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Double crossed by my ex at new years party

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I found him in a cupboard with another girl

I never intended to have sex with my Dad it just happened but I don’t regret it, my boyfriend was having a fancy dress party at his house, he was Dracula and I was going as an cheerleader, and I must admit the original outfit I had was really beautiful, my mother has to work the night shift so my Dad said he would take me over.
The party was going well and it was hard to tell who was who, we sneaked off into the bathroom for a cuddle as a prelude bringing in the new year having sex! Not a bad plan as plans go, while we were in there obviously hands strayed and he had soaking wet and I did have any fresh underwear, we broke off and re-joined the party, it was still early around 10 and I couldn’t see him so I decided to find him, to my horror I found him in a cupboard with another girl and apparently he had got further with her than with me! he obviously couldn’t wait but it did nothing for my temper.
I calmly closed the door found the phone and asked Dad to pick me up straight away telling him what happened, my ex (as he become from that moment) tried to talk his way out of it but I was having none of it as he had been captured red handed with another girl wanking him, I couldn’t see where his hand was but I can make a shroud guess!

I waited outside for half an hour waiting for Dad, getting in I explained what happened and slumped in the seat, he doesn’t deserve you sweetheart he said as we drove away, about half way home it was all I could think off and getting more and more in a bad mood, on top of that with what happened in the bathroom I smelled of me cause my crotch was still soaking!
Dad pull in here I said as we passed Gosforth park, it was pitch black as we drove down the lane and stopped in a passing place and burst into tears.
He leaned over and gave me a cuddle and rested his hand on my bare knee, it was soft and warm, as he hugged me his hand  my bare thigh slightly, and the strange thing was I didn’t stop him!

He pulled away slightly, I think we actually moved together at the same time and kissed, I don’t think he wanted to touch me like that but he wasn’t stopping, at first I was sort of shocked but then sank into it, all of a sudden his hand was on my crotch, moving the elastic to one side and slid his finger into my already wet pussy, I moaned without thinking, I started to open my legs for him as he insert another finger into me, after working them in & out for a few seconds I couldn’t believe it when he took them out and licked his fingers.
Next he was pulling at my knickers, my feelings and lust got the better of me as I lifted my bum of the seat helping him to remove them, once they were off he unbuttoned and unzipped my pants pulling his underwear down, his semi-hard cock flopped out onto my pussy, I reached down and started wanking him, my ex was about 6 inches fully hard but Dad was at least a couple of inches bigger and thicker too, when he was fully erect and the seat as far back and reclined I felt his cock pushing against me, I was so wet his cock eased all the way inside me.

Before I knew it I’d forced Dad’s cock out my pussy and squirted, my body convulsed and I had no control over my movements for a few seconds, Opp’s he said, hang on a sec and reached over and grabbed the throw over from the rear seat and put it under me, he inserted his cock again moving in a steady rhythm, he held my legs pulling me onto him, another minute or so later another orgasm was building up, I convulsed again but this time he pushed inside me so I didn’t push him out, I would never have guessed you were a squirter he said!

After a few more minutes I knew he was getting close himself, when it hit I really felt it, he must have throbbed for a good minute inside me and I felt every spurt, afterwards he withdrew and a ton of his cum dribbled out of me onto the blanket! And the car just smelled of sex!
We cleaned ourselves up the best we could, it was pointless putting on my knickers again after that, I’ll put this in the wash when we get back I said, can’t have Mum finding it like this!
We drove back home and we did it again on my bed! I saw the new year in as I planned, just not with the person I planned it with, needless to say when Mum is on night shift now we have sex! And I love it, I thought a man would ever go down on me after coming inside me until me and Dad started doing this!
I know my ex wouldn’t let his mouth anywhere near my pussy after he came! I thought men thought it was gross to do that afterwards, but not Dad he enjoyed licking me clean afterwards eventually getting me to sit over his mouth, he made me cum again too!

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  • Reply You absolutely must write some more this ID:3057hz2fiin

    Absolutely not I love cleaning up cum full pussy

  • Reply Anon ID:135zg01bm3p

    Happens here too, I bet it was your natural smell that turned him on, I fucked my sister a couple of times while on holiday in the Rockies, nicccccccce story.

  • Reply miles ID:1ghnnbu3m9a2

    good story i love it