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What could have been

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Clark has a sleep over at his friends Alex house, where they watch porn with a surprisingly accepting mother.

So this is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time. It is more or less true, most of the beginning of the story is more or less entirely factual as I remember it.
After a point in the story it turns to what I wished would have happened, and I have obviously changed the names of the people to protect the
guilty, which is everyone involved in this including me.


When I was a young boy, maybe eleven or a bit older I lived in a village of apartments on the west coast in a mid sized town, just west of the mountains.
I had an older friend, lets call him Alex, who like me lived with his mom just a few houses down from me. We didn’t know each other all that well, but
we had played a few times, and he had even gotten a hold of some porn mags somewhere to share with me. We were two young boys looking at naked women, and
we loved every bit of it. I remember seeing women giving blow jobs on paper for the first time, a women eating another women out, even licking her asshole.
It was shocking, it was strange, and above all it was so hot. I hadn’t discovered the joys of masturbation just yet, though I had already discovered how fun
it was to play with my penis especially when it was hard. I already enjoyed playing with girls, in my last town before I had moved there were two girls I was
friends with, who I would get naked with when were alone. We would get under a blanket and drop out pants, grab onto each other’s asses and grind against each
other. I only subconsciously knew the meaning behind it, but I knew enough to know it felt good. and that I shouldn’t tell any adults about what I liked to do.
When my mom was at work I would bring out pages from the magazine Alex had given me that I had hidden underneath my mattress. I would stare at the naked
tits and asses of these beautiful women with my hand in my pants. I was always careful to place the pages back beneath my mattress before my mom came home. One day
Alex came over and invited me over to his house to hang out.
“Clark you have to come, there’s this movie you got to see.” I had nothing better to do, and seeing how it was summer there was no school to worry about. So
off we went. My mom was going to be at work until the evening, so I didn’t even have to ask permission. So Alex and I ran down the street to his apartment, and in the
rather dark living room we sat on the couch as he got the movie ready. I remember how he had a much larger television than I did, and his apartment had nicer furniture
than mine, though it was kept surprisingly dark even during the late afternoon. Then the movie started.
I was shocked to see that it was a porno, I had never seen one before; only magazines. It was dark and a man and women seemed to be on a stage; I remember it looked
like there were dark curtains all around them. They were clothed but already were kissing wildly, the man’s hands moving all around the women’s body, grabbing her anywhere
and everywhere. He first started to remove her pants leaving her only in her skimpy blank panties, before his hands moved underneath her shirt and began to squeeze her
“Dude isn’t this so cool!” Alex said to me as the man on screen removed the woman’s shirt leaving her topless. I got a quick look at both of her beautiful breasts
before the man moved down and started to suck on them.
“Yeah.” I managed to breath out, though I doubt he heard me. I could barely speak I was so transfixed by the images I was seeing. I wasn’t paying attention to much
of anything else around me. The couple continued to undress one another until the two of us were watching the man eating the attractive woman out on stage. His face was buried
between her thighs, and though the sound on the tv was very low, I could still make out the sounds of her moaning. That’s when Alex’s mother walked in from the other room.
“How are you boys doing?” I was so shocked at her random appearance, I wasn’t even embarrassed to be caught watching porn, simply confused. We weren’t supposed to
be doing this, so how could Alex not know his mom was home when he invited me to come watch a porno with him? It didn’t even make sense. But Alex wasn’t phased it seemed.
“We’re just fine mom, though could we have a snack. I’m a little hungry.” Alex hadn’t even taken his eyes off the screen, and when I glanced back I saw that the man
had started to fuck the women, his thrusts were slow but powerful, each one picking her ass off the floor as her hands rested against his shoulders.
“No problem, I’ll have some snacks ready for you two in just a moment.” And with a smile she simply walked out of the room towards the kitchen, seemingly unaware of
what we were doing. And back to the porn it was. She came out minutes later with a bag of potato chips, and two glasses of milk to set on the coffee table, before patting
us both on the head.
“You two have fun, I’m going to take a quick bath if you two need anything that’s where I’ll be.”

