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Are daddys the best?

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My Daddy has been fucking me and my sister and my step sister for years and we do not know what to do about it

My daddy is very wealthy. He has houses on the Wast Coast, on the East Coast and in the Bahamas.

When I was just 12 my Daddy came in to the bedroom I shared with Lottie, my sister, and he fucked me. I did not know what he was really doing but I thought it was wrong. Lottie, 11, watched but she pretended to be asleep. After he finished – and I was so happy because what he put in me was far too big really and when he pumped it it was even bigger still and just about split me in half – Lotties asked me what he did. I told her he was sexually interfering with his daughter. We agreed to tell Mommy the next day.

We came down to breakfast only to find that Mommy had left already for some ladies thing so we had to wait. At lunchtime Daddy appeared with the police and I thought – gotcha. But they were there to tell Dady and us that Mommy died in a car crash.

After that Daddy was a regular visitor to our bedroom. Lottie and I shared because she got scared at night and after Mommy died when was even more hyper. So much so that we started sharing my bed, which was a big one made for 2 people.

That was great for Daddy. The first time he came in and found Lottie with me he tried to put her in her own bed, but she screamed and wept, so he said that he would just have to carry on and perhaps Lottie could learn something and join in.

He pushed me on my back, spread my legs like he had been doing, pushed some sort of lubricant into me and shove his dick in. I really grunted and moaned and wept but he just kept doing it. At some stage he leaned over to Lottie and told her she had to help. My cunt wasn’t big enough for him to get his penis all the way in and so he commanded Lottie to hold on to the bit that was outside me. She did that and he went off and plunged like never before and he came big time.

He put us both on the pill and then he moved us into his bedroom which was really quite fabulous. A huge bed and we all slept in that. Just about every night he was in to me fucking away with Lottie holding his penis and him cuming all over the place. Of course these sex games varied after a time and he really liked it when we both sucked him off. One night he said it was time to do Lottie (she was 13) and I screamed No! I was always trying to protect my little sister as much as I could. So he just turned me over, slopped some goo in my bum pushed in one, then two, then three fingers, said I was stretched enough and he shoved his cock into me. Of course I screamed blue murder and Lottie tried to pull him off, but she couldn’t. He was too strong. He pumped his cock right into me and said that it was glorious. His whole cock went in and he did not need Lottie again. He could get a really really big cum from fucking my little bum.

The next night he came to bed and got ready to do the same thing. My bum hole was very sore and it had been bleeding and Lottie pleaded with him to not do it. So Daddy turned to her and asked what she thought he could do and Lottie said fuck me – in the vagina. That was so brave of her to save me like that and of course Daddy just went off and did it, but this time I had to hold the shaft os his penis that would not fit into Lottie.

Strange to say that was a turning point because we started to stop being resentful of what Daddy was doiung to us and we started to figure out ways of enjoying it – not just servicing him. He became amazed because both of us learned through lesbian play what we wanted done to us and what buttons to press and we teached Daddy to do that. It took some time but after a while we could all experience massive cums and we all started to really enjoy ourselves. Not just Daddy.

Lottie and I continued our lesbian play in secret and I bought a strap on thingy that fitted in my cunt and we couyld use that to fuck each other and really enjoy sex even more. Of course Daddy came in and found us getting prepared so we just continued on and he got this massive erection watching us fuck with this dildo thingy. We came and he came and it was amazing to see him sitting in a chair with his great big dick spurting cum. We jumped him after that and we each made him cum again.

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  • Reply Jesus ID:30rx46uv99q

    Wtf y’all need some Fucken help pleasure is not everything

  • Reply Xavier( I'm a girl btw) :) ID:1zgf67y8ram

    The best part is the lesbian part. So cool kinda wish my sisters would do that with me but they don’t. My four year old sister likes to lick my pussy for some weird reason. It all started when I was getting changes and she insisted on being in my room then she started staring at my pussy and I was like “what”? She said that does it taste nice and I was like ” find out if you want”. Ya know it was her choice! It was weird but she is surprisingly good at it. My other sisters are 10, 7, 10 , 10, 15, 22, 10, 5! Sorry that’s a lot of 10’s!! They are not all twins by the way but vey close in age! Byee also yeah sorry no social media! 🙁

  • Reply Random Guy ID:dbj9nkg8lq

    Umm.. Lauren, in case you didn’t see, notice or even remember me in Discord along with PersonalRapeSalve where we all got banned? The guy you talked to and go to eharmony? That’s me, Kada$in, who goes now as Kadachi#8786 since my account got disabled and I want us to talk again and how you are now along with your family, you and your dad and your other partner as well. Again, just want to know you more as a person and telling you some stories of me and the person I’m dating now thanks to your advice, going to eharmoney too since I deserve someone good in my life than to get cheated on countless time
    If you’re still up to.. making another discord account and just talking simply, how we are and talk, my discord ID is Kadachi#8786
    Really hope to seeing you again and talking to you Lauren 🙂

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzmr

      Hey Random Guy.
      How have you been? I’ll try to make another Discord account.
      Far as “VALENTINO”goes if it/he was any type of a man , I’d gladly feed him to our pet crocodile.

