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Unplanned sex with my sister

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I had sex with my sister when we were playing after taking a bath together. It was a total accident and not planned. But it was great.

Me and my sister were having our weekly Sunday bath, I was 10 and she was 8, it was normal for us to bathe together at that age as we’d been doing it since we were little.

I saw her naked all the time and she saw me too, there was never anything sexual about it because we didn’t know about sex and I was only 10 and wasn’t having thoughts or feelings about it, in my mind she was my sister and she was naked, that was it, it was normal, but this Sunday was different.

After playing around in the bath we both got out and dried ourselves, we were still in “play” mode and Robin, that is my sisters name, noticed our mom’s onesie was hanging on the back of the bathroom door, she managed to jump up and knock it off the hook, then she picked it up and put it on.

The onesie was my mom’s so it was really big on Robin, the legs and sleeves were hanging off her and it was all baggy because she was too small to fit it, I decided to try get in to it with her because it was so big I figured it could fit us both in, I put my legs and arms in, ruffled the long baggy sleeves up my arms, we were facing each other and I reached around her back and zipped it up.

It was fun, we kept falling over when we tried to walk in it, tripping over the baggy legs and because we were facing each other inside it we struggled to move in sync, but we managed to get out of the bathroom, across the landing, mom told us off for making too much noise, so we wobbled ourselves in to my bedroom.

We tripped again and fell over, Rosie was on top of me, we were laughing and giggling having a really good time as we rolled around my bedroom floor, stuck together inside the onesie.

All of a sudden I felt an intense warming sensation on my penis, and Rosie moaned, “Owie.”, I felt down and my penis was hard, then I felt along it and I couldn’t find the end, it was inside Rosie’s fanny, we fell silent and sort of looked at each other, staring for a few minutes and not moving.

I tried to pull my penis out of her and we both gasped with excitement, my penis felt tickly and I’d never felt anything like it before, I pushed it forward again and it felt so good, “Ouch.” Rosie moaned as I pushed it back in.

That was genuinely the first time I got a boner that I was aware of, if I had one previously I never properly noticed it before, I guess because we were naked and our bodies were touching as we rolled around on the floor, my body just reacted in a natural sexual way.

I kept pulling it out and pushing it back in, Rosie’s fanny was very warm and also wet and slippery, I began to thrust my hips, I didn’t understand why or what was happening, it was like I instinctively knew what to do, and I was fucking Rosie on the floor, trapped inside the onesie together.

“Ow – Ungh – Owie.” She moaned.

My penis felt extremely sensitive and I couldn’t stop pushing it in and out of her fanny, it just felt so good, Rosie was moaning and I was quickly getting out of breath, then my penis started to twitch inside her, it was the strangest feeling and my hips started to move faster and I was pushing it in and out of her fanny very fast.

I then felt a sharp and sudden tingle shoot up my penis and it swelled up and something happened at the tip of my penis, I don’t know if I actually ejaculated sperm or not, but I definitely had the orgasm.

Once I’d caught my breath I rolled us over, reached behind Rosie and I unzipped the onesie, she pulled her arms out and sat up on me, amazingly my penis was still inside her fanny, she pushed her hands against my chest and lifted herself up, my penis flopped out of her, “Ungh” she gasped as it popped out of her hole.

“Did I hurt your willy?” she asked me.

I shook my head at her, “No, I’m okay.” I replied.

She stood up and examined her fanny, “It went in my fanny.” She said, then she giggled.

“I know.” I said.

Then mom called us from downstairs, our supper was ready, we both quickly got dressed in to our pyjamas and went downstairs but we never spoke about what happened, we didn’t even know or understand what we just did, assuming it was normal thing to happen we just got on with our evening as normal.

The following Sunday when we were in the bath we played with each other’s privates, I saw my own spunk for the first time, Rosie had been pulling on my penis and I ejaculated in to the bath water, it was like a long white worm came out of my penis and started floating around in the water.

It was about a month later when we had sex again, Rosie asked me to put my willy in her fanny again, we had sex a lot after that, almost every week until she was 12, I got a girlfriend by then and Rosie was becoming a teenager and noticing other boys herself, it is probably a good job we stopped when we did, otherwise she could have gotten pregnant, she was almost old enough.

Mom made us stop bathing together when I turned 12, probably because she knew it would be inappropriate at my age, she probably should have stopped us sooner though.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2t0c1

    Author; no one is going to find out even if her name was bug. keep writing.

  • Reply Feel great ID:6p17rtaa427

    I met a girl, when my father retired from his job, he’s a navy officer, I’ve my business in new York, though I’m indian, after several years passed by, I again met her, actually I was on a trip to india, it’s a 2 month trip, then we both started meeting, chat, movies, party, she shared her fantacies, we started kissing, mouth to mouth, then she told me she hasn’t fucked for last 4 months as her hubby mostly lives in forest😄😄, actually he’s a soldier.

    One day we both went to movie, kissing & eating popcorn, while reaching her home, she told me her hubby is comming after a week, and would be here for 2 months, I called my father, told him that I’m going to another city, but next 6 days, I fucked her, even first 3 days we even didn’t bath, I fucked her all home, bed cracking and moaning sounds were all over, I called her by names, we did sex like we were in honeymoon…

    • A ID:7ylren2t0c1

      DUD ! what the fuck does this have to do with his story. you fucking assholes need to stop trumping peoples stories. who gives a shit about your fucking whore indian girl friend tramp. write a fucking story about it instead of trying to sabotage someone’s stories.

  • Reply Hannah ID:2kyee16thjr

    Nice story…. I really enjoyed it ;p

    • Dan ID:cor60i6ib2

      Hi u have sc

  • Reply Author ID:eycvrhlq

    Sorry. I tried not to use my sisters real name in the story but ended up using it further down, I guess I got caught up in the memories. Her name is Rosie.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqral

      Okay, but you could have just left it at Robin/Rosie, and let us guess. Without her last name, or any geographic information like what Continent you’re on, she’s probably fairly safe from us perverts. (Safe with you remains to be determined.)