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I love watching my daughter and her friends – Part 2

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So I couldn’t hold off any longer, I just had to come up with a plan that would enable me to fuck my daughter and her friends. It was magical.

Obsessed with my daughter and her friends, and having spied on them in her bedroom and shower through hidden spy camera’s, I finally cracked, I couldn’t hold it back any longer, I had to have her, I couldn’t get the thought of it out of my head, if I didn’t do this I was going to have some sort of breakdown.

I spent a few months planning everything down the last detail, preparing for a night to remember.

There was no way my daughter or any of her friends were going to willingly have sex with me, and even the mention of it could have sent them running to their parents and grassing me up and then I’d be in a lot of trouble, no, asking was out of the question, but I also couldn’t just grab them and force them to do it, no, if I was going to do this then it needed to be done without them ever knowing about it.

Sedation was the only way I could see this happening.

I researched online about the many different kinds of drugs, which ones got you to sleep, but also which kept you asleep and with some sort of sedation that would allow me to do what I needed to do without them waking up.

I finally found a recipe online for the perfect drug cocktail and set about testing it, I drugged my wife’s drink one evening and observed, it took her 15 minutes to drift off and then over the course of 2 hours I was able to molest and probe her without her waking up. Perfect. It would be even more effective on someone younger.

My wife and daughter had been nagging me for months to do something with the empty basement, my daughter had been asking for it to be made in to a den for her and her friends to hang out, with games, TV, seating areas etc.

So I got to work and converted the basement in to a magical den fit for young teenage girls.

First I found out when my daughters next sleepover was, I intervened and told her to make a weekend of it, get the girls over and they could hang out all weekend in her new den, she loved the idea.

Next, I had to get rid of the wife, I couldn’t do anything with her hanging around, so I arranged a luxury spa weekend for her and her closest friend, a nice 2 day stay in a hotel with a pool and they could get pampered, I offered it to her simply telling her, “This is just because I love you. You work so hard and you deserve a break.”

Two weeks later the big weekend arrived, my wife headed off with her friend for the weekend on Friday night, I spent the whole morning of Saturday preparing food, snacks and drinks for the arrival of my daughters friends, once they arrived they headed down to the basement and at around 8pm I took down all the food and drink.

“Right. Have fun, girls. I’ll be upstairs if you need anything. You’ve got plenty of blankets and pillows?”

“Yeah. Thanks, Dad. You’re the best.”

What they didn’t know is that I’d laced all the food and drink with my drug cocktail and pre-installed hidden cameras in the basement, I headed upstairs, got fully undressed, put on my white bath robe and I sat on my bed and watched them on my phone, waiting for them to drift off.

I saw the girls dancing with the disco lights on, watching a movie on the big TV, pillow fighting and my anticipation peaked when I saw them getting dressed for bed, I had purposely abstained from having sex with my wife for the last two weeks, storing up and saving it for this night, and seeing these girls in their underwear again almost made my explode, thankfully it didn’t.

As it got later and the girls enjoyed more of the food I had prepared, slowly but surely they all drifted off in to a sweet dug induced slumber, I gave it twenty minutes just to make sure, then I headed downstairs and in to the basement.

Some of the girls had managed to get underneath their blankets, others were just laid wherever they fell when the drugs kicked in, as I walked around I admired the view, 5 beautiful young girls, including my daughter, all laid out on the floor, brunette, blondes, red-head, they looked so sweet, so innocent, so vulnerable, “Oh, thank you sex gods.” I said to myself, “Thank you.”

I picked them up one by one and laid them all out in a nice neat tidy row and removed every patch of clothing they were wearing, then I stood and look left and right, slowly admiring the row of hot naked girlies, their smooth little pussies and breasts of varying size all laid bare just for me.

I opened my robe and allowed it to slip down my arms and on to the floor, my cock sprung up and was more than ready to get started, I got down and crawled around them like a horny dog on all fours, I rubbed my hands all over each of them and licked their sweet tasting pussies one by one, I examined them all, and they were all virgins, had I hit the fucking jackpot or what.

“Virgins. Yes!” I shouted, I didn’t care, no one could hear me.

But my daughter was the main reason for tonight, I carried her away from the other girls and laid her down gently on the inflatable mattress at the other side of the room, once I’d licked her out and tasted her virginity, I lifted her knees and spread her legs before hovering over her and then lowering myself down between her silky legs, my entire body began to shake with excitement.

