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[16F] My sex toys arrived

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Hello! After I asked for sex toy recommendations in my last post, I was told that it didn’t matter which ones I bought since it’s more of a matter of whether I feel turned on by it or not, not of whether I’m a virgin or not. So, I immediately went online and bought some. At first, I planned to just buy one or two but as I was suddenly confronted with all these options, I couldn’t choose and just ended up buying a lot… Since I plan to develop my entire body for sex anyway, this might actually even be better in the long run as I now got everything I need in one go.

I bought three dildos in different sizes (5 inches, 7 inches, and 12 inches), so I can slowly work my way up, and the 5 incher also vibrates. I also purchased two sets of anal beads (one with large and one with small beads), six small vibrator eggs, one butt plug, some nipple pinchers, and two large bottles of lube, one of which looks and takes like whipped cream as I’ve been interested in food sex recently.

Same day shipping is really magical though, as I have already received all of the products. I washed them and immediately went to try them out.

I undressed completely and watched some porn until I got wet and horny. Then, I started fingering myself and placing with my nipples while lying on my bed. I lubed up the smallest dildo and slowly shoved it up my wet pussy. As my pussy got more and more used to its shape, I dared to fully sit down on it. It immediately got swallowed up by my hole, all five inches quickly disappearing.

As I rode my dildo, I started licking my fingers, lubing them up with my own spit. In ecstasy, I then reached for my other hole. I never tried anal before but I have wanted to for a while now. I prodded at the entrance to my ass and pushed my index finger into it, one knuckle at a time. It hurt at first but the pain quickly subsided and turned into pure pleasure. I added another finger and spread my asshole apart while my pussy still getting penetrated by the 5 inch dildo. With my other hand, I was pinching and twisting my nipples until they became red and swollen and incredibly sensitive.

Shortly before I felt that I would climax, I finally turned on the vibrator function of my dildo. I intended to only put it onto the lowest setting but my hand must’ve slipped because it started to completely tear up my insides on the brightest setting, causing me to cum immediately.

After I was done, I took out the dildo from my pussy and wiped it clean. When I looked around my bed, I noticed that my entire bedsheets were now soaked in my pussy juices. I changed them before taking a shower and going to sleep.

I have never felt that good before and if anyone has tips on how to develop my body even further, please tell me~

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  • Reply Anthony Grant ID:vue4s144

    Honestly ease yourself ok

  • Reply Justin ID:6styij72zm

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  • Reply James ID:2atvsxtgqj

    Fuck Jisoo, I would love to give u this six inch 18 year old cock as ur first. I could only imagine how much my cock would fill u up when I splatter ur pussy with my baby batter

  • Reply peni69 ID:vzgekoia

    First of all I love having someone to relate to and if you arch your back with the vibrater on itwill stretch your puss over time and feels great. Thats what my GF says anyway.

  • Reply Trancoso ID:14s76leq6ia

    If you can find some sex partners to have sex with you regularly. You can develop your body around good sex and dieting, as it’s good for burning calories and sex is a good cardio exercise.

  • Reply 16yroldboy ID:1ek1v6uzrj

    Damn ok