    • Random Guy ID:dbj9nkg8lq

      To Lauren
      I’ve been pretty good, here and there, the girl I’m dating now, she’s a really good girl, she has some flaws here and there and is.. REALLY want to change for me and.. personally, I’m touched and happy that she is willing to shape up and be better person for not only me but for her and her life and I won’t go into details here since.. I don’t know when you’ll reply haha 😅
      But yeah, I have a lot to tell and share as I would like both of us to catch up on in Discord Lauren 😊
      Again, my Discord is Kadachi#8786 (exactly as it is, since Discord finds users are very case sensitive) and just shoot me a friend request and I’m practically online all the time there so.. yeah I’ll be there to accept it immediately when you do and hope you, your family and kids are happy currently and healthy 😊❤️

  • Reply Toni hurston [email protected] ID:5q5u8yc8ln

    We have simlar back grounds send email if you wish to talk

  • Reply Anonymous West ID:7g8tq4jkhl9

    Nice comments. Will daddy fuck our 2 littlies? I really don’t know. I think it is inevitable that Lottie and I will both have more babies and that will stretch our cunts and, inevitably, daddy will seek something tighter. Yes, we expect him to fuck his children like he fucked us, his children. Our relationship with Daddy and with each other is really hot. It is hard to see that tapering off and at least for now we have lots of sex., The biggest benefit to us right now is that when we have our periods, or daddies been fucking one of us more than the other, and one of us needs a rest, we simply divert daddy to the other. Cunts and bums are forever attractive to him and once he has that cock in any one of them there is no holding him back. He must be very over-sexed because I have never run across anything like this. Lottie and I are very, very happy being young, attractive fuck toys. It is our role in life.

    • Tabooman75 ID:fx7itck0j9

      Glad you finally accepted your roles in life pleasing and bearing him children

  • Reply Story lover ID:1g69ienr6iao

    To Lauren do you wish your daddy fucked you when you was younger

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzmr

      I started sucking him off at 9. We started fucking at 11, 2 days after turning 13 I was pregnant,and became a mom before 14. I’m 23 now,and had our second last September 1. It’s fucking hot being dad/daughter and lovers too.

    • Roland ID:99uwotzm4

      God Lauren I wish I had a daughter or a neice like you, your father is a lucky man I wish I can find a girl like you that’s into family incest it’s hard to find someone like you

    • Lolicon man ID:99uwotzm4

      Hey Lauren do you have daughter’s I can date and marry I want some little girls pussy

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzmr

      To Lolicon Man.
      Someone should open your coffin during daylight hours,and drive a wood stake through your heart.

  • Reply Big daddy ID:11awnw3im9k4

    Hi Lauren how old are your children will you let dad have them

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzmr

      Big daddy(little dick) you’re another parasite, and your coffin needs to be opened during daylight hours,and a wooden stake driving through your heart. Along with all you parasite PEDOPHILE SCUM !

    • Valentino ID:4f764k9h2


    • Random Guy ID:dbj9nkg8lq

      Valentino, calm down now, no need to spout such things and Lauren’s a mom, trying yo protect her kids from other people, even though she likes incesteous sex with her dad, still doesn’t mean it’s okay for her kids to be raped by a pedo. Those are 2 separate things and let Lauren be, she’s a good person and a good mother and I got to know her a bit
      So don’t make this any worse between.. the 2 of you

  • Reply Story lover ID:1g69ienr6iao

    Yes daddy and daughter sex is the best the hottest thing in the world whos Sweet little pussy did your daddy love best yours or your little sisters

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzmr

      Hey, Story Lover
      I couldn’t agree more with you,about dad/daughter , being super hot,I know first hand all about it. My dad and me have been active several years. It started at 9, we first started fucking at 11. 2 days after turning 13 I was pregnant by him. I’m 23 now and we had our 2nd last September 1.

    • Random Guy ID:dbj9nkg8lq

      To Lauren, how are you lately Lauren? I hope you still remembered me back in Discord and I would like to talk to you more over Discord again, if not, maybe over Messenger
      /Telegram or even Zoom which is very private and secured (did my research)

    • Mikey the perv ID:99uwotzm4

      Lauren how do I get my niece horny and addicted she’s 12 and I really want to have sex with her so bad I would sneak in her room while she is asleep and I jerk off on her play with her soft little ass of hers and shoot my load on her sweet butt cheeks I really want to fuck her but I don’t want her to hate me I want her to be addicted to me and love me how do I do it any tips

    • Rose ID:99uwotzm4

      Lauren sometimes me and my boyfriend will go find little girls at the playground to play with, my boyfriend has a thing of raping little girls and it turns me on so much I want to give birth to a daughter when she’s old enough he can play with her all day while I watch

    • Onesickdude ID:fx7itck0j5

      Rose give your boyfriend alot of little babies .And keep encouraging his lust for little girls .Bring more to him through babysitting too

    • Anon ID:dmxjdjlhkr

      @rose trust me. Watching your husband violate your own daughter is so hot. My husband and our daughter have a very beautiful relationship. They’ve been sexual pretty much since she was born. She’s 5 now. My husband and her have theirbown room. He sleeps with me 4 days a week and with her three days. I think he’s going to ask to marry her when she’s a couple of years older.