A Virgin In the World Of Cruel Lesbians. Part 2

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Hi, Becky Hillyard here, telling my side of Jenny’s story. So desperate for love, so gullible,so much fun,well for me and my friends she was.

I knew Jenny would be waiting in the parking lot half an hour before I told her I would meet her there, she was standing looking over the river when I pulled up and hooted, she came running over ,said “your here ,your here “,she was like a kid leaving school on the last day of term before the summer vacation.
At my place I showed her to her bedroom, ( why I don’t know, if everything goes to plan she wasn’t going to spend anytime in there) and we sat on the deck drinking a bottle of wine and chit chatting.
I had arranged for a couple of friends to come around, I said to Jenny we just have time for a shower , and we went up stairs . She went into her bedroom ,and a couple of minutes after I heard the shower running, so I joined her in the warm water .
Standing behind her I gently beggan washing her back with a sponge, I could feel her shaking with either fear or excitement, and it wasn’t long before my hands went round her waist and I started gently rubbing her boobs , her nipples were hard and I could feel her pressing her bottom against my body and she was giggling . By the time we got out of the shower my hands had roamed over her entire body, including her tight little furry fanny.
As I knelt in front of her drying between her legs , I leaned forward and kissed the lips of her pussy , she put her hand on my head as if to push me away but instead she gave a big sigh and pulled me towards here so my mouth touched her pussy , when I kissed her I was thinking oh Jenny darling now you’re mine .
My friend’s Helen and Marion arrived almost as soon as we had got dried and dressed, we sat outside chit chat, laughing and drinking . Out of the blue the conversation changed from chit chat to somewhat serious when Helen said, ” did I tell you what my idiot did the other day ” ? I laughed looked at Marion and said ” what did you do ” ? I saw Jenny look at me with this strange look on her face as if to say did you hear that she called her an idiot, which made me smile. I said ” well Marion what did you do “, she looked at her wine glass, looked up and said quietly, ” I parked downtown when I went to the hairdressers and the car got towed because it was next to a hydrant “, and she looked at Helen and said ” I am sorry Helen I really am “.
Helen looked at her and said “your going to be, I had to leave work, go to the fucking pound , pay a king’s ransom to get my car out , and all because of this one ” and she pointed at Marion, ” was worrying more about her fucking hair appointment than my new mother fucking car.” We were all laughing at the way she said it ,well by all I meant three of us, I thought Marion was going to cry.
” What did you do to her, ” I said flippantly, ” nothing yet, I told Jackie I was coming here tonight and she said she will be over.” Poor Marion seemed to sink into her chair, she had dated Jackie for about two years until recently, when she left like a common thief in the night when Jackie was on a two week business trip to the left coast . She moved in with Helen who had told me she didn’t have any real feelings for her, after all Marion was in her late forties almost twice Helens age , and although she was very pretty, for her age , and Helen said she was fun because Jackie had trained her well , but Helen told me one day ” she just isn’t for me long term ” . The thought of Jackie seeing Marion for the first time since she got back a couple of days ago excited me , although Jackie and Helen had been friends for several years I was sure she was not happy with Marion just leaving , this promised to be fun.
Jennys hands were in the washing up bowl in the kitchen sink washing the dinner things, I had shown here where the dishwasher was but she insisted there wasn’t much to do,so she was quiet defenseless when I crept up behind her and kissed her neck. As I stepped back laughing I could see all the goosebumps on her arms and she giggled. I moved back and stood against her, my hand went round her body and I took hold of her breast . I moved closed to her and began kissing her neck and whispered “you know “(kiss) ” I am” (kiss) ” going to ” (kiss) “do wicked” (kiss) “things to (kiss) you (kiss, kiss) when we (kiss ) go to (kiss) bed (kiss) don’t you , ( kiss ). I could feel her nipple go hard and I rolled it through her dress as and she moved her shoulders from side to side and laughed.
