much in the hope she wouldn’t notice.

She turned around, my efforts to conceal what I was doing had failed, “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Nowt.” I replied.

“Have you got an itch?” she asked.

“Huh?!” I replied.

Then she noticed my costume was on the floor, “Why have you taken your costume off. Are you going to sleep?” she asked.

That sounded like a good excuse to me, “Yeah – I’m tired.” I replied.

Then she stunned me by standing up, she put what was left of the cake on my beside table and pulled up the side of the bedsheet, “No, what are you doing?!!!” I asked, and she climbed under the sheets with me, I panicked and shuffled back towards the wall covering my crotch with my hands, “You need to get out.” I said.

“Why? – I’m tired too.” She replied.

And then I saw her turning on to her side to face me and she put her arm around me wanting a hug, she put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes like she was going to sleep, her leg brushed up against mine and it made my entire body quiver with arousal, my cock throbbed again and got a bit harder.

I moved my hands off my crotch, my cock sprung out and rubbed against the warm skin of her legs, she didn’t react, I started to lightly move my hips around which moved the tip of my cock across her leg, it felt good.
She giggled, “Stop tickling me.” She said, then she reached down and grabbed it before I could stop her, “What’s that?” she asked, sticking her head under the sheet to see what it was, I pulled the sheet up to completely cover us both, even our heads, she let go of my cock and then looked at me with her mouth wide open in surprise, “Is that your thingy?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I replied.

She blushed and giggled again, “Why is it sticking out?” she asked.

I didn’t know what to reply with, I just said the first thing that popped in to my head, “It’s sore – I need to rub it better.” I said and I started to rub it.

Then I figured she was already here, she’d seen it, she’d already touched it, “Do you want to rub it?” I asked her.

“K.” she replied, then just reached back down and started to rub it, her tiny fingers curled around my twitching cock and she rubbed it so gently, she looked up and we both smiled, I got lost in the moment and I kissed her on the lips.

She blushed, then I started rubbing my hands on her back and down her legs, as my hand brushed back up her leg it went underneath her princess skirt, all the way up, my hand went around her panties and I caressed her little butt in my hand, then I kissed her again.

While she lovingly rubbed my cock and kissed me, I gave her butt a squeeze, pulling her a little closer to me, then I slipped my hand down the back of her panties and felt her warm naked ass, I rubbed her plump butt cheek for a while and then slid my hand around to her front and rubbed her pussy, she gasped but continued to smile, and she didn’t tell me to stop.

We laid nose to nose, she was rubbing my cock and I was rubbing her pussy, we were both breathing warm air from our mouths on to each other’s faces, there was a sudden heat between us as her pussy started to moisten, she didn’t protest when I pulled her panties down her legs and off her feet.

I rolled us over so I was on top of her, we were both silently looking in to each other’s eyes, her legs parted and I slid between them, I lifted her arms up and lightly held them down above her head and I kissed her tiny neck, she was gasping happily as my cock found and twitched at her entrance.

I slowly pushed it against her pussy, because it felt like that was what I was meant to do, it felt good, soon it was in the crack of her pussy and I felt her wetness, I began to thrust harder, really pushing my cock in to her crack, and a few minutes later it happened, she yelped, and I felt my cock tear through her entrance and it went inside her.

She didn’t scream or tell me to stop, she scrunched up her face a few times from the pain of me penetrating her, but other than that, she didn’t seem too bothered by it, so I kept thrusting and soon I was having sex with her, her soft wet and warm pussy was clinging tightly around my cock as it moved in and out of her hole.

I had been extremely horny all day and was already on the edge of ejaculation, I’d say less than 2 minutes later, I ejaculated, I could feel my spunk shooting out of my cock and filling her pussy up, when she gasped and moaned, I knew she felt it too.

She was just staring at me with a blank face and we were silent for about a minute, then she spoke, “Does it feel better now?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I replied.

She smiled then reached across and picked up the cake off the table and offered it to me, “Do you want some cake now?” she asked.

I smiled and chuckled, “Uhm – Yeah. Thanks.” I replied.

She genuinely didn’t seem the slightest bit bothered that I had just fucked her on my bed, I got off her and we shared what remained of the cake, then she got out of my bed and went in to her own bedroom, I found her panties under the sheets and held them to my face and sniffed them, they smelt so good.

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  • Reply Loving sister ID:ndooles6ii

    I was 6 wjen my 12 year old brother got to puberty and started exploring with me. Lots of fun.

