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I love watching my daughter and her friends

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I’m obsessed, sexually, with my 12 year old daughter and her hot little friends. I spy on them all the time and I want to fuck them so badly.

I’m a father who is obsessed with his 12 year daughter and her friends, ever since she stopped being my little princess and started wearing make-up, scary short skirts and figure hugging hot-shorts, as well as her friends, running around in their skimpy outfits with 80% of their naked flesh on show and smelling so fucking good with their perfumes.

One day, my obsession went further, my daughter had sleepovers every weekend, and I saw her and her friends in their pyjamas, and night shirts, you have no idea how hard it was to stop myself from jumping them all, but I knew that I couldn’t do that.

I bought a present for my daughter at Christmas, it was a digital clock, because she was always waking up late for school, she liked my present and put it in her bedroom.

What she didn’t know is that the clock had a spy camera inside it, I had taken it out of the box and set it all up, and placed it in a blank brown box, so she and no one else, especially my wife, would find out it was a spy camera clock, she plugged it in and I got a notification on my phone that it was ready to go.

The night of her next sleepover arrived and once all the girls were in her room, I excused myself to the bathroom, took out my phone, and opened the app to view the spy camera live footage, and I watched the girls in her bedroom.

I sat on the closed toilet seat and watched all the girls changing in to their night wear, it was beautiful, seeing all those girls in their tight little panties and training bra’s, I sat in the bathroom jerking myself off for nearly an hour, multiple times.

I did this repeatedly for about a month and then my obsession deepened, I needed more, so I installed another spy camera in the shower head of our bathroom, every night when my daughter went to take her shower, I went to my shed in the garden and watched her naked showering, she had such a beautiful sexy body, nice c-cup round breasts, a big round ass and a bald pussy that looked so nice I was drooling down my chin.

I even saw some of her little friends showering during a sleepover, thank God for Wi-Fi and the ability to record live video streams on your phone.

I randomly tuned in to the digital clock camera one night when I woke up at about 1am to go to the toilet, I didn’t expect to see anything of interest, but to my amazement I saw my daughter moving around in her bed, I turned up the volume and heard her moaning, pleasurably, I realised my little girl had discovered her pussy and she was masturbating.

So I sat in the bathroom and jerked myself off in sync with her, when it sounded like she’d had an orgasm, I ejaculated at the same time and it was as if we’d just had sex together, it was a great feeling, hearing my little girl come was amazing.

I’ve been spying on my daughter and her hot friends for months, and I don’t think I can control myself any longer, I fully intend to fuck my daughter or at least one of more of her friends very soon.

I hope she’s a virgin, I want to be the first cock inside my little girl.

I must have her, she needs her daddy inside of her, I know she does, it’s what I want. Daddy is coming baby, soon.

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    You need to install a toilet cam. You can see all those girls sit on the toilet and look at their little pussies Peeing

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:vzhs2mzm4

    God yes. And I love women as well

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    Daddy im 16 will u be my daddy n drug me n breed me😩

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      Awe where you live? Maybe I can help 😈😘

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    Give some sleeping pills to them in all their food. Them fuck them. If they sleep with their mouth open them you can in their cum into their mouths

  • Reply BUDDY SMITH ID:3zxjfqgz20b0

    Next time at the sleepover you can make some pudding for the girls with you cum mix in the pudding. Them you can buy your daughter a some lingerie so she can wear at the sleepover and her friends to.

    • Peyton ID:2a7bspxxia3

      that’s cute lingerie as an 11 yr old i wear lingerie

  • Reply Ellie ID:1fjh99kzhrc6

    It reminds me of when my daughter turned 12 and suddenly had a growth spurt and I realized I became attracted to her and I’d soy on her, saw her masturbating on the sofa after school many times when she thought I was preparing dinner, her skirt up to her thighs and her fingers rubbing her white cotton panties.

  • Reply Little princess ID:sbv8dp8l0

    I hope you got a 12 inch to tear it apart

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    Please write more

  • Reply realNstDad32 ID:fx7itdk0jo

    what you need to do is drug them at the next sleep over and once they are asleep pump every single one of them full of cum…. doesnt matter if they are on birth control or not(hopefully not) 😉
    then make sure you video tape it for future jerking, and make sure you let us know how it turns out.

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    God I wish you were my dad destory her little pussy teach her the meaning of being a woman

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    God, that’s sick, and hot. *****

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