She got suddenly all serious and said “where have Marion and Helen gone”, and I said “upstairs,” and she “said what for” ? Before I could answer the doorbell rang and I went and let Jackie in. She pushed me against the entrance hall wall and kissed me, ” where’s the cunt”asked Jackie still with her lips pressed against mine, “upstairs, but come and see what I have got in the kitchen first I replied”.
Jenny had finished the washing up and was drying her hands when we went into the kitchen. Jackie walked slowly around Jenny, the look on Jennys face said it all. At five foot ten , wearing 6 inch heels, dressed in leather pants and a leather waistcoat Jackie was an awesome sight, the look of fear on Jennys face showed how she felt about Jackie.
” So who are you” asked Jackie standing in front of Jenny who looked at me with panic written all over her face and mumbled something about ” being a friend of Becky’s “. Jackie said “any friend of Becky’s is a friend of mine” and she slowly bent her head down and lifted Jennys chin with her fingers and kissed her on the mouth.
Her hand went around Jennys waist and she put it on her butt and squeezed it. ‘Your cute “‘ said Jackie giving her a quick peck on the lips, and as she walked away she turned to face Jenny and said ” I look forward to having you ” .
Jackie gave a laugh as she walked towards the entrance hall , “where is my good friend Helen and my ex bitch” she said , she went to the bottom of the stairs and called for Helen to come down. Jenny took hold of my arm, she whispered ” she has a cock, I felt it when she kissed me ,it’s big and “, but she ended the conversation there when Jackie came back in the room
We were standing by the dining room table when walked into the rom ,she came over to Jackie looking a little apprehensive and gave her a kiss. ” Hello you thieving cunt” said Jackie laughing, “are you looking after my bitch , where is she “? “She’s coming “said Helen kissing her again, “she was having trouble negotiating the stairs “.
The door opened slowly and a naked Marion shuffled into the room, her hands were in cuffs behind her back, and he ankles had a chain going from each ankle and meeting in the middle on a big round ring . In her mouth she held a riding crop and after entering the room she stopped and stood still.
” There she is, have you come to welcome me home,” Jackie said sarcastically, as she started walking towards her. Marion tried to turn her head away as Jackie smacked across the face, not really hard just hard enough to bring a cry from her which meant she dropped the riding crop onto the floor.
” Pick it up ” said Jackie, and she grabbed a handful of Marion’s hair to balance the older woman as she tried to kneel down. Once she was kneeling Jackie let her go, and as Marion tried to lean forward to pick up the riding crop, Jackie squatted down and pushed her head towards the floor causing Marion to fall onto her side in a fetal position. Jackie put her foot on the prone woman’s side and started pushing her to roll her onto her back.
When she was on her back Jackie stood between her chained ankles and kicked her legs apart as far as they would go she lifted her right foot and put the spiked heel against the inside of Marions thigh, pushing and twisting her heel into the screaming woman’s soft flesh .
Jenny was standing next to me, she let out a little cry and buried her face into my chest,I could hear her saying softly, “no no don’t do that” ,but Jackie was on a roll she moved her foot up and down the inside of both her legs making Marion cry more and more each time she found a new soft spot of unmarked skin. Standing there looking at the crying Marion, she told her “to shut the fuck up” before she lifted her foot and placed the point of her shoe between the lips of Marions pussy.
“Bitch”,said Jackie to the crying woman , “if I push my foot into your worthless cunt and I find you have made it wet because your all sext up I am going to whip you “, and with a smile on her face she began to push the toe of her shoe into her pussy. She twisted it around and pushed it further in, opening Marions cunt lips for all to see, pulling the shoe out it glistened in the light coming from the setting sun through the patio doors. Jackie laughed , “oh you horney slut” she said stepping out from between her legs and walking around to stand either side of Marions shoulders
She slowly lifted her foot and told Marion “to open her mouth” which she did slowly allowing Jackie to insert the toe of her shoe into her mouth. A sobbing Marion tried to suck Jackies shoe, everyone but Jenny laughed as Jackie started to tip over and had to pull her foot out of Marions mouth quickly to stop herself from falling over.