    • Single Hawk ID:8hdrzf4st5d

      Really? I always wished I had a sister when I was growing up, I always wanted that experience.

    • Zero Sum ID:8hdrzf4st5d

      I always wanted a little sister growing up to play with. I’ve always had these fantasies but sadly I was an only child.


  • Reply Diggersteve ID:7zv38yxtd3

    That story is hot I would love to have watched you f*** your little sister’s p**** have a big turn on

    • Diggersteve ID:7zv38yxtd3

      I got to tell you the story is so hot I’ve read it three times and got to imagine laying here watching you guys with my rock hard cock thanks for the story

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    I am already doing him for last week and he is very happy.
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    • Diggersteve ID:7zv38yxtd3

      Wow wow that was hard made my cock hard thank you

  • Reply [email protected] ID:yg1h5i68

    I was 10 and my sister was 12.

  • Reply bro ID:rpvr1ozm

    little sisters will do anything to have big brother on their side.

  • Reply B ID:1cyit7azi3zz

    You are such a good big brother. Next time try some oral sex.

  • Reply Glocca ID:2dd1o7i20j

    Good story , my sister and I had a thing going when we were young , I loved eating her pussy while she loved me cumming in her mouth , still get horn thinking about gloccaher

  • Reply John ID:3721no743

    Yummy story

    • Lucas ID:5qv0heq6i9

      I wanted to fuck my elder sister Josie since I was 14.I had peeped at her,sniffed her dirty panties and my dream came true when I was 17 and my sister 30.She married at 25 but divorced 3 years later as her husband who was a good guy when sober,but could be a monster when heavily drunk and sometimes he even punched her.Following several attempts to carry on with her marriage,she finally decided to divorce .She fortunately had no children.She came back home.When she got marriedmDad converted her room tinto a working office.So I had to share my bed for some time.until she would be on her own. The first night I went to bed early knowing that she would undress after having put the light on..Josie thought that I was asleep and started to undress.I lightly opened one of my eyes and to my astonishment AND PLEASURE, I saw her awesome body.She unhooked her bra and put it on a chair.She therefore entered the bed with only a black thong on her and put the light off with her left hand. My cock was already hard and I slowly jacked my on cock.After 3 or 4 minutes,she told me”Are you masturbating,brother?”I remained silent and she repeated the same question”I admitted it and apologised ,She told me that his bastard husband had not touched her during months, except when beating her I heard her weeping and I hugged her sweetly to recomfort her.Wde automatically kissed each other very sweetly and when my fingers entered her pussy,I noted rhat it was very wet.?She pulled down her thong and we sucked each other in a 69 position. We then fucked slowly,then crescendo, I pounded her pussy.We were like animals.Fortunately, our parents were out,that night.For each other,it has the best fuck of our lives.. We have been fucking a lot of times since then and more since 1 month after Josie purchased her flat.

  • Reply Paul ID:3zxjrjpw20a

    I would have done the same thing I have fucked my baby sister alot and I think one or more of her kids are mine she had 14 kids all together

  • Reply skimofkr ID:4cwjci0uqrb

    Pretty hot story. I imagine you two had many more encounters after that. Glad she enjoyed it.

  • Reply Nate ID:3oe16143

    A very arousing story!!

  • Reply Golden ID:1doeeujos2ev

    Love to share her with you. Goldenbiguy on kik or wickr to discuss

  • Reply EmilyG ID:2jp99leqrk

    That was so good to read! Your sister sounds amazing and so hot! I hope you fucked her plenty of times? She deserves it. xxx

    • Mike y ID:1ds9mpsjdgl4

      I need young girls to breed

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1ckvlqeib7kd

    This was really well written, so write a lot more about what you get up to together…

    • Ash ID:1eqf6q4g7u5a

      I agree kiddyfucker69

      Would love to hear more about your experiences!
      Message me on discord Ash73#3109

  • Reply skimofkr ID:5wwo09lfzrk

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    What has this generation become T-T

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      Same but I do get if they are trying to find stories of there own age but these are fully grown men we are talking about. Also known as pedefiles. The kids do not know any better. They just think it feels good so they do it. I have many friend’s that this happend to and know they have majore trust issues

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    Only thing I would’ve done better is eat that pussy

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    She’s a keeper protect her at all cost..

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    • Death to mankind ID:fzq74fv9j

      You still read it so you cant do much judging

  • Reply A ID:bo2qeovzm

    Good story, not really needed but you should have stated her age for reference. Hope you do more stories like this and hopefully you breed her

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