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Revenge is Sweet

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Edward Kent returned home from boarding school, he never realised how soon he would be able to extract his revenge on the woman that sent him there.

Edward Kent had grown up from the age of 6 hating his Mother and Father, disliking his twin younger sisters, he had been sent to boarding school as a child on his sixth birthday and had remained there until he was sixteen ,when he was finally allowed to return to the family home and pursue a minor position in one of his fathers many enterprises.**

Edward had only ever seen his parents and siblings for three weeks during the summer and two weeks at Christmas, but even then his Father was normally in the city spending most nights at his club where he had a sleeping room, and Edwards Mother was always too busy organising parties or dinners, charity events for the poor ,or one of a thousand other things to spend any time with her children, so even for the few weeks he was at home each year Edward still mainly led a a lonely life**

By the time Edward came home for good in his 16th year, he was a fully grown man, tall ,handsome and athletic looking , he received many glances from the wives and single women at the New Years Eve Dinner and Dance to welcome in 1876, his mother had organised . At dinner he was seated next to Mrs. Webb, the local vicars wife, an attractive woman of 40, who when she stood up to receive a card handed to her from the other side of the table, half fell into Edwards lap, her hand resting squarely on his genitals. He helped her back on to her seat and as she sat back down laughing, along with the other guests she smiled at Edward, apologising prolifically, but with her eyes open wide as if something had caught her by surprise**

The next morning Saturday at breakfast his Mother said ” Edward, Mrs Webb the vicars wife asked me last night as she was getting ready to leave if you would be available at ten this morning to help move some furniture in the church so they can wax the floors , I told her you would be more than happy to help, I hope that was that alright “, she didn’t really listening to his reply. Edward walked briskly down the drive and across the village green to the church, he was walking up the vicarage path as the church clock struck ten. Mrs Webb opened the door and invited him ,” let me take your coat,put your shoes over there ” she said he voice sounded as if it was breaking up, and he looked at her and smiled. ” My husband is away today ” she said standing in front of him. ” Oh ” he said somewhat surprised , ” maybe I can do some of the moving before he comes back ” ? Her face was red , and he noticed she was looking at his cock, , he smiled inwardly and his dick twitched with excitement **

” He won’t be back until this afternoon she said softly ,he has gone to the city hospital he visits there weekly , holding a mass in the chapel , he gives bible readings while the patients have their lunch. and he catches the 1.30 pm train home arriving at our station by 2 pm this afternoon., so we will not be disturbed ” she said moving closer towards him before she kissed him again on the lips.,but with much more passion **

Alice Webb began to slowly drop to her knees , she rested her head on the outside of his pants,his cock felt huge. She undid the top two buttons on his pants then slowly undid his flys, she pulled his pants down leaving him standing in his white long john underwear. She traced the outline of it and gasped when she realized how big he really was, she put her hand over her mouth and watched as Edward began to undo the buttons on his long johns before pulling his cock out through his flies. She tied several times to get her her thumb to touch her fingers so she could hold it in one hand, but she was unable to , she looked up at Edward, and said ” I have never done anything like this before but I have heard men like prostitutes to do it to them .**

She held his cock and kissed the head of it, before putting out her tongue and starting to lick it , two or three times she tried to put it in her mouth but each time she gagged and had to pull it out of her mouth . ” It’s too big, it’s too big I can’t do it ” she said an she looked at him and laughed. ” Help me up” she said offering him her hands , he pulled her up and she stood against him, her hand pulled his cock up between them and each time she kissed him she felt his cock do a pumping movement like he was already fucking her. **

” Let me go ” she said, he smiled and looked at her and laughed ” no I will not, you might not come back “. and they both laughed . Her hand grabbed his cock , ” get undressed, I promise I am not going anywhere.” she said , she walked to the couch, and watched as he s he removed his clothes he turned to face her and she seductively began to undo the buttons down the front of her dress , dropping it to the floor, and she stood there completely naked, “I came prepared” she said smiling, ” no corset, no draws just my downey spring moss to hide my secret place she said laughing, have you ever seen a woman naked Edward. ”
He shook his head from side to side, you have now she said laughing, do you like what you see. His face was burning with embarrassment , she moved towards him , her hands’ went to her cunt and he watched as her fingers and thumbs pulled her cunt lips apart. ” Kneel down ” she said and he knelt in front of her. ” You see this “, her finger touched her clit as she giggled , ” I have heard that perverted men like to kiss and lick this , they call the Devil’s doorbell, and they say that women that have had it licked suffer from hysteria and fits, the only cure is to either cut it off or to lock the woman away in a sanitorium where the poor woman rubs herself while men pay a few pennies to watch ,isn’t that terrible ” ?**

