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I was brought up in a commune so think most people would know what it’s like and finally was able to get away but was so much more than I expected

Well my parents lived in a religious commune . By the age of 16 I was already wondering about my body , sex and the outside world but all of that was off limits . I was arranged to marry one of the boys there when we turned 18 but trust me I hated him . I felt so out of place and different . So I thought for days of how could I get out of this place . Then it hit me . The delivery truck came . I came once every two weeks to drop off supplies of stuff that wasn’t made or grown in the commune . I thought to myself ok next time I’ll wait till everyone one is unloading and he is in the office then I’ll jump in and hide . Well it was two long weeks and like always he turned up . People started unloading . Soon he went to the office . It was my chance. I looked around and no one was in the area . I took the chance and as fast as I could opened the door and jumped in . I saw there was a tiny space behind the seats so I layed down in there . Soon I heard the door open . Him say see you in two weeks and the engine start . Soon it was moving . It wasn’t long after the truck started moving that it happened I coughed I couldn’t help it it was dusty and dirty in the area I was . I could hear and feel the truck slowing and then it stopped . The man looked around and said what in hell are you doing in here . I explained it all to him . He looked at me for a minute then said look I only deliver there as it is my job . I don’t like that place at all so I understand . I will bit take you back . I’ll help you put . Just stay low till I tell you as you don’t know who is around and might see you and let them know . The truck started back up and he said well so you know I’m Dave . I said I’m Allison
So how old are you he asked . I said I’m 16 . He said oh you and my daughter would get along she is 18 . It’s just me and her at home but I’m the 41 year old dad who’s always in her way he laughed . We soon pulled up to a place . It was a house on a little property . Dave said if you want you can stay here with me and my daughter till we sort something out if you like . I said ok . I know probably wasn’t smart . When we went inside he showed me around and showed me a spare room which he said was mine . The rest of the afternoon went well . His daughter came home and he introduced us . Her name was Missy and she was really nice . She even left me some cloths . Were a little big but it was so nice of her . The next few days were interesting the first time watching tv , movies and listening to music it was so much fun . It came to Friday night . Missy was staying at a friend’s so Dave asked if I’d like to watch a couple of movies . I said yes . He had gotten popcorn and some drinks which was nice . As the night went on I felt his hand touch my leg . I had on small bed shorts and a bed tank top . I don’t know why but I just smiled at him . His hand touching my leg gave me a warm feeling . I guess me not saying no made him think more was ok . Soon he turned to me and kissed my neck . My whole body tingled . He then asked have you ever kissed anyone . I said no and said how anything like that was off limits at the commune. He asked can I kiss you more and for some reason I said yes . I wanted this to keep going . His mouth moved to mine . He started to kiss my lips . His tongue running along my lips . I guess it was instinct that made me partly open my mouth then his tongue started going into my mouth His tongue playing with mine . My tummy was in knots , that nice tingling feeling all over and my breathing had changed . It was all so new . All of a sudden while he was kissing me I felt a hand go up my top and he found one of my breasts . He stop kissing me . Wow they are so tiny what size are you . Embarrassed I said AAA . Do you mind me taking off your top . I said it was ok I don’t mind . He took it off . Really in my head I couldn’t believe I was here topless in front of him . A man seeing my tiny breasts . He said don’t be shy or embarrassed they are beautiful . Can I feel them more he asked . I replied it’s fine for you to . His hands started to rub and massage my breasts . As he was that tingling feeling was moving . I started to feel it at my virgina . Omg I was for the first time ever getting sexually aroused and could not believe how amazing it felt . I knew in my head it was wrong but I didn’t want him to stop anything . In my head I felt I’d say yes to whatever he asked as I wanted this feeling to continue . Soon his mouth was moving back and forward between each breast sucking and tickling my nipples with his tongue . I could feel my vigina getting a wet feeling . He asked me do you want to do more . I asked what do you mean . He said come with me to my room . I followed him with out even questioning a thing . When we got there he said take off your pants . I asked him are you sure . He did yes . I did it . There I was fully naked in front of a male for the first time ever . Turn around in a circle for me he asked . Wow you are so beautiful he said to me . I could not believe a man thought I was beautiful . I was just a tiny little commune girl . Lay on the bed he asked so I did . Next he asked to you mine me touching your clit and pussy . My mind was already in heaven and my body so I just said yes you may . I felt his tongue licking my clit . It felt amazing . Like nothing I’d ever felt before in life . I could feel it swelling and pulsing . He started to suck on it as it popped out for him . Soon his tongue moved . I jump and let out a noise of some sort as his tongue started to run up and down my vaginal lips . I started feeling wetter and wetter there as he did . Then something at the time I thought was weird happened . His tongue moved . It hit my little hole and as soon as It did I felt that my vagina started to squirt out liquid . He said to me don’t worry you have just had a orgasm . It’s normal . But I was embarrassed . I couldn’t believe that I had that happen . Soon he said do you want to keep going . I nodded . Then he asked something I can’t believe I said yes to . He asked can I take your virginity . I asked will it hurt . He said it might alittle bit . Then I saw my first ever male penis . It was 8inch and thick . How on earth is that going to fit in me . It’s to big . That’s all I could think . I then felt it running along my lips. Then starting to press against my hole . I could feel a uncomfortable feeling as he was pushing . I was starting to groan . I was feeling my hole starting to open alittle . The head was just starting to go in . The more he pushed the more I groaned . That uncomfortable feeling getting worse . Then I felt it the head of his dick was all the way in . He stopped there letting my vagina adjust to the feeling . He started pushing more and more . I started to have tears running down my face as now more was going it the uncomfortable turned into pain . Then I felt it his dick hit my hymen . He asked me are you sure . Even with the pain and crying I nodded . I felt him pull back . He grabbed my hips . Then I felt a hard push . I screamed like you wouldn’t believe as his dick ripped through my hymen . The pain and burning feeling was like nothing I ever had felt . He said the worst is over . You are bleeding alittle but don’t be scared . Do you want to stop . I said no . He started to slowly and gently fuck me . After alittle bit more pain it started to dull down . Instead of crying and screaming i started to moan . My body was getting back that tingling felling . My pussy was starting to clamp up . I could feel that he had managed to get his whole dick in me . I could feel each thrust hit the back of my vagina . I gave a groan each time it hit there . Soon I felt that feeling again and was having another orgasm . Soon he asked if he could cum in me and I said yes . I felt his hot liquids running in me . We spent all that night cuddling . When morning came I heard the door open and knew it must of been Missy . I tried to get back to my room but she saw me . She just smiled and went into hers . I’m now 18 and still here . Alot more has happened and happy to say if people want a part two

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      Make pt2

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    @Allison I like to talk to you more if thats ok and did he get you both pregnant

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      Fuck no it’s not ok . you need to stay in your MOMMY’S basement with your freak of nature self and do your fucking homework like a good little baby,or your mommy will take your pacifier away.

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    Hey Allison
    Calm down you sound like your DEPENDS XXX LARGE UNDER GARMENTS have bunched up in the crack of your ass. You really need to SMOKE a FATTY and chill, you’re going to blow a head gasket girl.

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    Part two is needed

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      You’re a 2BIT CIRCUS SIDE SHOW FREAK OF NATURE and a little MOMMY’S πŸ‘¦ BOY.

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    Great Story Do Part 2 Allison

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    Maybe can answer that if there is enough want for a part two

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      If there isn’t I’d definitely love to hear part 2 =)

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    Allison have you had any of his children yet