So we ate our snacks and watched our delicious porn as the scene played out, I remember there was one final slow thrust as the man finished inside her, before the
scene faded to black.
“That was so cool.” Alex said facing me with a smile as I grinned back at him. It certainly was. “Do you think you could spend the night?” It was getting late, nearly
dinner time and I’m sure my mom would be home soon.
“That would be cool, but I’d have to ask my mom first.” I said.
“No problem, lets ask my mom first then you can go home and ask yours.” We agreed and moved down the hall. As I knew his mom was taking a bath I expected Alex to
knock, then ask the question through the door to his mom. What I hadn’t expected was to see the bathroom door wide open with the light on, Alex’s mom naked in the bath her
breasts on full display. She turned towards us as we approached seemingly as unconcerned with us as Alex had been with the porn. I quickly took a step back into the hallway,
hiding my sight from Alex’s naked mom.
“It’s alright.” Alex said waving me over. So I stepped back into the sight of the real naked woman before me.
“Hey mom is it ok if Clark spends the night here tonight so we can keep hanging out.” Alex’s mom smiled at me, her elbows resting on the rim of the tub, hands clasped
together, doing nothing to hide herself.
“That’s no problem with me, will that be alright with your parents Clark?”
“I uh, don’t know. I’ll have to ask my mom first.”
“Well you two head on over and find out. I’ll be done here and ready to start dinner soon.” She gave me one more smile as I looked at her, wet and naked, her breasts
probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
So I went on home, letting Alex know that if I could spend the time I’d come back over soon, otherwise I would see him tomorrow. He looked sad but waved me off for
the night. When I got home my mother was indeed home, and wondering where I had been.
“Just at Alex’s. He was wondering if I could spend the night there tonight.” My mom frowned but thought it over for a few seconds.
“Let me talk to his mother first, you have their number right?” I did, and gave it to her, before leaving to play in my room as my mom made the call.
She came back several minutes later with a knock on my bedroom door.
“Clark, can I come in?” I said yes and my mom entered my room, freshly dressed out of her work clothes.
“So I talked to Alex’s mom and I’m a little concerned. She told me Alex get’s seizures now and again, and I’m a little worried it might happen when the two of you
are together and I don’t want you to have to deal with something like that.” I hadn’t actually known that about Alex, but it wasn’t something I really cared about.
“But we’ll just be playing at his house, and his mom will be there the entire time. So I’ll just run to her if anything happens.” My mom frowned but smiled after
a pause.
“Alright, but if anything happens and she isn’t there, you call 911 alright?” I agreed and then I began to pack.

I knocked on Alex’s apartment door with a backpack over my shoulder, and he invited me in. The place seemed much brighter this time around, in contrast to how dark
outside it had been. Alex and his mom welcomed me in talking about how glad they were that I could spend the time. His mom telling me how she was making spaghetti for dinner.
I could barely help myself from staring when I noticed Alex’s mom wasn’t wearing any pants, just a shirt that barely covered the front of her underwear, when she turned around
I could see her ass clad in purple, each cheek barely contained by the stretching material.
“Hey come on, you can leave your stuff in my room, and we can play some video games before dinner.” So off we went to his room, where we played a half dozen rounds of
Goldeneye, before his mom called us over for dinner. Like at my house dinner was an informal event, we all got our plates and drinks and moved to the couch to eat, while
watching whatever was on tv. I sat in-between Alex and his mom on the couch. She was still pants less, and she sat with both legs tucked beneath her to the side, her bare
feet now and again brushing up against me as she ate with one elbow on the arm of the couch. I don’t remember what was on tv, it could have been my favorite episode
of the Simpsons for all I know. It was distracting enough when my gaze was brought to those purple covered mounds just inches away from me, and the mysterious center of
her thighs.

