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Breeding Moms

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I love sex and I love breeding my friends mothers. I love it.

Sex, isn’t it just the best thing ever, it makes you feel so alive and be thankful for having been born.

I love sex, I think about sex all the time, in a morning my cock is up before I am, erect and ready a workout, all day long I have sex on my mind, and again at night, even when I’m asleep I think about sex, my life is just sex, sex, SEX!!!!

Hi, I’m Jerry, I’m a 14 year old school boy, name is Sean, who loves sex, did I mention that? I lost my virginity when I was 11 to my sister’s 17 year old friend, she had a thing for little boys which worked out really well for me, I’ll never forget it, I came alive the moment my cock took its first dip in her pussy.

I’ve had my fair share of girls my own age, but my favourite, well, I like moms, MILF’s we call them, while my friends are all on social networks and snap chats trying to get off with girls from school, I’m working my magic on their moms.

So far I’ve bagged myself 5 mothers, and 3 of them have gotten pregnant with my seed, the first of which was born a few months ago, it’s a girl, her name is Jennifer, and she is so adorable, it fills me with so much pride knowing that I created something so beautiful.

Let me tell you about my last MILF.

I was invited to sleep over at my new friend Gavin’s house with a few other mates, we had a good time, his mom, Hannah, was pretty laid back, she let us drink alcohol that night, I love a cool mom.

We went to bed and when everyone was asleep I went back downstairs, Hannah was still awake, watching TV and enjoying a quiet drink, I walked in to the front room in just my pyjama bottoms, topless, “Still up?” I said.

“Yes. Shouldn’t you be asleep.” She said.

“I couldn’t sleep. You mind if I get a glass of water?” I asked.

“Help yourself.” She replied, I thought, “I fucking will in a minute.” To myself.

I got a glass of water from the tap and walked back in through the other door which was behind her chair, then I stood behind her chair and put my hand on the back of it, she turned briefly to look at me, “Hows the water?” she asked.

“Nice.” I replied.

I looked over the back of the chair and stared right down her silk top, I got an instant erection, I put my glass down on the table at the side of the wall and then reached in to my bottoms and started tugging on it, “Your tits are amazing.” I said.

She chuckled in disbelief at what I just said, “I beg your pardon?” she asked.

“Your tits. They’re amazing.” I replied, I didn’t care, I just said what I wanted, I’m not shy about it.

“Thanks…” she said, then she placed her hand on her chest covering up her cleavage, “…But you shouldn’t be looking.” She said.

“Can’t help it.” I replied, I was tugging on my cock really hard and I knocked against the back of her chair, she felt it, “What are you doing back there?” she asked.

“Jerking off…” I said, then I walked around to the side of her chair with my cock in my hand so she could see it, “…Want to help?” I said, confidently.

Her jaw dropped and she didn’t speak for a moment, “What are you – are you crazy?!” she said.

“Nah, just horny. You’re so beautiful, Hannah, I want to fuck you.” I replied.

She stood up and paced around, “I don’t believe this. Are you serious right now? What the hell is going on.” She said.

I pushed down my bottoms and took them off, there I was standing in the middle of the room completely butt naked with my hard cock sticking out between my legs, twitching and throbbing for her, “Oh I’m serious. Lets do this. Come on Hannah, you can’t tell me you’re not thinking about it. My cocks right here, come and get it.” I said.

She stepped up to me and then reached down and gave my cock a rub, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She said, blushing.

I pushed my hands up her silk top and fondled her huge breasts, that’s when she started to get in to it, she dropped to her knees and immediately started to suck on my cock, “That’s it, suck my cock, baby.” I moaned, holding the top of her head and helping her slide it in and out of her mouth, “Yeah!” I said.

Once she’d sucked my cock real good, I grabbed her and pushed her down on the couch, then I pulled her panties off from under her skirt and then I pulled her ass up to the edge of the couch, lifted her legs up to balance on my shoulders, then I grabbed my cock and pushed it up her hot hairy pussy hole and started to fuck her.

