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Dog pervert

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I was horny ever since I was little, I learned how to jerk off when I was 8 and I’ve been doing it everyday since. I’m 11 now, and my hand doesn’t help as much as it used to. I scroll through porn for hours and nothing really gets me going anymore. That was until I stumbled upon beastiality porn. It got my dick hard so fast when I saw dogs licking dicking dicks and when I watched dogs get fucked, whether it be in the ass or pussy. I watched nothing but beastiality porn for 6 months, I couldn’t get enough. Soon I found myself going to the dog park and just watching dogs play, that alone turned me on. One night my parents dragged me to their friend’s house. They put me in a room by myself upstairs with a tv so they could get drunk downstairs. I was bored, skipping channel after channel until I got to a dog competition. I watched it, and jerked myself off through my pants. I jumped and moved my hand away when the door opened. I looked at it and saw my parents’ friends’ dog. I didn’t know they had a dog until then. It was a very sexy husky. I pet it and it’s fur felt so soft. I closed the door and locked it before getting back on the bed. It jumped up next to me and wagged it’s tail. I kept petting it before kissing all over its face. It licked my face in return and even licked my lips. I started to pet its stomach to see what gender it was. It rolled onto its back and revealed its pussy. It wasn’t spayed either. I was so excited. I rubbed its belly with one hand and slid in one finger with the other. She was so warm and wet. She panted and wagged her tail. I knew she wanted me. I pulled my pants down before sliding my dick in slowly. She was tight and so warm. I thrusted into her quickly, falling in love with this dog and the feeling. It didn’t take long for me to cum in her. I kissed her face again and stuck my tongue out while she licked my face.

We went over to the house later that week. I was stuck back in the room, but I didn’t care. I had plans already. Once the dog was in there with me, I realized this was a different dog. They had two huskies. I sat on the bed and the dog jumped up with me before putting its paws on my shoulders and trying to assert dominance over me. I knew immediately this was a male dog and I knew I wanted him to fuck me. I pulled down my pants before getting on my hands and knees. He immediately mounted me and I felt his hard cock just above my asshole. I helped him into my hole and he immediately started to fuck me at an insane speed. I covered my mouth as I moaned into my hand. I came onto my boxers as he came inside of me.

I love dogs, they’re so sexy and hot and know just what to do.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Wow, both a male and a female experience. Unusual, but fun to think about you doing this.

  • Reply Michael ID:8zqqdzrk

    Fuck my female dog and I will eat your cum from her pussy

  • Reply K9Guy ID:3zxit8gi49a

    It’s an ok story

  • Reply no ID:5whma2fzl

    How ironic. For a female, you say “it” like a million times. For a male, its he and his. Learn how to write a story, you suck

    • Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

      No writer is perfect. Relax and just enjoy reading.

  • Reply dog kink slut ID:5rfba4v9b

    Hi I am a 7yo girl and I have sex with my two dobermans every day, they double penetrate me and cum inside me so often <3 if you want we can meet and have a gang bang

    • Random ID:c39pkb9zj

      Well that’s nice, mind making Discord and mind sharing to me your experiences about you and your dobermans DogKinkSlut?
      I’d like to know you more and I may help you do even kinker stuff with your dogs 😉

    • Anonymous ID:vzi0im9j

      No way your 7 🤣 sorry

    • Pablo ID:2c3iqz0fik

      that some bullshit anit no way you are 7

    • J ID:45mjmrldqra

      Hi you should write a sorry

    • DoggyCumSlut ID:fzqmr4xi9

      Id love to see that and join in… Im 12 and i gave a german shepard and a doberman and i love their cocks

  • Reply Steele ID:20pha53t0b

    Damn, that’s kinda hot, especially that last part

  • Reply Foxy ID:3zxjrencoic

    What is your major malfunction

    • Hippie ID:3zxi5w3i49c

      I’ve been fucked by a couple boy dogs I love being filled up

  • Reply Taylor ID:21yzdgwuhj

    What’s ur snap I wanna watch