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Why did she do it?

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My brothers girlfriend secretly jerked me off under the covers while we were all watching a movie and I don’t know what it means. It was nice though.

Something weird happened to me the other night, I was in the front room with my older brother and his girlfriend Louise, they are both 16 years old and I am 11 years old.

We were watching a movie and my brother was sitting by himself in one of the lay-z-boy chairs we have, Louise was sitting next to me on the couch and we had my Marvel duvet covering us both because it was freezing outside and our heating had packed up, my brother was acting tough and acting like the cold didn’t bother him but Louise was cold so she snuggled under the duvet with me.

We were sitting with the lights off watching the movie and about an hour in to the movie I felt Louise put her hand down my bottoms and she cupped my cock and balls in her hand, I turned and looked at her wondering what she was doing, she just glanced at me briefly and grinned.

I looked over at my brother but he was too engrossed in the movie to notice anything, I didn’t know what to do or how to react to such a thing happening to me, so I just stayed quiet and continued watching the movie with Louise’s hand on my cock and balls.

A few minutes later her fingers began to move and tickle my balls, it made me chuckle and my brother asked me what I was laughing at because there was nothing funny in the movie, I told him it was nothing, and he told me to be quiet.

My cock began to swell up, I had erections before but I was embarrassed about getting one with Louise touching it, I squeezed my eyes tightly shut and tried to concentrate to stop my cock from getting hard, but it didn’t work, every time I felt like it was going soft, Louise would tickle my balls which made my cock throb and blood would pump back in to it making it hard again.

I failed and eventually my cock got fully erect and that is when Louise’s hand moved, she wrapped her fingers around my hard 4 and half inch cock, that is how big it is because like most boys my age I have measured my cock, I think it’s a good size for my age, and she pulled on it and was giving me a hand job underneath the duvet.

Her tugging on my cock forced my legs to spread a little and my butt slid forward on the cushion, I looked at Louise and she motioned her finger across her lips, telling me to shush, I knew what she was doing was wrong and I should have said something but I was worried my brother would get angry and blame me, so I kept quiet.

10 minutes later my brother paused the movie and got up, my heart raced with panic and fear as he turned on the lights, I thought for sure he’d see what was happening under the duvet, but he didn’t because Louise stopped pulling on my cock but didn’t let go.

My brother said he was tired and the movie was boring, then he asked her if she was coming up to bed, she said she would be up later, she wanted to watch the rest of the movie first, so my brother leaned over and gave her a kiss, she kissed him back and said goodnight to him like everything with perfectly normal, it was far from normal, far far from normal.

So when my brother left the room, Louise asked him to turn the lights off again as he left, and she began to pull me off again, when she heard my brother close the bedroom door, she pulled off the duvet so she could see my cock, and she winked at me.

She just kept pulling and pulling on my cock, when I began to breathe heavily and shuffle around in my seat, she knew I was about to come and she encouraged me to do it, leaning over and whispering in my ear, “Come on, baby. Come on. You can do it. Come on.”, and she pulled faster and harder, I couldn’t take it anymore, I grabbed the cushion from behind me and pressed it to my face and I moaned loudly in to the pillow as I ejaculated my spunk high up in to the air.

I pulled the cushion away from my face and looked down, Louise’s hand was covered in my spunk, it was dripping off her fingers, she took her hand off my cock and my spunk was all over it, forming strings between her fingers, she looked at me a smiled widely, then she quickly put her hand to her mouth and licked them clean, she lapped up all of my spunk off her hand.

She told me I was a very good boy and not to tell my brother what she’d done, then she went upstairs to bed.

I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed her jerking me off but I don’t know what to make of it, was it just a one-time thing or does she maybe want to have sex with me, I don’t know, I’m too scared to ask her.

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    Don’t be a pussy ask her or ash her to suck on it next time

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    One of the best I’ve ever read

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    No telling.