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Bathtime with little Holly

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My little sister is seven, but she insists she’s seven and a half. Her name is Holly, named after some model my mom liked. Holly had long blonde hair, bright green eyes, and a very petite figure. She was perfect in my mom’s eyes. I wasn’t. My teeth were crooked, my curly hair never looked good, and my dad always made fun of me whenever I had random boners.

Holly may be Perfect, but she still demands that I take baths with her and showers. Whenever I say no, she whines to my mom and I get in trouble. So I stopped saying no.

Tonight was different, it felt weird. Holly told me she was taking a bath and I sighed as I got up to join her. She got naked before turning on the water, then complained about being cold. She ran over to me and hugged me, I had already taken my shirt off, so her small boobs pressed against my stomach. She looked up at me with her innocent green eyes and I huffed before picking her up, knowing that’s what she wanted. She wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my neck. I could feel her small, warm pussy. The thought of it started to give me a boner.

I noticed the tub was full so I put her in before stopping the water. I took of the rest of my clothes before getting in the bath. She ducked under the water to get her hair wet before resurfacing. She turned her back to me, expecting me to shampoo her hair. I rolled my eyes and got started. I throughly scrubbed shampoo into her hair before she ducked underwater once more to get it out.

She faced me again and her little tits were above the water, her nipples were hard from the cold air. She grabbed a wash cloth, put soap on it before giving it to me. She stood, facing me, expecting me to wash her. All I was focused on was her hairless little pussy in front of my face. I started to wash her legs before I rubbed her pussy with the wash cloth. I rubbed her clit gently and she squeaked softly. I let the cloth fall into the water as I rubbed her clit, one of my fingers slipping inside of her. I looked at her face and could tell she liked it. Soon I had three fingers in her and was finger fucking her gently.

I pulled her closer to me before kissing her tights, still fingering her. Pretty soon, she squirted on my hand and apologized over and over. She got out of the bathtub and shook.

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