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I like turning men into my lil sissy’s

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I like turning men into my lil sissy’s.

I walk into the bar pretending to be drunk, stumbling Into walls and people till a man comes up to me fully sober he asks if I’m with someone,
“I was but they left me bunch off dicks” I say slurring
“Mhm terrible come on back to mine, I’ll keep you company”
“Okie” I wrap my arms around him as he walks me to his car. The journey isn’t long before we get to a hotel we get up to his room and he instinly takes his clothes off thinking he’s about to fuck a barley aware babe when I snap out of my drunk persona
And grab him by the throat
“What do you think you’re playing at” I ask
“I…I’m sorry please let me go”
“Get on the bed” I let go off him
“Get on the fucking bed”
He dose as I tell him as I walk over and lock the door.
“W..what are you gonna do”
“Turn over”
“On your fucking stomach bitch, now!”
“Okay, fuck”
I pull rope out off my bag and tie his arms and legs together and take my clothes off reveling my 9inch strap on that I had tucked up my shirt. I get my panties and shove them in his mouth pulling duck tape from my bag I wrap it around his head making sure he keeps his mouth shut. I spit on my dildo and rub it making it nice and wet Before roughly slamming it into his tight little ass. His screams muffled but managing to turn me I keep slamming into him while grabbing his head backwards
“Scream lil sissy, scream. No one is gonna come help you” I fuck him for almost half an hour he is so exhausted he can barely hold him self up he’s came onto the bed a couple off times. I finally pull out off him but before I’m finished I drag his face down and into his cum puddle rubbing his face in it. I get dressed before I untied his hands and leave him there to think about what he’s experienced

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  • Reply . ID:1bbaa2v9d

    I wish it was longer

  • Reply Kink5280 ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    That sounds amazing. I hope i meet up with you [email protected]

  • Reply Teepy ID:1ah770lft0a

    Now Leave Your Comment…Nice

  • Reply Lil Sissy ID:3vi2rjpvqrj

    I would love a woman to treat me like that. Makes me her little bitch. Any Mistress Interested?

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqra

    Slow clap…


    Extra points for doing it in 365 words.

    • jim ID:mue16ym2

      do you have the record for most stories on this site?