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Simone Part 26 – Berlin Summer, Part 4 – A blast from the past

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“That’s it, fuck-bitch” I whispered, “eat my fucking ass. Lick my shit hole while your friend sucks my cock.”

In fact, I came several more times. I must have been with the two girls until something like four a.m. and I had the two of them uses their mouths, tongues and fingers on every inch of my body. They licked and sucked me from head to toe, and I came in their mouths, butts and cunts time and time again.

After I had filled Innger’s ass with spunk for the first time, I had Anna clean the slime and shit of my cock whilst Innger licked my asshole. Then I made Anna clean Innger’s shithole, forcing her to tongue as much of my spunk out of her friend’s ass as possible. There was quite a lot of yellowish brown mixed in with the cum that splurged from Innger’s ass, and Anna was clearly not happy about being forced to eat her friend’s ass and shit. I made her lay on her back and sat Innger onto her face. As Innger pushed and farted the mess from her anus into Anna’s mouth, I throat-fucked Innger and told them both what dirty fucking bitches they were, though really I was speaking more to Anna.

Ana was a devil. She clearly loved hurting and using her own best friend and I wonder to this day if this night of abuse finished their relationship or cemented it in a secret lesbian love that both still enjoy. I would sadly never see the two fuck-toys again, though I often think about them. Their soft skin and tight holes, their moans and cries as I sodomised and fucked them, their slaps at my thighs when I rammed my cock deep into their throats and held it until they were dying for lack of air.

I abused Anna the hardest from that moment on. I slapped her, spat in her face and mouth, and fucked her neck the hardest. I even got Innger to fuck Anna’s cunt with the hairbrush whilst I fucked her tight ass. She cried less than Innger, and I was never sure how much she enjoyed much of what I did to her. It was clear, however, that she enjoyed me hurting Innger more.

Sadly, all good things come to an end, and finally I decided to leave my two fuck-toys in the mess I had made. The bed was a sticky pile of sheets covered with cum, cunt-juice, piss, and some shit and even some blood. The room stank of the same mixture. Both girls were smeared with bodily fluids and covered in welts and scratches. My balls were throbbing and my cock was red raw. I felt I would not want to fuck any kind of hole for weeks as I slipped into the hall, pulling the door closed behind me. I was wrong. I would have my cock in a new hole much sooner than I thought.

The streets were almost empty as I left the building. The warmth of the hot summer day still lingered in the night air and dawn could be sensed rather than seen. The sun would come up soon, and I needed my bed. I turned my collar to the slight breeze, and set off towards my hotel. I would also need to shower before going anywhere near my clean sheets. Not only the two girls were a mess with bodily fluids.

I think it must have taken me around twenty to thirty minutes to reach my hotel, and I slipped into the lobby and headed straight for the lift, trying to keep my distance from the Concierge, knowing how I must be smelling. However, something caused me to glance over to the reception desk, where a slender and pretty face framed by brown hair lifted to glance back at me. My heart stopped, and I stopped. I stood frozen to the spot, staring at a beautiful woman of perhaps forty or even forty-five, who now smiled at me and spoke.

“Good morning sir.” She said with a smile. “I presume you are a guest at the hotel?” She added, and glanced at the key I already held in my hand. “Can I help you with anything? Is there anything you need?” Again, she smiled and this time as she spoke, she stood to reveal large firm breasts in a tight business-style shirt and a slender waist, dipping behind the reception desk. She tilted her head and raised her eyebrows in question. My silence was clearly confusing her. Then I dropped the bombshell that would drain the blood from her face and bring tears to her eyes.

“Patricia?” I said, and took a step towards the stunned woman. “Patricia, it’s you, isn’t it?” I asked, already knowing the answer. I had recognised her immediately, though the question marks on her face clearly showed she had not recognised me. How could she? The last time she had seen me I was just a boy of eight. I young lad who had raped and abused her together with three grown youths. Now a man, I stood before her and the images of her naked body, covered in belt-marks, sperm, and piss flashed through my mind. Patricia was the first woman I had ever fucked, and I had not merely fucked her cunt. I had raped her throat and her ass. We dad whipped and beaten her, double penetrated her. We had pissed on her and in her mouth. We had destroyed her, and now in an instance of horror and shock, she remembered. She saw some glimpse of the young boy who had taken her by force, and as she dropped to her chair, she said just one word.


“Hello, Patricia.” I smiled back at her. “How are you sweetheart? All those years ago, you simply disappeared. There were rumours, and of course the news. And….” I stopped speaking. Patricia had started crying, actually sobbing. Heavy sobs that caused her entire body to shake.

“You. You can’t be here.” She finally whispered. “Please, God, make this unreal!” She added, and looked up at me like a poor lamb about to be slaughtered.

I took the final steps to reach the desk, and walked round behind it. Placing my right hand on her left shoulder, I stared into her tear-filled eyes. She did not resist, or try to pull away. She simply stared into my face, and bit down onto her lower lip.

“I can’t….” She started but seemed to forget what she was going to say, starting on a new sentence. “I came back. I mean I went back to our old village. Years later, but you were gone. Your whole family was gone. No one even remembered who you were.” She bleated out. She was rambling, her thoughts clearly flashing like lightning through her brain. Thoughts too many to speak. I dropped to my haunches in front of her, taking both her hands in mine.

