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Molested at the dinner table

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My friend Carly’s dad finger fucked me at the dinner table with his wife and other kids around, then he did something naughtier in the back garden.

I was at my friend, Carly’s house, I had only been to her house a few times before, she mainly always came to mine.

We just got to her house and as soon as the door opened I could smell food, it smelt really nice, whatever it was, I walked behind Carly in to the kitchen and her mom was putting food out on the table, Carly’s younger sister, brother and her dad were taking their seats around the table.

They were having their dinner a bit early than usual so we were caught off guard, Carly was nice enough to ask her mom if I could stay for dinner, she said it was okay, so I called my mom and told her I was having dinner at Carly’s.

The table was a bit small but they managed to fit me in, her dad got another chair from the patio and brought it in for me, “You can sit here, love.”, he placed the chair between him and Carly’s little sister.

As I shuffled up to the table and started to eat the great food, it was a chicken and mushroom pie with peas and mash potatoes, so nice, everyone began to talk and have fun while eating.

I was taking a big mouthful of the buttery pie crust when I felt something touch my inner thigh, the pie crust dropped off my fork and on to my lap, I looked down and saw Carly’s dads hand rubbing my thigh, I look across to him and he winked at me and grinned, I didn’t say anything though, it wasn’t my house, I didn’t want to be rude.

About a minute later I had a mouth full of peas, and her dad slid his hand up my skirt and rubbed his finger over my panties, gently pressing his finger against my pussy over the fabric, I kept eating and my pussy began to tingle from his touch.

Then I stared straight ahead and my eyes opened widely, he pushed his hand down the front of my panties, his finger curled and then he pushed it in to my pussy, I spat out a mouthful of peas all over the table when his finger went in to my hole and I jumped in my seat.

“Are you alright, Hannah, love?” Carly’s mom asked.

I nodded, I couldn’t speak, Carly’s dad was slowly finger fucking me under the table, it took my breath away and my pussy was dripping wet.

“Chew your food darling.” She said.

“I will. Sorry.” I replied, desperately holding back the urge to moan out.

A few minutes later I was biting my lip and experiencing my first orgasm, my legs were shaking like crazy and I was clenching my crotch as much as I could, I was about to explode with pleasure, he continued to push his finger up me and I was shuffling uncomfortably in my seat, the orgasm was too powerful.

“Oooaah!” I moaned out, at the same time I banged my knife and fork on the table.

Everyone stared at me, “If you don’t like the food you don’t have to eat it, love.” Said Carly’s mom.

I smiled at her, for some reason I suddenly felt really happy.
“Are you sure you’re alright, you’ve gone a funny colour.” She asked.

“I’m fine.” I replied, then she passed me a glass of juice, which I quickly gulped down, I looked at Carly’s dad and he winked at me again.

While her mom cleared the table and started preparing dessert, she asked her dad to take out the rubbish, he got up and pulled the bag out of the kitchen bin and then turned to me, “Want to give me a hand?” he asked.

Seeing that Carly and her mom were busy preparing dessert and her brother and sister were playing, I figured it would be rude of me to say no, “Sure.”, he handed me another bag and went out of the back door down to the bind at the far end of the back garden, conveniently behind his garden shed.

We put the bags in the bin then I turned around to walk back to the house but he stood in front of me, I looked up at him, “I hope you don’t mind me doing what I did just then.” He said, then he started rubbing my arms, “It’s just, pretty girls like you make me so horny.” He said, like it was perfectly appropriate to say that to me.

“I’m 11 years old, Mr Jenkins. I don’t think you should be doing that. But I’m not mad.” I replied.

“It’s the fact that you’re only 11 it makes me want you more. You’re so pretty.” He said, then he pulled me towards him, he leaned down and gave me a really long kiss on the lips, I pushed him off, “Mr Jenkins!” I complained, wiping his saliva off my mouth with my arm.

Then he picked me up, with my legs around his waist and arms over his shoulders, he walked me over to the bin and sat me on top of it, “What are you doing?” I asked.

He pulled my legs apart and then took his cock out of his jeans, “Holy shit.” I said, he had a really long erection, for some reason I allowed him to pull my panties aside and then he pushed his cock down my crack before thrusting it hard up my pussy.

“Argh-Ungh! – Mr – Jen – Kins – Ungh!” I moaned.

It was clear he wasn’t going to stop as he repeatedly and very rapidly thrust it up my hole again and again, the bin was banging loudly against the back of the wooden shed, and my ass lifted off the bin lid every time he thrust forward, so I just held on to his shoulders and let him pound me.

Less than a minute later I felt him come inside me, and thankfully he slowed down until he came to a complete stop with his cock gently throbbing inside of me.

He pulled his cock out of my pussy and stepped back, that’s when I jumped off the bin to my feet and took a few steps away from him, “You’re a naughty man, Mr Jenkins.” I snapped.

“Yeah – but you know you loved it.” He said with a victorious grin on his voice.

I did actually, it was kind of nice, all I could do was smile at him and blush, then I ran back up in to the house.

We sat back at the dinner table and had dessert but never mentioned what happened.

He hasn’t touched me since then thought, I rarely go around to Carly’s house now anyway.

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