After dinner we retreated to Alex’s room for more video games and random childish fun. It wasn’t until late at night, after Alex’s mom had announced she was off
to bed that Alex and I decided to play a different game. Truth or dare.
“Truth or Dare Clark?” Alex asked.
“Truth I said.” with a grin.
“Have you ever kissed a girl?” He asked, I blushed somewhat.
“No, not yet.” He laughed, but I could tell he wasn’t making fun.
“Truth or dare Alex?” He grinned at me.
“Truth.” he said. I thought about it for a minute, before asking a question I had wondered for some time.
“Do you always watch porn with your mom home?” What I meant was, how is your mom ok with you watching it? Mine would have killed me.
“Yeah.” he said with a shrug. “She doesn’t care. Truth or dare?” The rounds went on like this for some time. We dared each other to punch us in the arm, to talk about
what we would do with a naked girl if we were alone with one, what other things we had seen. Then Alex gave me my next dare.
“I dare you to walk naked from here to the front door, open it; and then come back.” The idea that I might be seen from some random person walking the street at night
naked in the doorway of Alex’s home got us both grinning like fools. It was so dangerously adventurous, so exciting.
So I did it.
I stripped down to nothing but my glasses and marched bravely through the hallways towards the front door. Unlocking it sounded louder than I imagined, and opening it
shattered the silence of the house. The gust of cold air hit me so suddenly I almost shut the door on instinct, but remembered at the last moment and held the door open
completely. I let it stay open for five seconds, long enough for the dare to be complete, and then I shut it.
“Clark, what are you doing?” Alex’s mom said from behind me. I turned, scared and embarrassed to see Alex’s mom standing in the kitchen doorway. She was topless,
now only wearing the purple panties from earlier. And I was stark naked.
“We-we were just playing a game.” I said, not sure how to respond. I didn’t even think to cover myself. She smiled with a shake of her head.
“Oh you silly boys and your games, well come on over here, its too cold to be outside naked.” I took a step forward and she took several, grabbing my hand.
She took me back down the hallway, but not to Alex’s room, to her own. She took me to her bed before sitting down beside me. Our height difference made it so her breasts were
eye level with me, now only a few inches away.
“You can touch them if you want.” She said grabbing my hand and placing them on her left breasts. They were fantastic, large, soft, and warm. I ran my hand over them
feeling their fullness, the silkiness of her skin, and the hard nipple biting into my palm.
“Ooh, nice aren’t they.”
“Y-yeah.” I said, as she laughed at me, almost a giggle.
“Here, play with both of them.” And next thing I know both of my hands are full of a woman’s breasts as her hands started to run themselves through my hair.
“That feels really nice, you are such a good boy.” She said placing a kiss on my forehead. She moved herself back on the bed, opening her legs and beckoning me to
sit between them.
“Come on over here you.” So now I was pressed tight against a woman for the first time, naked and eager. She let me run my hands over her entire body, her arms, her
chest, her stomach. As she pressed me closer with her hands, and her thighs, gasping and encouraging me on.
“Your hands feel so nice.”
“Such a nice boy.”
“Such a big boy.”
It wasn’t long before my cock had gone erect, as my excitement grew, honestly it may have happened as soon as she took my hand back in the living room. But I didn’t
notice until she placed her hand on my cheek and said to me.
“I can feel your cock against me. Can I play with it?” I managed to nod and then gasp as she moved one hand down my chest and quickly to my cock. grabbing it gently
“Oh you are so big for such a little guy…mmm so nice. I like it.” So she started to play with my cock as I did with her tits, both of us smiling and gasping together.
After a minute she looked at me, the light coming in from the window cast a beautiful shadow across her face.
“Lay back down Clark.” and as I did she began to kiss my neck and chest. Then up to my lips. her lips were full, and warm, and I felt the slightest touch of her tongue
against my mouth before she moved down once more to my chest, and then stomach. She quickly moved down to my cock, which was fully erect and pointing straight up. I was still
young and only had whispers of hair down there, but she didn’t seem to mind as she licked a trail from my navel to my dick, down around my balls before taking my entire sack