“Sean – this is wrong – oh my god – what am I doing.” She moaned.

“Having great sex, that’s what you’re doing.” I said.

I drilled my cock in to her fast and steady, as deep as I could and I pumped her pussy like she could only dream of, “You like that?” I asked.

“Fuck yes.” She groaned.

Fifteen minutes later, after I made her orgasm and spill her juices everywhere, I filled her up with my teenage seed and made sure to ejaculate as close to her cervix as possible so I could fertilise her womb and breed her.

When I was done I got my bottoms back on, turned her over and spanked her hard on the ass, “That was great, baby.” I said, then I left her there satisfied and gasping for her breath as I went upstairs to go to sleep.

That was a few weeks ago and she is now potentially my baby momma number 4.

I love breeding MILF’s, it’s also cool that none of my friends know that their baby brothers or sisters are born from my seed.

Fuck I love sex.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Fun Story. A Great Fantasy shared by many boys. I enjoyed reading this.

  • Reply Cal ID:43yktthrb

    His name is Jerry–I mean Sean. The world may never know truth. Perhaps it is an ironic statement. I can’t say.

  • Reply E ID:5u1d7ceqri

    I am in misery

  • Reply Golden ID:1d96n57u27c3

    You going to teach the kids new games??

  • Reply Milf4Younger ID:5r7n8pch20b

    I want someone to impregnate this milf pussy

    • Anonymous ID:161rgapbd9i

      I am sure someone will. I would , but I drive a hard bargain. Wear glasses let me drain the Crimson love from an entire menstrual cycle love my penis with your teeth. Let me use my fingers in your ass and pussy giving you manual orgasms , my mouth and tongue for oral orgasms and pee in my mouth so I can consume your yellow nectar. Fucking and sucking you without cumming devouring sperm enhancers along the way. Special evening would include fixing you dinner. Flowers , candles , potpourri favorite soaps , bubblebath as I run your bath.barely nothing lingerie with matching eyeshadow and false eyelashes. Get you not to shave so your aesthetically enchanting attributes and assets would be on display. Massage hands and feet than painting your finger and toenails. Petals lead to bedroom and on top of bed three massages ensue full body, sensual , erotic leading to manual and oral orgasms. Engulf my penis for a teeth job leading to scrapes that would burn when you came on him. Fuck your pussy and ass than tits than watch you suck me with your glasses leading to monsterously massive mouthfuls of sperm. Fuck and suck you giving me a handjob ending in a deluge of white drenching your face and glasses. Than showtime my potent , productive , virile swimmers flood your fertile ovulating pussy saturating your eggbed several times. Hopefully giving you a son to fuck later. Than sucking until my balls are completely empty bone dry and my reward is your teeth puncturing my penis over and over executing him as you chew on his dead lifeless corpse adding insult to injury pee on him so your salty piss torments him more. That sounds like a good deal to me does it you ?

    • James ID:5rhvdh549c

      yes I will shoot babyes in you my dick gets hord for your cunt.

  • Reply Been there ID:ndooleck0k

    My son was like that.

  • Reply Abc ID:a9crihrc

    Jerry AND Sean??? Split personality disorder???

  • Reply Jan ID:1tymh520b

    Wow an amazing story. I wouldn’t mind being in Hannahs place. A young horny teen giving me the best fuck of my life
    [email protected]

    • Jay ID:mzgdgc40

      We could have a great time together.. email me [email protected]

    • Jake ID:3724r29m2

      Wouldn’t mind seeing that 🙂

    • Mark ID:1a4l0tal8m

      Hey baby do you like a big dick older man that’s been fucking milfs since I was 14, and still fucking older women
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  • Reply Z ID:3jxu9f8

    amazing story and that you like to breeding MILfS do you have gmail would love to talk all about it and how you breeding other moms of your friends and if you have pics that would be amazing to if your interested in talking

    • Mark ID:1a4l0tal8m

      Old man been doing milf and gulf for over 50 years and lots of experience have great pictures too
      [email protected]