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Simone Part 25 – Berlin Summer, Part 3

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“That’s it, suck-bitch.” I whispered; “suck my fucking cock. Get my really good and hard so I can fuck your lapdog-bitch girlfriend in the ass…”

Innger screamed; at least she tried to. Anna’s thighs and pussy absorbed her terrified bleats, low bellows and high-pitched screams of pain. I had got Anna to lay on her back and pushed Innger onto her knees between her friend’s legs.

“Eat that fucking pussy, bitch.” I commanded, and Anna grabbed her friend’s hair in one hand and forced Innger’s face into her cunt with the other. “Eat me Innger.” She whispered. “Eat my cunt. Lick me and suck me. Make me come while our master fucks you in the ass.”

I had taken a hairbrush from the bedside table. It was one of those with a round cylinder head of bristles, not a flat one. A flat-backed one would have been better for paddling Innger’s ass-cheeks, but this one was better for insertion. The bristles were made of soft white plastic and had small balls on the tips, so it was impossible for me to seriously hurt or damage her with the light, flimsy brush. Nonetheless, she startled and jumped as the first blow came down on her right cheek, but Anna held her tight.

“Hmmpfgh….” Innger groaned into her friend’s cunt as the next blow whipped across her left cheek. The next strike actually did hurt a little as I aimed an uppercut between her legs, striking hard at the folds of her exposed cunt. As the blow inflicted the pain, I used my left hand to help Anna keep Innger’s mouth silenced on Anna’s cunt. Anna clearly enjoyed the feeling of her friend screaming, crying and groaning into her pussy. I struck again, this time at Innger’s right thigh. Then her left. Then again at her pussy. I was going quickly, blow after blow causing the poor girl to flinch, writhe, scream and cry with her face buried in Anna’s cunt.

“This is nothing, fuck-bitch.” I hissed. “I am going to tear you open like the fuck-whore you are. I am going to fuck you so deep and hard in your guts that you will neither walk nor sit for a month. You will beg me to stop and cry for me to finish, you will wish you could pass out or even die to avoid the pain before I am over and done with your fuck-holes. But I won’t stop, and I will take a long, long time hurting you, I promise. Now let’s see what your wet fuck-cunt thinks about this.”

As I spoke, I aimed the head of the hairbrush at Innger’s exposed cunt, and pushed the bristled head into her vagina with a single thrust. As I said, the bristles were soft and not sharp, so it would not have hurt too much, but Innger panicked anyway, pushing at her friend’s thighs and trying to arch her back. However, Anna and I both held her tight, keeping her face ground into Anna’s groin. As I impaled Innger’s cunt with the full head of the hairbrush, leaving just the handle outside, Anna continued to fuck her own cunt onto Innger’s mouth.

“Suck me, bitch.” Anna now growled. “Suck my fucking pussy. Eat my juice, lapdog.”

Anna was clearly into abusing her best friend, and I wondered how many times she had secretly thought about having Innger’s tongue inside her. I twisted the hairbrush and pulled it out a little before ramming it back into Innger’s cunt. The look of pleasure and satisfaction on Anna’s face as Innger groaned her pain into her cunt, made my cock throb, and a drop of pre-cum dripped from the tip. It was time to keep my promise to Innger. It was time to hurt her. I was going to ram my cock into her virgin ass, but first I fucked her with the hairbrush a few times, pulling the bristles out or her cunt then ramming them back in again. As I forced the heads into her hole, I twisted and twirled the brush to make sure she really felt it scratching her delicate insides. Finally, I rammed the brush as deep as it would go, and lined up my cock with her butthole.

Innger started to fight as hard as she could. I had not even pushed a millimetre into her anus, yet she fought as though I had. Her panic was real, and she screamed and fought. I had merely placed the tip of my cock onto her puckered shithole, and she went wild. She was terrified, and she had good reason to be. I had not removed the hairbrush from her cunt, so she was about to be double penetrated and ass-fucked, both for the first time in her life. It was going to hurt, and she knew it. I pulled my cock away from her butthole, and slapped her right cheek as hard as I could.

“Keep still.” I screamed as the blow left a red palm and finger mark on her skin. I slapped again, leaving another welt on her right thigh. “Let her go.” I said to Anna, and took hold of Innger’s long blond hair, yanking her head back until my lips were at her ear. “Listen to me.” I whispered. “I am going to fuck you in the ass. It will hurt and it will tear you open like an oyster, but you will not fight. The more you fight, the more I will hurt you and the longer I will take. I am going to fuck your tight little anus with my cock, and as I do so you will push your face in your friend’s cunt and scream into her fuck-hole while I use your ass. If you resist, I will take my leather belt and inflict more pain on you that you can imagine. Then, once I have taken the skin off your butt, thighs and back, I will tie and gag you and sodomise you anyway. Do you understand? Do you understand that there is no way out of this for you? There is no way to escape what I am going to do to your fuck-hole anus with my cock. You can take it, let me fuck you in the ass and cry into your friend’s pussy, or you can try to fight and receive double the pain before I fuck your tight ass anyway. Now tell me to fuck you in the ass, fuck-bitch.” I commanded, and slapped her left thigh as hard as I could with my left hand. “Say it, fuck-bitch. And say please.”

“P, p, p, pl, pl, please.” She stuttered and sobbed. “Please.”

“Please what?” I barked.

“Please, don’t.” She begged, and I slapped her hard.

“You still don’t fucking get it do you?” I demanded. “So let me get my leather belt and show you what I am talking about you fucking filthy piece of fuck-meat. I will remove some of your soft white skin and see if you still feel like begging after that.” I started to stand.

“No, no! Please!” Innger bleated. “Ok, ok. Do it.” She added. “I won’t fight.”

