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Sister’s Birthday Gift

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I was 17 then and was going to turn 18 that day, and my sister was 24. She had a sexy body with nice ass and tits. We slept in the same room. That day, it was around 10 p.m., I was sleepy but my sister was watching youtube on her mobile on full volume and I was not able to sleep because of it. Whenever I was about to sleep, she woke me up somehow.
At 12:00 she wished me happy birthday, and said,” how big are you?”, and I said 18 years. And she said,” I am not asking your age, I am asking how big are you?” and I said 8 inches. Just by listening this, she got so horny that she climbed over my chest, she lowered her panties and sat on my face and pulled my face towards her. Now, I was licking her shaved pussy, it smelled and tasted so good. After 5 minutes, she got up and turned around, now I was facing her back and started licking again, while she took off my underwear and she started stroking my dick slowly and it started to grow, in a minute it grew very hard and became full 8 inches. Now, I couldn’t control myself, so I picked her up and got her on her knees on the floor, leaning her over the bed. As I inserted my dick in her pussy, she screamed. And I started humping her.
Now she was moaning loudly,”
I was afraid that our parents might hear her, so it picked up her panties and put them in her mouth.
Now she was still moaning but I think only I could hear her,”
I fucked her hard for 7-8 minutes and I could tell she was loving it. Then she came, now she was lying there exhausted and I told her that I was going to sleep. It was around 12:30 that we went to bed.
At around 03:00, she woke me up and asked if we could do it again. I told her no and that I wanted to sleep. But she said she was still horny and she made a sad face. I could not see her sad, so I agreed to fuck her again. She told me to wait and went to the bathroom, when she came out, she was wearing her new sexy lingerie. Seeing her, I could not hold myself. I picked her up and slammed her back against the wall and started kissing her, her perfect boobs felt so good against my chest. She had her sexy legs around my waist, she started rubbing her beautiful body against me, which turned me on even more. I just picked her up and laid her down on my study table and took off her panties. I started licking her pussy and it was better than before. After 9-10 minutes, she came in my mouth, I loved the taste of it. Now she got up, pushed me to the bed, got my dick in her mouth and started sucking on it. When she got really into it, she started to deep throat. After a few minutes, I ejaculated a big load in her mouth, she swallowed it whole and licked her lips, it made her look very sexy.
When I thought that I will finally get some sleep, she said,” you are missing the best part”. I looked at her and she took her bra off for the first time, and there they were, two round, firm boobs. She was so sexy that I instantly got hard again. She climbed on top of me and leaned, putting my face under those beautiful breasts. She slid my dick in her vagina and starting riding me hard. Her boobs bouncing up and down looked really hot. I started moaning a little, so she started kissing me while still jumping up and down. I filled her wet pussy with my juice. Now we were both very exhausted and she finally agreed to get some sleep.
It was the best birthday gift of my life.
P.S. she did not get pregnant.

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  • Reply Loving Brother ID:5ri04iuv9d

    Does anyone want this story from her point of view?

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      I’d read it. IDK, I can’t promise you I’ll like it. Some authors struggle with writing from the Masculine (Exaggerated) perspective, and a Feminine perspective, convincingly. However, if you’re willing to write it, I’m willing to read it.

      Exaggerating the Male perspective is just part of the genre. A lot of guys say they have 8″ cocks, or Massive cocks when they write stories like this. So, when you’re writing the kinda guy that can’t differentiate between sex, love, and sexual abuse, he’s going to be the kinda guy (Power Assertive) which also exaggerates his Masculinity.

      Every time you hear the story, the fish gets bigger. In this particular story, she came to ask her younger brother how big he was, and when she heard it was “8 inches,” she was overcum with lust. When, as a girl, she wouldn’t approach her brother, and ask about his dick size, unless she was already seriously considering some incest.

    • Pwrvdad ID:vuf1mvzj

      Do you have a kik or anything. And yes do more