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My teachers fuck me

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This is my friend story she wanted to tell

I just turned 13 and I have sex with my teachers. My school is an Elementary, middle school and high school. One of the best schools in the world I’ve been going there since I was 3 I know all the teachers even the high school teachers my brother went here so they all know me. The principal called me into his office and asked if I knew what BDMS is I knew what it was so I said yes he asked me if I wanted to be everybody submissive. Everybody? I knew asked yes every teachers is what I mean you’ll be our slut meaning you do as we please usual it would be for your pleasure too but it’s just going to be for our pleasure only.

But why me I questioned in his words “you have a size DD at 13 you have a nice bubble butt plus you have nice long hair to pull on every teacher even females have noticed we went over it at the meeting and decided to ask. I just nodded.

He told me to get on my knees he pulled out his six inches of cock and stuffed in into my mouth. He then turned on the intercom and press it “sorry for the interruption teachers we have what we talked about at the meeting. We are letting out early to go over a few things.

For the next hour I was on my knees until the early bell rang. Once he made sure everybody was out the building but the teachers I had to crawl along side him as he walked into the cafeteria where every teacher even the pre school teachers were there. “These are all your masters say hello” “hello”

“Let’s go over rules” said the principal “one you’ll have to do anything we tell you to during lunch hours you serve us even if your hungry, two if we want to slap or even stick something up your pussy you’ll allow us.” I nodded

We then walked into the gym room they hanged me by my hands and feet BDSM style and played with me and fucked me rough I passed out a couple of times they didn’t care this went on all night. It was great my parents knew about this the principal had a meeting with them before they said it was okay only if they have videos of what happens. They came in me a lot and I ate a lot of pussy. They want me to get me dumb and pregnant.

Time skip

I did end up pregnant by one of the gym teachers once the baby is born it’ll be put into the school. My parents let my principal and one of the female math teachers adopt me now me and all the teachers live in one huge house and they fuck me day and night pregnant or not I barely go to school. They said it didn’t matter since I will serve them I love my life some times they did after care but it’s rare and that’s fine. I like knowing my pussy isn’t mine any more. It’s my life now

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  • Reply Lauren ID:bo1u6otxz

    Great story. Love being my dad’s fuck toy, and breeding bitch.

  • Reply Ann ID:gipgqdpqm

    Love your story Mia. I envy you,having so many cocks to pleasure your sweet little pussy hole.

    • Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

      Sounds like you both need to be gang raped and those little pussys destroyed and ass brutally raped

  • Reply Zodiac ID:7ylrenmzrb

    I would love to bend you over and pound your pussy

  • Reply Death to mankind ID:fzq74g6ia

    Sex cult?

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    Mia great story.

  • Reply Daddy Richard ID:1g69ienr6ia

    Oh mia such a good girl who first fucked your tiny sweet little kiddie pussy so young

    • SlutMia ID:4j5sxuoii

      My principal. its getting abusive. i watched my kid die

  • Reply Nathan4886 ID:nnmnhdkk8

    Can I rape you

  • Reply Daddy Richard ID:1g69ienr6ia

    So hot what age did you first get a grown mans cock all the way up your tiny hairless kiddie pussy

    • SlutMia ID:153l4miuhri

      Age 10 but I first got fingered at 8+1