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Me and my brother

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I’m vivvy and me and my brother are dating :))

I’m 12 and my brother is 15,Me and him have been really close as my mom left us when we were little.My brother practically raised me as my dad always works. I have long brown hair and bangs and braces, My brother is pretty tall for his age and he has blonde fluffy hair and hes pretty basic lol. When I was 10 I started puberty,I started growing boobs and my body was actually developing and I looked so good. Around when I was 11 I had a pretty small waist and great hips,That was the time I started wearing crop tops and anything tight on me Even my brother started to notice and became a little more protective of me.

On my 12th birthday my brother invited me for my present as he gifted me a small box of small pink panties and a bra,I said thank you and walked out as I wanted to try them on.Later that night my dad went to work and he came in my room asking if they fit,I said yes as he walked closer and hugged me from behind..I felt something grow hard behind me and I turned around and noticed he got a boner,He asked if I wanted to do something fun with him. I had the idea what he meant so I giggled and said sure,He took me to his room and told me to take off everything as he did the same.I can tell he was horny and I was too,My pussy began to be wet as I seen his dick hard. He pinned me to the bed as I was naked and whispered in my ear.it will only hurt a bit..As he quickly put his 8inch dick inside me It felt so good but hurt as I was a virgin and never experienced this.

He kept going for another hour as I became sore and We did different positions and everything,My dad finally came home.My brother told me to get dressed as I leaked cum and was on my fore’s. I was wearing a pink tight skirt and a black tee.My brother hugged me from behind and I felt it again,It was so hard and so I got up and went to go shower..

Should I do a part 2?? :3

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  • Reply Jesus ID:2vqwknnr49bl

    Seriously, I died for this shit?

  • Reply A ID:bo2qeovzmr

    Ok story, watch your punctuation and spelling.

  • Reply LordHornyness20 ID:biva2rd34

    I like it. You should write more

  • Reply Daddy Richard ID:1g69ienr6iao

    Yes baby do part 2 do you wear tiny thongs and g strings baby do you keep your sweet little kiddie pussy hairless like a good little girl

    • God is watching ID:4kedvg3d12


    • Daddy Richard is gay ID:29krjq0fid9

      Your a sick bastard

    • Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqral

      Seriously calling a pedophile a homo? Homosexuality isn’t wrong.