She walked back to Marion’s feet kneeling down she unhooked the chains from the center ring , and turning to me she held up the end of the chain she had just undone for me to take . I took it from her, Helen took the other chain and Jackie said “pull them nice and tight hold her ankles up” and we lifted her feet into the air, which allowed Jackie to take the riding crop from under Marions butt where she had been laying on it since it was knocked out of her mouth when Jackie slapped her face.
Jackie knelt between the womans open legs and slapped the leather end of the riding crop gently on Marion’s pussy several times causing Marion to squeal and lift her butt off the ground. “H o n e y said Jackie slowly stretching the word out to sound sensual, ” do you like that, is your old cunt trying to fuck my whip.” Marion remained silent, answering Jackie with nothing more than big sobs, Jackie slapped her pussy a couple of times softly. ” Didn’t you hear me ask you a question,” Jackie hissed at Marion . A second later Marion was screaming in pain , and Helen and I were struggling to hold her ankles and keep her legs open and her feet at our chest height.
Eight ,Nine Ten, stokes fell on Marions cunt lips and clit, she stopped screaming when she could not breath, and by the time the 15th stroke hit her pussy I could not hold her ankle and more and her foot crashed to the floor . Jackie got up, and called Jenny over , “undo my shoes ” she said and as if she had been shot,Jenny dropped to her knees and began to undo the straps around the ankles on her shoes .
Jackie kicked her shoes across the room, “kneel up and undo my pants ” Jackie said to Jenny, she knelt with her face inches from Jackie’s pussy , fumbling with shaking hands trying to undo the silver button and pull down the zip. Once they were loose around Jackie’s hips she ordered Jenny to pull them down, and it was then that poor innocent Jenny saw the long strapon cock strapped to Jackies leg with velcro strips . Jackie stepped out of her leather pants and said to Jenny undo the velcro and as she undid the last one the 10 inch plastic cock jumped to attention.
“Suck it” was all Jackie said , Jenny looked confused, “you have sucked dick before I assume “said Jackie with so much hate and malice in her voice it scared poor Jenny, who nodded but didn’t say anything . Slowly opening her mouth she took hold of Jackie’s rubber monster and put against her lips , Jackie ,slapped Jenny’s hand playfully, and said let it go, before putting her hands behind Jenny’s head and pulling her towards ,making Jenny choke and gag big time as the cock went into her throat .
Pulling it out Jackie told a choking Jenny ” to move her ass,” and told Hellen “to put her whores foot on the floor, ” moving on her knees she crawled between Marions legs, and started slapping her pussy with the imitation cock. Between sobs Marion groaned as she felt the head of the monster touch her sore pussy lips, but the groan was nothing compared to the scream she let out as Jackie sunk six inches of the monster into her cunt with two big pushes .
Jackie lent back with the head of the cock still inside Marions pussy, “did that hurt bitch” said Jackie mockingly, “yes” said Marion letting out a long loud sob, ” good” said Jackie as her left hand went to the area of Marions clit.
She pushed the folds of her pussy lips open , Marion’s little hard clitoris , bright red came into view and Jackie flicked it with the back of her pointy finger several times, and as Marions was screaming and begging Jackie to stop ,Jackie fell roward pushing the entire ten inch cock into Marions cunt. I swear I watched Marions cheeks lose all their color and the pupils in her eyes roll into the back of her head, she had fainted with the pain, much to Jackies disgust .
As she climbed off Marion Jackie turned to Helen and said “can I take her home with me “, and Helen shrugged her shoulders, ” sure if you promise me you won’t kill her” she said laughing. “Do you want her back “Jackie earnestly asked Helen , “not really” Helen answered with an I don’t care type of voice, ” we have got Jenny here now” so you keep her if you want to “.
I looked a t Jenny kneeling by Jackie’s feet, oh no the color was going out of her cheeks, I was beginning to feel like I should buy some smelling salts if this fainting craze was going to become popular .

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