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Sleepy Mom

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What happens when a teenager is alone with his sleepy mom…. find out?

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another Story . This story revolves around a sexual encounter I had with my own mother.

My father is a businessman who spends the most of his time away from home. So it’s just my mother, my sister, and me. My sister is a student in Bangalore, and she had just arrived there a few days before the incident. This was not something I expected to happen.

My father was supposed to travel in a few days on a trip to Muscat. My desire for my mum began when I was 16 years old. I became addicted to MILF porn, and my favourite scenes were those involving a mother and son.

On my computer, I had a large collection of mom-son porn. It was password secured, so I never had to worry about being discovered or embarrassed in front of my family.

I used to stay up late talking about incestuous affairs with many other boys. I discovered that about 90% of men had sexual fantasies on their moms, sisters, and aunts, at least for a brief period of time.

The majority of them were able to overcome it by masturbation, while others were able to have sex with other women who were at least as old as their mothers.

I began to believe that this was simply an Oedipus complex that would pass with time. My sexual desires for my mother grew stronger as time went on!

There were days when I couldn’t control myself any longer. I used to get my fix by staring at my mother’s curves when she wore a saree. Her lovely breasts were the perfect size, neither too huge nor too little. It was more than enough for me to have fun with.

As the days passed, I met a man who claimed to have had sex with his mother. At first, I assumed he was just like me, who had hallucinations. Regardless, I struck up a conversation with him. But as I talked with him, it became clear that he wasn’t just making stuff up.

 When his mother spoke to me via video call, things turned pretty heated. On the video conversation, we talked for about an hour. She was dressed seductively in a nightgown. They used to have sex like a newlywed couple, she said. She told me to not waste time deliberating about it and to take action as soon as possible.

After all of this, I was dead set on convincing my mother to carry my seed in her womb!
I was admitted to the hospital for insomnia on the day my father was scheduled to leave for Muscat. I was diagnosed and given a medication by the doctor.

My father had departed for Muscat in the evening, leaving just my mother and myself. We arrived home at 9 p.m. after sending him off at the airport. On the drive to the airport, we had already had dinner.

My mother poured tea for both of us as soon as we arrived home and proceeded to change her clothes. My mother emerged a few minutes later, sitting on the couch with the tea in her hands. She drank every last drop and then collapsed on the couch to watch TV.

She fell asleep within a few minutes since she was exhausted. At the same time, I felt nervous and horny. I approached her and called her. She didn’t respond, and she was fast asleep.

I realised I didn’t have much time. I stroked and rubbed my hands against her arms. They were plump and squishy. Then I shifted my attention to her cheeks and kissed them. After that, I kissed her on the neck. Her scent was driving me insane.

My mother’s lips were kissed as I forced her to lie flat on her back. Her mouth was closed because she was sleeping. I parted her lips with my hands, bit them, and drank all the juice from her beautiful mouth.

I continued kissing her and moved my hands to my mother’s lovely breasts. I was even more horny because she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples brushed up against my palms. Her nipples had become erect even though she was sleeping.

Mom was dressed in her nightgown. I slipped my hands into her nightgown after unzipping it. I pushed and played with her breasts while kissing her at the same time. She didn’t move or respond in any way.

Because the couch wasn’t particularly comfortable, I picked her and took her to my bedroom. I took off her nighty and made her sleep in her bra and panty as she slept on my couch. Fuck! She had a lovely look about her. I kissed her pussy over the panty and separated her legs.

I went over to her and took her bra off. I kissed her breasts as long as I wanted, kneaded them, and toyed with them. Then I took off her panty and kissed my mother’s lovely shaven pussy. I put my finger in first and finger-fucked her. Mom started moaning this time.

Mom, on the other hand, did not intervene. I had a feeling she wasn’t opening her eyes or stopping me since she was having so much fun with the sexual pleasure.

Something moist came out of her pussy shortly after. Then it occurred to me that ladies enjoy it when guys kiss their vaginal areas. Like there was no tomorrow, I sucked my mother’s pussy. Mom’s moaning became even louder at this point.

Then I climbed on top of her and positioned my penis near the vaginal opening. She was unable to conceive because her uterus had been removed. I slid my dick inside my mother’s pussy and fucked her brains out. Even though she didn’t open her eyes, she continued to whimper.

I wanted to remember this moment for the rest of my life in case I never had another opportunity like it. I turned on the video recorder on my phone and went over to my mother again, fucking her like hell. The next night, I went for three more rounds because I was so horny for my mother.
I was exhausted after the fourth round and fell asleep cuddling my mother, my dick still within her. When I awoke the next morning, I realised what I had done the night before.

My mother was nowhere to be seen when I went looking for her. I became terrified and looked for my trousers, but they were nowhere to be found in the area where I had left them the day before. It was, however, nowhere to be discovered.
I sat on the edge of my bed, unsure of what to do. My mother yelled my name repeatedly. I wasn’t quite ready to confront her yet. I had no idea how to respond or what to say if she asked me a question.

My mother came in with tea and left it on the bedside table, and she urged me to take a bath in hot water because I was taking too long to go out. She pretended as if nothing had happened.

She turned around before leaving the room and informed me I needed to wash because the liquid from her could trigger a bacterial infection on my penis! She walked away with a smile on her face.
I was pondering what had just occurred. I got out of bed and went straight to the kitchen, still nude. My mum questioned if I was horny until now after seeing me naked. She inquired, looking in the mirror next to her, if she still turned me on at this age. I approached her and hugged her from behind, telling her she was such a beauty.

My mother reddened and motioned for me to go. From behind, I grabbed both of her breasts and began to play with them.

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  • Reply Ravi ID:2nhj65nozl1

    Mine is an Indian family living in London, UK. Dad is often away from home because of his work. Whenever he’s not around, Mum and I fuck. I’ve been fucking her since I was 14. She loves it when I spunk up her shaven, tight pussy, and often has multiple orgasms.

    • Hoshu ID:2nhj65nozl1

      My family is Japanese, and we also live in London. My mother’s name is Anzu. She always says that my cock is much better than Dad’s, and my spunk tastes creamier. We’ve been fucking since I was 12 years old, which is quite normal in Japanese families.

    • Ant ID:3zxjq00lv996

      You know we can all see that it was just you replying to yourself right, look at the id numbers

  • Reply dave ID:1b40ao7bhrc2

    i enjoyed it, but there was a few light mistakes, do part 2

  • Reply Eric ID:28arh4j7qjq

    That was so boring

  • Reply Anon ID:5u1d7cg6ii3

    Your paragraphs 19 and 20 conflict with what you stated in paragraph 17.

    In paragraph 17 you state she wasn’t wearing a bra, but in paragraph 19 you say you made her sleep in her bra and the in paragraph 20 you removed the bra. So which was it?

    • NTB ID:7ezgfrr8rbq

      Thanks for pointing out the mistakes.