Edward watched as she rubbed the tip of her finger round and round on her clitoris and made funny little meowing noises like a cat.. He took her hand away from her cunt and pulled her towards where he knelt on the floor. She sat down and he put his hands on her breasts squeezing them and pushing her backwards until she laid on her back with him kneeling between her open thighs.
Taking her hands he put them on her cunt, ” open it again ” he said , she giggled as she pulled her pussy lips open showing him the inside of her cunt. He looked at the pink flesh, it fascinated him how it appeared to shimmer in the weak winter sunlight coming through the window one of his mother’s necklaces and the pink skin inside her cunt shone in the ” pale winter sunlight coming in the window. He put his finger on her clitoris and she squealed, he moved backwards on his knees, bent his head down to her cunny and started licking what she called her Devil’s doorbell. **

She tasted and smelt different than anything he knew, and as he laid there licking her cunny he poked his tongue deep into her hole . She groaned and took his mouth off her cunt, he looked up at her and asked throatily are you alright ? She smiled weakly, ” yes, yes, lick me more ” was all she said, and he lowered his head back to her wet cunt ,found her little cherry pip and he began to lick it again.
It wasn’t long before she started to breath heavily, her hands went to his head, grabbing his hair she put a hand at the back of his head and he started licking her harder and faster , suddenly she started to scream, trying to lift her bottom off the carpet and force his tongue into her cunt.**

She seemed to do this for such a long time, Edward kept licking her harder and harder , he had his hands under her thighs and over the top of her legs, she was locked in place and she was banging her hands on the floor and screaming she was ” having a flood of bliss”, begging him not to stop . He kept lickng, but seconds after she had began to calmed down , she began to cry out stop stop it’s burning me it hurts oh God ,oh God ,then suddenly she started to scream again her head rocking from side to side as she burst into tears while reaching her second flood of bliss .**

Edward slowly got to his knees , his mouth , lips and chin were soaking wet with the vicars wifes cunt juice , he looked at her laying there with her eyes closed ,her breasts were raising up and down as she laid there quietly humming a tune he recognised as a church hymn,. He slowly began to slide up her body, she took hold of his penis and guided the huge bulbous head of his cock to her cunt,” fuck me ,fuck me” she said softly.**

Edward’s cock twitched ,it seem to itch and he fell forward burying the first three inches of his cock into Alice Webbs cunt, she let out a little scream and begged him to stop, her hands went to his shoulders and she tried to push him off, but he was already in her and as he pulled back he drove deep into her tight cunt making her scream ,not in pleasure but pain. Every time he drove forward his cock went deeper and deeper into her cunny, hitting her cervix she screamed and grabbed his hair trying to pull him off. Edward slowly pushed his upper body up with his hands ,he looked like he was doing a push up, he pulled his cock backwards and looked at her. **

” What’s the matter Mrs.Webb , does it hurt ” he asked her sarcastically . She looked into his eyes she thought he looked evil, it wasn’t the same Edward Kent that had come into her home an hour earlier .” I asked you if it hurt ” he said again, ” yes yes it does, you feel too big like your going right into my belly ” she said with tears in her eyes. ” Edward” she said quietly ,”do you like hurting me ,it seems you like it when I scream “? He didn’t say anything, he looked at her and fell forward pushing the whole length of his cock into her cunt , she screamed and put he put his hand over her mouth as he pumped harder and faster before he shouted out you fucking cunt and filled her womb with his seed. before collapsing on her and biting her niple which caused her to scream in pain again .**

There was a long silence between them, he rolled off her and she grabbed him before he could get up. ” Lay with me ” she said softly and she snuggled up against him, she kissed his forehead then his nose,then his mouth, but she didn’t feel any response coming from him. ” You were wonderful” she said trying to think of anything to say to him, ” your cock is so big,I have never seen anything like that unless it was on the milkmans horse in the street.” Edward and Alice Webb both laughed, she felt his cock twitch ,her hand touched it and she could feel it getting hard.**

It was past 1 in the afternoon when Edward Kent left the vicarage, he strolled home through the winter sunshine whistling as he walked. Getting to the drive that led to the house he met old Doctor Lake coming down the drive in his pony and trap, he stopped by the side of Edward. His face looked ashen, he coughed and said ” Edward I have some sad news, your Father has passed, I am sorry to have to tell you here in the drive ” The blood drained from Edwards face, he looked at the Doctor for a good half a minute in silence. ” Thankyou Doctor said Edward, thank you for doing everything I am sure you could do.” “Edward” said Doctor Lake, ” I would like to see you in my surgery as early as possible tomorrow morning, can you be there by 8am”. ” You are now the master of Kent Hall beware my young friend beware.” **

He cracked his whip in the air, and Doctor Lake, his pony and trap disappeared down the drive leaving Johnathon standing looking up the drive at Kent Hall , the huge house , land, his father’s business empire, the staff, and best of all the contents of the house, which included his mother and twin sisters ,all of which were now his responsibility **

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