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Keeping my son alive with incest

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Trapped up a mountain with my son, in a freezing cold tent, we had to share body heat to keep warm. Then we shared something more intimate.

I went camping with my 12 year old son, Ben, we spent three days out in the mountains when the weather took a sudden turn, we were expecting winds and rain but nothing prepared us for the snow that came out of nowhere.

It came down thick and fast so we pitched up our tent as quickly as we could, in a safe spot near a rock wall, we got inside and waited it out.

But the weather didn’t let up and within less than an hour it was a foot deep with snow, we decided we had no choice but to activate our emergency distress beacon, we knew it would take days for anyone to reach us, air rescue was unlikely in these conditions.

We had some soup made on our portable hot stove and then we got in to the sleeping bags and huddled together, we played guessing games and some trivia to keep ourselves occupied and we were both quite worried about the way the top of the tent was folding and swaying in the high winds, I banged on the top to knock the large accumulation of snow off.

After several hours, Ben was shaking and shivering from the cold, the snow surrounding and slowly burying our tent made it close to freezing inside, there was nothing more we could do, then I remembered survival training I had a few years back, they suggested sharing body heat to keep warm.

“Okay, take off your clothes, Ben.” I told him.

He hesitated, so I explained it more to him, “It’s to keep warm. It will keep us warmer, trust me.” I said, so we both got undressed while inside the sleeping bag, and then we snuggled our bodies together and I rubbed my hands on his arm and his back.

We were both surprised that it worked, and we both quickly began to feel warmer.

A short time later I felt something pressing against my hip so I turned to look at him, he was looking at me and a tear was running down his face, I only had to look in to his nervous eyes to know what he was thinking, he had an erection and it was rubbing against me and he was embarrassed about it.

“Oh, Ben. That’s okay, don’t worry. Don’t cry.” I said, pulling his head under my chin and giving him a tight hug.

I felt his cock twitch against my skin, so I reached down and took hold of it, he looked up at me with his eyes wide open, “Well, maybe it will keep us warm. It’s just to keep warm, okay?” I said.

He nodded, and then I began to tug on his cock, sex is a good way to increase body heat, it felt a bit awkward doing this to my own son but we had to keep warm, we had to or we could die if it got too cold, and I would do anything to keep my son alive, his hand ran up my stomach and he grabbed my breast and looked at me for permission, “Yes, go ahead.” I said, and then he began to squeeze and explore.

Shortly after that his leg flipped across mine and he rolled on top of me, and for some reason I allowed him to do it, probably because I was feeling as horny as he was, I separated my legs allowing his crotch to slip between my thighs and his cock pulsed against my pussy, I felt it, my boys cock was hungry for pussy.

I kissed him and his little hands were all over me, he found his own way, and within moments I felt his cock push its way between my flaps and penetrate me, “Ooh, Ben.” I moaned, and we started to have sex, he was inexperienced and wanted to hump me at a hundred miles per hour, so I made him slow down, “Go slow, darling. Enjoy it. No rush.” I said.

Just as it was getting good, he ejaculated inside me with a loud groan of orgasm, poor little guy got over excited and blew his load quickly, I still praised him for it though, “Good boy, Ben. That was really good. Well done.” I said, giving him a kiss and cuddling him tight.

When he caught his breath we had a laugh and a joke about it, we really bonded, and he was eager to explore my body more, so I allowed him to go down on me and suck on my tits and lick out my spunk drenched pussy, he had good skills with my clitoris and he even made me have an orgasm.

Then he got his mojo back, his cock got rock and he fucked me for nearly half an hour, we fucked a third time as the sun came up and this time I was on top of him, I allowed him to hold on to my breasts as I rode on his impressive cock.

Eventually, after two days of waiting and fucking, a rescue team found us and lead us back down the mountain, we both agreed to keep our incest between us and not tell his father about it.

A few weeks later I discovered I was pregnant, so to cover up what we had done I had unprotected sex with my husband for a week and as he’s never been good with dates, I told him I was pregnant and he believed that the baby was his.

Ben now has a 4 year old Sister, who is actually his daughter, Ben doesn’t know, I couldn’t tell him and he’s far too young to be burdened with such a responsibility, so for now, Poppy will remain his sister.

Poppy is my reminder and result of the wonderful time Ben and I had up in the mountains.

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  • Reply Death to mankind ID:43yn1820io

    The snow pile up wouldve heated the tent if it was covering it so much that’s how igloos work they stay warm on the inside while the cold fizzles outside this story is utter bullshit not to be rude

  • Reply Dave ID:fzq5ri6ibp

    Sounds great

  • Reply Someone ID:vuf1mmm28

    Was believable until you said you got pregnant…

    • Lauren ID:5u1ci0soid6

      It’s believable about becoming pregnant. Why would you think otherwise??

  • Reply Mike ID:99uwotzm4

    A good mother should have sex their sons to teach how to make love

  • Reply Bogabo ID:2x0gwlybv9ci

    Chudauri cinal

  • Reply Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20i0

    Great story, made me soaking wet. You and Ben should consider to continue
    The “relationship”. My dad and I have 2 kids together,and we’re dad/daughter and lovers too.

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    • Rev ID:161rien7d9j3

      Would love to chat Lauren if you’re up for it, curious to know about your relationship. Add me on KIK? Revdas