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Family dog first time

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family dog made me his bitch, and his dog cock tore my teen hymen

When I was in my early teens, my family had an unfixed bordercollie cross, and I was a hormone driven girl, left alone in the house with her dog. He would constantly try to hump me, and eventually the action of thought of it would turn me on, so I would take him into my room at night, and let him hump me with my cloths on. Eventually I got brave, and got naked around him, and he gave the the best oral with his long tongue. At some point, I was horny and brave enough, that I got onto my hands and knees, and let him try to mount me. It took him a few times to find my little hole, but once he did, he tore through my hymen right away, the shock of it drew a few tears from my eyes, and he continued to fuck my virgin pussy until I could feel the base of his cock begin to swell. At the time I was unaware of what was happening, in pain, and honestly scared at this point. I knew I was doing something naughty, and all of a sudden, he was locked into me. I could feel his doggy cum fill me up for the first time. Luckily I had put a towel under us, but the mess was evident. I was so scared I was going to be caught by my family when I was tied to him. I was tied for about 15 minutes before he shrunk enough to dismount me. I felt so ashamed and dirty after it, but after that night, I continued to let him fuck me like his own personal doggy whore.

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  • Reply famaliy ID:4bbkk8gcfii

    قصتي حقيقية مع كلب من ايام الصيف وقت الفجر او قبيل الفجر الكلاب غالبا تحاول النوم ونحن خارج البل في خيمة لها بابان امامي وخلفي كل اعمالنا خروجنا وطلعاتنا من الامامي واما الخلفي بالقرب من الباب لنا تواليت ’Mc بالقرب من الخيمة شاهدت كلبين نائمين عملت حركة بحيث ينهضان من النوم فهضان اشرت بيي بان يأتيا الى وفعلا جاء حولت الذكر ان يدخل ودخلا فمددت يدي على ظهر الكلب امسحه نرة مرتين الى ان هدأ فرأيت جزءا من قضيبه متدلي مع الكرة وبأت افرك قيبه يبدو انه ارتاح وفركته قليلا واذا مادة لزجة وكنت عاري عن الملابس وادرت مؤخرتي نحوه فشم مرة مرتين واشعر بانفاسه حتى وضع انفه على خرمي ولكن لم يفعل ذلك اليوم شيئا وبعد مرور يومين او ثلات سمعت نباح الكلب وقد جاء كأنه ينادي وباظافره يحفر الارض ويخرج اصوات على الخيمة واستمر دقائق على هذه الحالة ولكن ضاعت الفرصة ولم اخرج والذي لاحظته عند اكثر الذكور في الحيوانات مجرد تنزع ملابسك امامه وتجعل المؤخرة نحوه يعرف أنك تريد ممارسة الجنس معه

  • Reply Miss ID:vzg6grm3

    Feels great having him knot you. Have you sucked him

    • Jep ID:bo2qeorv1

      Hi miss my girl is interested in dogs big time but we can’t figure out how to train him to do it so if u don’t mind Could u email me to tell me how thanks [email protected]

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  • Reply TheShadGuy97 ID:30rxm6sem1

    Please tell us more stories ❤