“Shhh.” I whispered, trying to soothe her. “Take some deep breaths and try to calm down.” I said. “I shocked you suddenly turning up like this. I’m sorry.” I said soothingly. “I had no idea you were here, Patricia. If I had known, well… I suppose I could have tried to let you know more gently.” Now I was rambling. “All those years ago, you never returned and just a few weeks later your whole family left.” I continued. “I expected the police to visit me every day for weeks, but they never came and no one ever spoke to me about what had happened. When I heard they had caught the three guys, I presumed they would finally tell the police everything, but still I heard nothing.”

She stared into my face, and for a second I thought I saw a flash of anger in her eyes.”

“Oh Kurt.” She whispered. “We never mentioned you. There was a trial of course, and all three youths were sent to prison. But not once did we mention you or that you had been there.”

“I don’t understand.” I whispered. “Why didn’t you tell anyone that I was there? That I did those things to you?” I asked, knowing I was treading on dangerous ground waking these memories.

“Because I was there, too, Kurt. I went there with you to have sex. I was to blame because I was there, with you. Don’t you understand that? If my family, the police, the whole village had found out that I was already no longer a virgin before those guys raped me, if they had found out that we had already had sex, then I would have been branded a whore. As things were, I said nothing about you.”

“But the three youths?” I questioned. “Why wouldn’t they say anything?”

“Firstly, they had nothing to gain by telling on you, did they?” She said flatly. “And then there was me keeping quiet about much of what they had done. They realised soon into the trial that I had not told the police everything. If they started to say too much, there was a danger I would tell the whole story. I only said they had raped me. I said nothing of being sodomised, tortured, beaten and whipped. I did not tell anyone that I was forced suck cock, swallow sperm and to drink piss.”

As Patricia described just a fraction of the abuse we had subjected her to, there was a glint in her eye. Her tears had stopped, and she stared defiantly at me. Or was it something other than defiance? My cock twitched.

“You stink, Kurt.” She then said, and a slight smile crossed her lips. “In fact you smell like that day. You smell of sex and piss. You smell the way all of us smelled the day the four of you raped and tortured me. The day you sodomised me and throat-fucked me until I passed out. God knows what else you did to me when I was unconscious.” She stated very flatly. “Where have you been? What have you been doing? Why do you smell the same today, Kurt?”

I stood, letting her hands fall to her lap. She gazed up at me, and did not even flinch as I unzipped my trousers and fished out my now rock hard cock.

“Open your mouth.” I commanded, and pushed my glans between her lips whilst grasping the back of her head with my left hand.

Just thirty or forty minutes earlier, I had thought I would not be able to cum for a month. My balls were aching from pumping spunk into Innger and Anna. I had filled all six holes multiple times and fucked my cock red raw, and yet here I was face-fucking Patricia in a hotel lobby in Berlin. The last time I had seen this now beautiful middle-aged woman, she been a mere girl of perhaps twelve to fourteen. I had blackmailed her into sucking me and fucking me, and then I had gang-raped her and tortured her together with three youths. Those days with Patricia had formed and taught me, turned me into Night Hawk, and Night Hawk was now forcing his cock into Patricia’s throat.

“That’s it, fuck-bitch. Suck my fucking cock. Open your throat so I can fuck you in the neck.” I growled, and took Patricia’s chin in my right hand, forcing her mouth to open even wider as I pushed balls deep into her bulging throat. Her cock-sucking skills were greatly improved, and as I fucked her throat, she cupped my swollen balls in her right hand, squeezing very gently.

What we were doing was dangerous. It was the early hours of the morning, and no one seemed to be around, but we were behind the reception desk in a hotel lobby. Someone could have walked in at any time. I did not care. I did not care that my cock was hurting and my balls were bursting. All I wanted was to empty whatever was still left in my sack into Patricia’s throat, and that is exactly what I did.

“Eat my fucking spunk, bitch.” I growled as the first shot entered Patricia’s mouth. I was on a pull out as I started to shoot, so the first pulse of thick cream smeared across her tongue. The second shot deep into her throat as I once again smashed my balls into her chin and my glans stretched her throat. I pumped and pumped, holing her head and chin firmly as I face fucked her, spewing my seed into her mouth and throat.

“Swallow fuck-whore. Eat my cum you filthy fucking bitch.” I gasped as the final splurge of semen entered Patricia’s mouth. I let go of her head and chin, and pulled my cock from her face. “Room 307.” I said as I put my cock back into my trousers and did up my zip. “When you get off your shift, come to my room so I can fuck all of your holes, fuck-toy.”

“Yes, Kurt.” She whispered as she smiled up at me, wiping her fingers across her cum-covered lips.

“And stop calling me Kurt. I am your master. So fucking call me Master, fuck-toy.”

“Yes, master.” She said, and I turned and left, taking the lift up to the third floor. First, I needed a shower, and then I needed some sleep. I had no idea how long Patricia’s shift was, but hoped at least a few hours. My poor cock was burning; it needed some rest before fucking Patricia in the ass, which was exactly what I was going to do to her.

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      I am writing the conclusion to this part about Berlin and Patricia. It is a “Kind of” special to round things up before getting back to Simone and Lena. So at already over 15k Words, it’s a biggy, and will probablly need till the weekend. I do not know what my schedule will otherwise be.

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