into her mouth. It was the warmest, wettest, best feeling I had ever experienced up to that point. Then with a plop she let them go before circling my cock with her tongue,
wetting it as spit freely dripped from her mouth. She took the whole thing in her mouth and slowly began to give me my first blowjob. She used her lips to create pressure, and
constantly swirling her tongue around me to keep everything warm and wet, and tingly.
It was here that Alex walked in.
“What’s going on?” He said, standing in the doorway. He was naked, and being older than me he had a bit of hair around his cock.
“Just having a little fun baby.” Alex’s mom said letting my penis slid out of her mouth, it was still resting against her lips as she talked.
“You want to climb up here and join us?”
So he did, quickly and with out hesitation. Alex got on the bed as we scooted over to make him room. His mom went back to sucking on me as she started to pump
his cock with one hand. He immediately moved to grab on to one of her tits, something I had completely forgotten about as her mouth worked its magic on me. Alex and his
mother both started to moan as we went on, the moan having a particularly wonderful affect on my cock.
“That feels so good mom.” Alex said as he started to hump her hand. She let me go as she sat up, her lips glistening as she smiled.
“Oh that’s nothing compared to this part. She moved off the bed and slipped her panties of before sliding back on, moving against the wall and opening her legs.
“Come here baby, fuck mommy. Then it’ll be Clark’s turn.” I looked at her pussy, and saw that there was less hair there then on Alex’s balls. he quickly moved inside
her thighs and got to work. One thrust and I saw his ass tighten as they both gasped.
“Oh yeah baby, you feel so good. Fuck mommy, I want that cock.” Alex began to fuck her slow, like the man in the video. His mom turned to me with a slow smile.
“What are you doing all the way over there Clark, come here.” So I moved closer, moving around Alex to rest against his mom’s shoulder. She had me stand up on the bed
before she grabbed me by my ass and pushed me towards her. She took my entire cock in her mouth once again, looking up at me with her eyes, half lidded as she moaned.
Alex kept pump away at her as she sucked my cock for all I was worth, one hand working on my ass cheeks, then moving to caress my balls, while her other hand
was tightly held by her son, railing her as smooth and hard as he could.
She moved off my cock with a gasp.
“Yeah Alex, fuck me just like that. Oh you’re going to make mommy cum, oh yeah baby, just like that yessssss.” She then turned to me as she began letting out little
gasps and squeals.
“Does your cock…feel…good inside my mouth…Clark.” She asks, and I could only nod. “Well its…fuck…gonna feel better…when you’re…hmm…fucking my pussy.”
She moved over to lick the head of my penis. Slowly, watching my face the entire time while she circled it with my tongue. “I want you to cum inside my mouth Clark.”
” I want to taste your cum…then when Alex…is done it’s your turn baby.” She before I could so much as moan she puckered her lips and took me inside her warm wet
mouth. The added pressure felt so good as she twirled her tongue around, then in and out. Her random gasps and spasms adding to the feeling as my balls started to feel tight
and tingly. And with a almost euphoric gasp admit the sounds of Alex cumming, I had my first orgasm in Alex’s mom’s mouth, her hand pressed tightly against my ass holding
me to her face as I emptied myself down her throat. She didn’t let up until I was down, holding me close to her as her tongue moved all around me, causing me to clench and
shiver as she pressed against my now overly sensitive dick.

After that I was too tired to continue for round two, and Alex and I quietly moved back to his room to get some sleep, with a kiss and a good night from his mom. The next
morning things were more or less just like any other morning after, and soon I left to go home. It was the only experience I had at Alex’s house as life got in the way,
and then I ended up moving never to see them again.

It was the best sleep over ever, I truly do miss them, and wonder where they are now. Maybe if I’m lucky I might see them again one day.

Hope you enjoyed my story, if anyone wants to talk and share experiences about any and everything, email me at [email protected]

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    Awesome story, wish you didn’t move away so there’s be a part 2

    • Westcoast ID:3057xfsfidm

      It is a legitimate regret in my life. Thanks for reading.