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Daddy fucked me in my bum hole

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I am trans, 17 and wishing to have my transition and become a full woman.

I am a gender dysphoric person, born male, but truly female – except I need to get rid of some bits and I will as soon as I am 18.

My story is about my Daddy who raped me the other day. I have been living full time as a girl since Juinior High. Before that I was always a girl at home and Mom always let me be what I am. But Daddy always wanted me tto straighten out, becomes like my contemporaries, and start doing baseball, football and or wrestling. He was once a junior wrestling champion. He has chided me for years for being effeminate and acting like a girl when he says I should know that I am not. He always says to me what you have between your legs defines you, not some mixed up mind. And he says my penis and balls are just like anybody else my age. They can’t be because I have been on testosterone blockers and latterly estrogen, so I am developing a really cool female figure.

Anyway … Mom was away at a business meeting for a week and it was just Daddy and me. I was a good girls, kept up with the washing and ironing, cooking our meals and cleaning house.

Daddy got more offensive as the week went on and on the last night he got real friendly and asked me to explain myself, as a girl. I thought I was winning him over and so I started to reveal all the inner thoughts I have and to tell him about the wonderful changes to my body. He told me to take off my jeans and top so he could see better. I didn’t really want to do that but he had a bit of asn edge to his voice, so I did. He came over to me and started running his hands one my body. Then he asked that, as a girl, did I feel like I was a girl when somebody did this. Like a fool I said yes, and then he attacked me. He said I was putting out to boys so I could get a homosexual thrill and that I was really a boy and I was crazy. With that he ripped my bra off me and then thrust his hand into my panties and started feeling my cock. He snarled at me and I could tell he was dismayed at touching my cock because he grabbed it and said to me, see, it wont come off. You are a boy. But you have nice tits. Turn around.

I didn’t know what to do so I did turn my back on him getting ready to run. But he shove me on to the sofa and grabbed my panties and ripped them off. Next thing I knew his shaft was subbing up and down my crack and I screamed no! But he just pulled my bum cheeks apart and stuck his penis into my bum hole. God that hurt. He just rammed and rammed it and eventually he broke through ito the inside. Then he started sawing and sawing and I was weeping and in serious pain. This seemed to go on forever and then he tensed up, seemed to explode in me, and then he withdrew. He had come and his stuff was leaking out of my bum, which was so sore and very raw and, I discovered later, bleeding.

He said I was a good tight fuck and he would be doing that again. He said it was his contribution to making me more of a girl and if I did not tell anyone, he would pay for my op when I turned 18. Just like that.

Of course, this meant I had to become his ass fuck buddy for the next year and with my bum hole feeling like it did that is not a good thing to think about.

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    I love anal forced sex

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    Do you wear thongs and g strings and dress really girly