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Sisters Swap

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My brother, and I knew Ewin, and his sister since we’re kids, but then Ewin hit puberty, and started changing…

His sister (Who wants to remain anonymous) said “He puts the Ew in Ewin,” and started calling Eewin. He said he put the “Win in Ewin,” but she just called him a loser.

And a pervert, there’s no denying that, but he made it pretty obvious what he wanted from her, when he started steeling her phone. To take dick pics, and leave her browser on incest stories. Brother/Sister incest stories, and that’s how I found out about SexStories69.

She showed me one after school, and we even giggled, reading it together. {https://sexstories69.com/2021/07/i-think-he-just-came-in-you/} because it was really pretty hot. Even she liked it, because it wasn’t really incest, but she liked the idea of her pervert brother sex harassing her friends instead of her.

“Huh, you want to fool around?” I didn’t bother whispering, knowing that Ewin was right outside the door.

“With you?” She swallowed, and thought about it, holding her legs crossed, but she stopped scissoring, and then she nodded. “Yeah.” She uncrossed her legs, and let her sex smell out to fill up the room. We’re both really stinky, but I got up to grab my phone.

“No, with my brother.” I texted him. [Hey, you want to sext with my friend? She’s really horny.] She giggled, looking over my shoulder, and shook her head. “You think he’ll go for it?”

[Yeah, sure.] He sent a dick pic. “See for yourself!”

She giggled, and tried to take my phone, but I stepped back, right in front of the door. “Take a sexy pose first.”

“Like this?” She stuck her hand up, and stuck her knee out. In her night shirt, and shorts, right in front of her bed, but she stuck her arm behind her to pull the top tight over her braless Cs.

[Pic!] “Yeah, get on the bed.” I threw her the phone, and listened for the sound of 1 hand clapping, out in the hall. I held my finger up, in a silent Shoosh, and carefully gripped the door handle, so it didn’t rattle. She giggled, and pulled the covers up, over her knees so she could get her hand dirty, tapping in text to my brother.

So, I popped the latch, and yanked the door open, quick enough to see Ewin pull his underpants up, and run down the hall. Holding the corners of his pants, I pushed the button on the handle again, so it stayed locked when I shut it.

Then, I went after Ewin, but they lived in a split level house. With 3 bedrooms, and 2 baths, but the master suite was upstairs, while their rooms were downstairs in the basement, with the bathroom all the way on the end of the hall.

I knocked, “Ewin, can I come in?”

“You tricked me!”

“I know, but only because I wanted to see your hardon. After your sister showed me your dick pics, and.”

Click! He turned the handle, so the lock popped, and I didn’t have to get a butter knife of something to jimmy the lock. “Really?”

“Yes, really. I’m so horny from reading all your sick sex stories with your sister, and you’re the horniest boy I know. Too bad you have the hots for your sister, and not me.”

“Oh, no. You’re hot too, I just didn’t know you felt that way about me.” Honestly? He was so scared, and if he backed up one more step, he’d trip, and fall over the side of the bathtub.

“Oh yeah, but I don’t want to do it in here. Come on, give me your hand, let’s go back to your bed.”

“Okay, okay. Sure, fine. This is fine, yeah.” He nodded, talking to himself, and I liked him better scared than nervous, and trying to talk himself into having sex with me, but I stopped at her door to listen.

‘ooh, yeah.’ She whispered, ‘nice, and slow, don’t blow it too soon.’

“What’s she doing in there?” I already untucked my top, and reached up inside it to my bra.

“Sh!” I pulled the rubber out, and threw it. “None of your business, put that on.” It missed, and fluttered off to the side, so he had to turn, and bend over to pick it up off the floor.

So, I slapped his ass, and pushed him “Out of the way,” with my hip, so I could close the door. Felt the middle of the handle, which was just like the one on her door. The kind of handle that’s more like the head of a cane, instead of a knob? Except it didn’t have a lock in it, at all.

I just shrugged, the last thing I have to worry about is her putting down my phone, to stop sexting with my brother, and come in to catch me alone with her’s. Especially after all the times he called her, across the hall, to help him with something.

His dick, in his hand, only this time it was me instead of her, and he was trying to get it up, so he could roll the rubber on. Okay, he’s 17, and not exactly well endowed. I don’t care, as long as it big enough to keep a rubber on. I’m no virgin, but I’m only 13, so the middle school boys are still so small that they slip off when they try to fuck you.

“Huh!” I just pulled my top off, and my bra cups together to unhook them. “Ewin, look.” I giggled, and wiggled to jiggle in front of him, then moved his hand. “Huh, let me try that.” He dropped the rubber, and went right for my tits, but it practically sprang up in my hand, he got hard so fast. So, I let go, and pushed his hips. Back over the bed so he had to sit down.

“Take off your pants.” I bent over to pick up the rubber, while he kicked them down to his feet. I’d like to say that I have no idea why his sister changed into her night clothes, before it even got dark, but then she showed me that hot dirty story to get me horny, right after I saw her naked. I’m not bi, not even a little curious, so if anything, I’m more than a little jealous of her 34Cs. Her long smooth shaven legs, and her narrow waist, so her hips look even wider, but I wouldn’t want to fuck her, or anything.

So, I dropped my pants, and stepped on them to pull my feet out. I didn’t have to tell him to put it on again, but he forgot to squeeze the end. To leave a little room for his load, so I grabbed it, and he hunched with a grunt when it slipped up his sensitive tip.

“Huh!” He yanked the front of my panties down, “You’re not even a natural blonde?”

“So what? Shut up, no wonder you can’t get laid when you say stupid shit like that. You ever talked to a girl you’re not related to before?” I covered his mouth, and put my knee up next to him. “Shut up, don’t answer that. You’ve got such a dirty fucking mouth, so why don’t you show me what you can do with your dirty fucking mouth, huh?”

