I am simply addicted to preteen girl’s assholes

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I am a 27 yr old male and for the longest time I’ve been molesting young girls in my family mainly daughters of my cousins, I then moved on to girls I would meet and convince them to let me use them( lot of grooming)I have had my share of fun. Some would be reluctant and some would even come asking me do more with them. Little girls are way too horny. My favourite part was when I would enter their asshole with my dick un announced and they would scream a little. It turns me on so much. I would keep using their little hole no matter how much they tell me to stop and at some point they give in and start enjoying it too. In more than a few cases a girl would ask me to put it in her ass again. Haha…. happy to train these little anal sluts. I used a few or their pussies too but I liked using the ass more given that I could cum inside it without any second thought. Ohh and another thing little girls suck better cock than most adult women I’ve been with. Just something about their small mouths just feels great.

I got wickr danielwayne66 incase any horny lil girl wants to talk about shared interest 😉

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    email me lets chat!!

  • Reply ASSLVR123 ID:bk9mr16zl

    My favorite are young teenage white girls with their perfect pink buttholes. Most of the time, these young white girls usually will put themselves into bad situations by getting too drunk at parties. It feels so fucking good to push my dick bareback into a young blonde girl’s passed out butthole—and since they’re completely blacked out from the alcohol, their assholes are relaxed and much easier to penetrate. Sometimes I’d be able to just use a little spit with no lube and get my dick balls deep into her rectum with little to no resistance.

    • anal rp ID:21c6xftbd4

      same! cant tell you how many high school girls i anally rape at college parties! lots of 16yo lost their anal cherry by my raw dick fucking them full of cum!

      [email protected]

  • Reply anal rp ID:21c6xftbd4

    young asshole is the best!! ive anally raped dozens of boys and girls 12-17! while young girls are great, young boys are the best! they are tighter, and hey scream more during the first couple rapes! but once that part of them breaks, they are yours and will never tell! i raped my best friends straight 15yo son during a camping trip just him and i. the first two days, he fought me everytime i forced my dick up his ass, but by the third day, his body was mine. id wake up to him jacking me off and sucking my dick. then id pin him down and rape his ass full of cum!

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  • Reply Adelwolf804 ID:3zxjfle2qr9

    I don’t agree with you about the sucking abilities. I have a female friend who has trained her 8 yo daughter very well in oral skills. They are both excellent at using their mouths and particularly their tongues. When it comes to anal I think the daughter is best. I can pick her up and pump her on my rod.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqra

      “Better” is an opinion, and extremely subjective once you factor in sexual tastes. To a preferential pedophile, of course little girls suck dick better. Because they’re into little girls, and blowjobs. A gay bear can suck a mean dick too, but if you’re not into old fat hairy (And quite often bald) guys, you’d never know it.

  • Reply Lily ID:5vakbs64zj

    Ewww yuck disgusting

    • slutofchildren ID:5xrbe0kql

      i bet you cummed while reading it lol

  • Reply eddy ID:145e5w3dt0d

    wow great story i ate out my niece shes not even in preschool yet was delicious wish she stayed around so i could screw her. i love eating out child pussy taste great

    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20d

      You’re a sick BITCH

    • Glicksit1011 ID:5u100ta78j

      Mmmh me to buddy

    • IRcuckold ID:fx7i92oi9

      I want to do my niece. She was a cute little girl and now she is 15. She wears a bra in front of me. I could see her nipples. She’s been so hot for last 7 years.

  • Reply Lexi ID:7bthpc08rd

    Oh wow this makes me feel really hot inside. Good story

    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20d

      Hey Lexi,I agree with you

    • Glicksit1011 ID:5u100ta78j

      Hi Bebe girl

    • Anonymous ID:5u1d7cf20d

      To Glicksit 1011
      You’re another SICK BITCH !

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0a

    Yeah, that’s Rape. If you don’t announce the intent, they scream in pain, and tell you to stop, that’s rape. It’s also Statutory, or course. Since they’re also too young to legally consent. There’s no ex-post facto “She started to like it after I raped her long enough” for rape, either.

    • Yourhornydaddy22 ID:1ek5buim9k

      I still don’t care haha. I got what I wanted 😉

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0a

      Of course, you’re a sadist. I’m just saying, even if you don’t care about Trigger Warnings. As an Author, if you want other sadistic child rapists to read your story, then it’s easier to find if you tag it Rape. Is this your first time?

    • Savannah ID:3zxjhpby20d

      What does sadist mean?

  • Reply Trancoso ID:14s76leq6ia

    Sweet! My man I wouldn’t use the word molesting because I never considered what I went through was that. I gave consent to my older cousin to use my ass. I also gave consent to other grown men that I was happy to call them “friends” throughout my childhood I’ve been a hypersexual bottom slut! Just being used as a cum dump for them, and it’s true girls give better head than men!

    • Trancoso ID:14s76leq6ia

      I mean women typo lol

    • Yourhornydaddy22 ID:2t4antm9j

      Let’s talk then 😉 my wickr danielwayne66

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0a

      LOL, Daniel Wayne. Is 66 your age, or your birth year? Might as well provide your address too. Or, call the cops, and tell them you have your own handcuffs.

    • NerdyLad ID:5azgkaqrj

      Jeez this guy does not know how this works