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Jennifer and her 11 year old daughter Cristina

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Cristina was very active in the morning after Jennifer my wife said that I need to pick up Cristina’s friend this afternoon after school she’s 10

Jennifer and Cristina where just looking at me laying under the car saying what’s worth with the car and I really didn’t know what to say to them as they layed down on the ground and started tinkering around with the car but as Cristina layed there looking under the car Jennifer got up and said while pulling up her underwear up her bum and up her little pussy Cristina said what are you doing mum and Jennifer said shut up baby ok just let daddy and mummy look at the car and you as she looked at her husband and MAB SEEN WHAT HE’S WIFE WAS DOING TO THERE LITTLE DAUGHTERS MOUTH With it wide open and she had all of her fingers playing with her little Tung and Jennifer said that the way baby and Cristina said do you think I’m ready and her mother said I don’t know ok just wait a second and made my dick hard by playing with it and pulled my hard cock out and said Cristina and she looked up at mummy and daddy and said I’ll be good this time ok mummy and daddy and in a matter of seconds Cristina and my wife where sucking on my big dick and for only being 11 years old she could fit it all in her little mouth and Jennifer said see all that practice is paying off isn’t I just looked at my wife and my little daughter and said ok can you do whatever mummy doses after this to Cristina and she said I can try daddy and Jennifer said that my little girl as she stood up and my wife pulled her little underwear down and told her to spread her little legs more than my wife started sucking on my big dick looking at Cristina as she spread her little bum apart sitting down slowly on my dick
Was just a dream just looking at them 2 with my dick in there hands made me want her even more harder as she sat down and my dick pushing up between her cheeks & sliding in her little bum looked so good as my wife spread her ass cheeks apart watching the tip of my dick slide in her a little and a little more was the best day of my life and as soon as I had it half way in my wife pulled it all out and pushed it all in her mouth making me pull Cristina little face to my face I started to kiss her so nicely as I stuck all of my Tung in her mouth and pulled her little bum bum to make her sit down on my hard dick as I spread her little Cunt open making me slide in her red little cunt and just I looked at my 6 or 7 inches slide in her even more made me feel like coming and then I started to spread her legs open and my wife said yeah baby spread your little girl open from mummy and that’s were I pushed it all in & Cristina said mummy and Jennifer said your going to be just fine baby girl you can do this with me all the time from now on ok that’s when Cristina lowed her little bum and she said yaaaay and kissed mummy on the lips then I started to fuck Cristina really Fast and I told her to not move as I was fully erect and fucking my little daughter and my wife at the same time I looked at Jennifer and said I’m going to cum baby girls and stretch my little daughter legs apart and pulled out of My daughter and my wife started to suck on my big cock as I stuck 2 of my fingers up my wife’s pussy and stuck 2 fingers up my little daughtes ass really hard and fast and she said fuck that hurts daddy and cum on both of their faces and watched them kiss and fall asleep but I got hard again after watching them fuck with each other and as soon as my little daughter fall asleep I got up behind her little bum and pulled my dick until it was hard again and slowly pushed it up her ass hole and watching her ass hole speed open as I stated fucking in and out of her made me feel as if I can do this every afternoon
After I finish work and we did
My wife would make me cum or my little 11 year old daughter would love to help me when Mummy was making dinner
I remember after school when Cristina finished she all was played with her friend named Cristal and they were talking about something about man and there dicks and my wife heard them talking about sex and that’s when she got my daughter friend to join us & she was only 10 when my wife pulled out my 6 inch dick and got her to hold onto it and taught her how to make me cum after school when Cristina invite her around in the afternoon because that was the only time that I could get to be with them & Cristal was quick to pick it up
And Cristina would suck on my cock whenever I asked her to and she would let me finger her pussy a little and Cristal would help my wife and suck on my dick when everyone else was asleep or sneak around and suck me off or let me fuck her little Cunt or ass hole when I wanted it
It was so good after work and talking with the other guys what they were doing with their sex life’s

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    Don’t quit your day job, you should leave he writing to the more literate people.

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    This was incoherent

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    I cannot read this without any punctuation!

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    For God’s sake! Punctuate. You have one looong sentence!

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    Poor grammar, piss poor spelling, not to mention there absolutely no punctuation. Story is hard to read

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      Not everyone is good writing a perfect story

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    957 words….one sentence