I could feel the heat from her pussy warming up my cock, I enjoyed licking around her breasts and biting her nipples, and kissing her strawberry red lips, and then I laid on top of her and held my little girl in my arms.

“I’m doing this because I love you, my angel. I wish I didn’t have to do it this way, but Daddy has to fuck you. Daddy needs to do this, I hope you understand. I love you so much.” I whispered in to her ear.

I watched her delicate plump flaps move aside as I pushed the tip of my cock between them, I could feel how hot her pussy was, at first I couldn’t get my cock to go in, so I reached down and popped her cherry with my finger, her small body reflexed and jumped from my finger insertion.

I licked her fluids off my finger and then placed my cock back between her flaps, and I pushed, “Ooah – that’s tight.”, it took longer than I expected to get it fully inserted in to her pussy, her insides were so tight the pressure slightly bent my cock, thankfully it didn’t take long for her insides to fully expand around it and I was able to slide it in and out without much effort.

She is my little girl so I didn’t go crazy horny on her, I would actually describe it is making slow tender love to her, I enjoyed the tightness of her virgin pussy, the silky youthful softness of her skin, she still had her new baby smell, I held her gently as I violated her body with my cock, and smiled as her tiny body lightly rocked around, she would occasionally open her mouth, just a little, and breath out a sexual moan for me.

But I couldn’t go slow the entire time, oh no, “Oh jeeze. Oh – Oh – Oooh.” I moaned and groaned, feeling my seed gradually flowing up my tubes, I began to thrust faster, and then faster, with my balls tapping against her soft ass cheeks, “Okay – Yeah – Oh!”, it was coming, it was building up, two weeks of stored spunk about to burst out.

My final few thrust were extremely hard, I was pounding her pussy so forcefully her ass lifted off the mattress, I had to hold on to the top of her head to stop her slipping upwards, once I had her stuck in place, I held my breath and I pounded her hard a few more times, “Ooh – Oh God! – Oh God! – Oooooooh Go——-d!!!!!!”

I ejaculated, I’d come, it was the biggest load I’d ever shot, it just kept on coming, blast after blast, I felt my spunk vibrate my cock as it blasted out in large spurts, the back pressure for my spunk filling up her insides began to force my cock out of her pussy until it finally popped out, as I looked down, all I saw was a waterfall of spunk gushing out from between her legs.

“Fuck me – that was good. Oh, angel. Fucking hell.” I gasped, I think my balls actually shrunk after I came, “Wow.”

I gave myself some time to rest, and I kissed my little girl and held her in a tight embrace, I never felt more close to her than I do now, we bonded, literally.

After resting, I looked over and saw the row of her friends still fast asleep, I went over to them and enjoyed them one by one, over the space of 3 hours I managed to fuck each and every one of them, and my cock was the first their little pussies had ever had, and it made me feel so good knowing that.

I was surprised though, even though all the girls were the same age and relative height, two of the girls pussies were a heck of a lot tighter than the others, they took some pounding I can tell you.

Once I’d finished having my perverted way with them, fucking a couple more than once, the brunette had a really nice big ass and I couldn’t resist ripping that open with my cock, I cleaned up the evidence, re-dressed them in their nighties and pyjamas, struggling to remember who was wearing what, then I placed them all under their own sheets and left them to sleep and wake up naturally in a few hours.

I went back upstairs, drank a beer and smoked a cigarette, and I stayed awake watching the live video of the basement waiting for them wake up.

Eventually they did, in the early hours of the morning, I got worried when I saw a couple of the girls looking suspicious and briefly rubbing their hands between their legs, they were probably a bit sore after the pounding I gave them, but thankfully not a single work was said about it, not a single suspicion or question arose.

The girls continued their weekend and my daughter’s friends left our house as happy as can be.

My daughter gave me a big hug and thanked me, “Thank’s Daddy. We had a great weekend.” She said.
“That’s good, angel. – me too.” I replied.

“Can I do it again next month?” she asked.

“Definitely!” I replied.

I got to fuck my hot little daughter, not many fathers can say that, but trust me, every father should fuck his little girl, it is the greatest feeling in the world.

What a night.

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