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Sex Cult part 1

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My grandfather run away with my grandmother at 14 and run a sex cult

First of all, my name is Tyler (13), my father is Albert Jr. (25) and my mother is Lucy (24)

My grandfather Albert Sr. (40) run away with my grandmother in 1995, when they are both 14.

They run away to the rural area of West Virginia because their parents didn’t agree to their relationship.

My grandfather is a sex maniac, and in the 1990s frequently go to the city and kidnapped young girls and boy to be brainwashed to become sex slave.

My grandfather have 14 children from my grandmother, and 31 more children from his sex slave.

He knew about the risk of inbreeding, that’s why he kidnapped young boys to pair them with other young girls to make the population diverse.

In the early days outsider males cannot freely chose their sex partner, but now they can.

Males can have as many sex partner they want, but they can’t use other Males sex partner.

Female cannot chose and must be at their house 24/7 raising their kids, or teaching younger female about sex.

We have a coming of age ceremony, at 10 boys would chose their first partner, and they would be escorted to a private room for each couple to have their first sex.

My father chose my mother in this ceremony, and they have sex almost everyday, whether in public or in private.

My sister Julie was born in 2008 a year after my father chose my mother, a year later in 2009, i was born.

A few months later my half brother Nelson was born in 2010, he was from my father’s second partner

In 2009, the year i was born, my aunt Theresa was born from my grandfather and one of his many partners and slave

In 2016, my grandfather lower the required age for the ceremony from 10 to 9, my ceremony would be in 2018 instead of 2019.

I frequently have sex with my sister’s and aunts, my father have 12 more daughter after me, the ceremony first sex is only ceremonial, we can have sex at anytime and anywhere.

In 2018, i underwent the ceremony and chose my sister Julie, she didn’t underwent the ceremony last year because i ask my grandfather for an exception and he agreed.

In the same year, i chose 2 more partners, my aunt Theresa and my 8 year old cousin Mary

In December 2018, Julie gave birth to my first son Joseph, my grandfather love Joseph dearly since he is his first great grandchildren.

In 2019, i would have 4 more children, Lucy from Julie, Adam and Albert III from Theresa, and Edward from Mary

In April 2019, my grandfather announce that after his death my father should take over, and after my father’s own death, i should take over.

This was the first time he announce succession of the cult leadership.

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    So, your mom was 11 when she had you? You had to have been a preemie. Well, it’s not a fait accompli, but generally first pregnancies with mothers that young are born premature.