I had to climb up, straddling him, and step over his shoulders on his knees, but before I let his mouth go, I held 1 finger up, over his lips. “Sh.” He nodded. “Not a word, to anyone else about this, you got it? I don’t want you bragging to all your incel friends that I’m a slut.”

“Okay, I promise.” He nodded, seriously.

“Good,” I felt his cheeks, and ran them through my fingers to brush past his straggling sideburns. His proto-neckbeard and over his ears to cover them, and grip his head through his hair. “Huh, lick it.”

“Oomh muph!”

“Lick my drippy twat, you taste that?”

“LlLlLlL!” He couldn’t say much else, obediently flicking his tongue up and down between my lips. Down to my fuckhole, I could feel his tongue pointed, and wiggling in. Stretching my opening wider, so the hot savory broth ran down his throat. “Aghkugh!” He turned his head, and managed to twist it away to cough.

“Choke on it!”

“Anghk!” He sneezed. “Nghk!” Tried to hold it back, until he let go with a spray of snot on my thigh. “Knch!”

“Uh, look at this mess.” I pressed the back of his head to rub his face in it. “Lick it, lick it all up you nasty little brat.”

“AlL! Luh! Huh. Sorry, your pubic hairs got up my nose.”

“Sorry? I don’t want to hear sorry, god. You’re lucky I’m so horny after such a shitty attempt to lick my cunt, because you sure don’t deserve this.” I stopped, closing my eyes, and gripping the base to carefully aim the rubbery dry tip to the wet opening, then let out the breath I was holding in a ragged sigh. “HhuhH!” I bottomed out. “Huh!” Rubbed our pubes together, just to make it swing back and forth inside me. “Huh! UH!” It hit my bladder so hard, I peed a little, and clamped my knees hard in his ribs, but he got brave, and grabbed my B cups in both hands again.

“HUH!” I grabbed his wrists, “Did I tell you you could touch them?”

“Sorry, ow!” He jumped when I put my weight down, and his knuckles hit the headboard. “Ow, that hurt! Stop you’re hurting me!”

“No, uhfuck!” I sank back down, forcing another breath out, and then pulled halfway out to gasp, “Say itUH!”

“What? Say what?”

“Huh, no. Say UH! Huh say no.”


“No like you mean it!”


“Scream it!”


“Say rape!”


“Scream it!”


“Uh, fuck. Huh fuck. Huhuhuh! Ohhhh fuck. Oh fuck that so good. Fuck that’s so good.” I put my shoulder down next to him, babbling to myself, and quivering inside from the explosive orgasm. He put his arm down as soon as I let go, and stopped bending his hands backwards at the wrists, so he couldn’t struggle out. I just caught my breath, until the shaking annoyed me.

‘come on,’ I blinked, and saw the empty rubber on his hip first. ‘huh come on.’ Then his chubby flop in his fist, pumping it desperate to get it hard again.

“Oh,” I ran my fingers down his panting tummy, “You don’t have to do that, let me.”

I dragged my hair down his chest, and tummy, but he stiffened in my hand again before I even got my mouth close enough to kiss it. Lick the greasy drop of precum, and suck it in to swirl my tongue around the head. Gripping it tightly, I hand to stick my pinky out to get a good stroke, and a few more of those were all he could take.

“Huh!” My head sank down, then popped back up on his tummy, when he gasped in another breath. “Huh!”

“Smup!” I licked my lips, and just held it. Twitching, and bulging in my palm, to feel the hot wet cum jet up my cheek, and stick to my hair.

“Huh! Hufuck! Fuck!”

“Uh!” I sat up, and let my legs hang off to turn around. “Look at this mess, I pointed at my cheek.”

He licked his lips. “You didn’t rape me.” He shook his head.

“No,” I laughed, “Of course not,” I rolled my eyes. “But don’t change the subject. You made a mess.”

He nodded. “So, you want me to clean it up?”

“Yes, of course.” I bent over, and turned to let him kiss and lick my dirty cheek.

Until her sister started giggling outside the door, loud enough to ruin the mood. “Huh!” I got up, from our after sex cuddle to go to the door. “Well, I guess I better go do the girl talk now.” I turned back, and pointed. “Stay there. Don’t get up, don’t listen, and give your sister some privacy for fuck’s sake.”

“Is that what this is about?”

“She’ll give you my number later, so I can tell you, exactly what this about, but until then.” I turned out the light. “Stay there, and think about what you’ve done to her.” I shut the door quietly, then broke down into giggles.

Knocking on her door, she said “Come in?”

I just looked in, to she she still had her nightclothes on. Or, she put them back on after stripping, sexting, and masturbating with my brother. “Huh, I need a shower, so you want to join me?”

“You bet!” I can’t trust him to stay put, but even if he listens through the door, we can talk with the water to drown out what we’re saying. “You raped him?”

“No, of course not. He was too willing, but I always wanted to rape a boy, that deserved it.”

“He sure deserves it.”


“So, what’s it like?”

“I don’t know. Intense, I really need to think about it, but it really helps to have you to talk to.”

“I know, I ask all the right questions, so how do I do it?”

“Rape my brother?”

“No, he’s too sweet. I just want to fuck him now, but I better rape Ewin to teach him a lesson.”

“Oh, I don’t know, I might have to help you overpower him, if it’s really going to be rape.”

“How many rubbers did you bring?”

“Just one, but I can’t do it tonight. I’m going to have to think about it anyway.”

“But you will help me rape him, for real?” She held up her pinkie, so I took it, and shook it.

“I promise.” I bet it would be, a lot easier to really rape him if it’s 2 against 1…

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