“Do what?” I demanded. “Say it bitch. Tell me what to do.”

“Just do it.” She sobbed. “Fuck me in the ass, but please take the brush out first. Please!”

She was terrified at having her anal virginity taken, but the thought of it in conjunction with the hairbrush buried in her vagina mortified her, and I actually thought about giving her a break. After all, a virgin ass was prize enough. However, I also knew that the worse her pain the tighter her anal muscles would grind and clutch at my cock. Her pain was my gain, and I was not inclined to be kind. It was time to get this done.

“No.” I whispered into her ear and then clasped my left hand tight across her mouth.

I pushed my weight onto Innger’s back, forcing her forwards onto her friend’s chest.

“Hold her.” I commanded, and Anna took tight hold of her best friends head and hair as I used my left hand to find my cock and guide it towards Innger’s tight anus. Innger tensed as she felt the tip touch her butthole, but she was not fighting. Soon she would fight. She would scream, kick, fight and cry,

“Hold her as tight as you can.” I said to Anna, who was looking up at me with a dazed smile and a look of extreme arousal and passion on her face. She was loving this. She was revelling in the pain and humiliation of her best friend, and I wondered if they would remain friends after I was finished with them. I wondered, but I did not care. I pushed. I pushed hard.

Normally, when going into a virgin asshole, I take it centimetre for centimetre, easing past the sphincter and prying the anal muscles open bit by bit so as to enjoy the massage my cock got from the fighting hole, which would squeeze and pulsate trying to reject the intruding cock. This time I decided to be brutal. My aim was to hurt Innger, to make her cry and to make her scream. I pushed as hard as I could, impaling the poor girl’s ass with my swollen shaft. As I pushed against her retracting and training muscles, she groaned and bellowed into her best friend’s cunt.

“That’s it fuck-toy. Eat Anna’s cunt while I fuck you in the ass.” I hissed, and pulled my cock back, almost leaving Innger’s body, before ramming into her guts with as much force as I could muster. Anna’s groin and thighs muffled her scream, and I felt her inner muscles clutch at my swollen cock, her anal cavity desperately trying to force me out. I forced deeper, pushing until my balls rested on her vagina lips, then I stopped. I held my position, enflamed by the girl’s anal muscles squeezing and pulling at my shaft. I could feel the bristles from the hairbrush on the underside of my cock, and the pulsating of her muscles must have hurt, but instinctively her entire anal cavity squeezed and tugged at my invading cock.

“That’s it fuck-whore. My cock is balls deep in your ass and you are fucking yourself on it. Squeeze my dick with that tight ass baby. Make daddy come in your guts.” I whispered.

Innger was no longer fighting. She was sobbing into her friend’s cunt, her chest heaving with each sobbed breath. As Innger sobbed and cried, Anna started to writhe her pelvic bone into her friend’s face, clearly getting off on Innger’s torment.

“Stick out your tongue, Innger.” Anna commanded. “I want to feel you licking my clit while your ass gets opened up.”

I could not see or tell if Innger obeyed, but Anna closed her eyes and her head lolled back as she ground her cunt onto her friend’s mouth. She was clearly in ecstasy, and I knew she would not need long to reach orgasm. I too would not need long in one of the tightest assholes I had ever fucked, and as Anna held Innger’s head in both hands, pushing her vagina onto the girl’s mouth, I began to fuck Innger ion the ass, moving slowly at first, but pulling all the way back to the tip then pushing balls-deep into her anus.

“Fuck, girl!” I exclaimed. “That is one fight fucking hole. Jesus, I don’t think my cock was ever in a better fuck-hole than this.” I added, and as I spoke, I reached beneath my balls and took hold of the hairbrush handle. “And these bristles in your cunt are fucking doing wonders on my shaft baby.” I twisted the brush, pulling it out a few centimetres, then pushed it all the way back in. I timed my cock-thrust with the brush, impaling Innger’s ass in a single thrust. She groaned into Anna’s cunt as I penetrated both her holes to maximum depth.

“Oh my God.” Anna panted as Innger groaned into her cunt. “You are making me so wet, Innger. Please lick my pussy. Please make me come.”

As Anna spoke, I began fucking in and out of Innger’s butt, increasing my speed. I too wanted to come.

“That’s the way to go, Innger.” I hissed. “Lick the bitch’s cunt while I fuck you in the ass.” As I said ass, I rammed my cock deep into Innger’s guts, pushing as hard and as deep as I could in a single thrust. She bellowed into Anna’s crotch, and I pulled back for my next thrust, holding her hips firmly in order to gain maximum penetration. The next thrust was perhaps even deeper, and my balls slapped onto the hairbrush handle. I repeated the move, pulling my cock out until just my glans were inside her anus, before ramming my full length back into her ass. I began picking up my speed, pumping in and out of Innger’s asshole.

After twenty or thirty thrusts, Innger’s anal muscles stopped fighting my invading shaft, and relaxed, making it easy for me to butt-fuck the girl. All fucked butts go through this. They fight, squeeze, push and try to repel the invading cock, but eventually sense that the pain is less when they relax. Innger had reached that stage now, and her cries of pain had stopped. She still groaned and whimpered into Anna’s cunt with each thrust, but she was clearly in much less distress now, and Anna was also clearly getting much more attention from Innger’s tongue.

“Oh fuck, Innger.” Anna groaned. “Your tongue is so good on my cunt and clit. Fuck, I love you licking me out. Finger me, too, Innger. Push your fingers into my cunt, please.” Innger seemed to comply. I could not really see what was happening between Anna’s thighs, but from the gasp she took and the look on her face, I presumed Innger was now finger fucking her whilst licking and eating her pussy. Anna was a dirty, dirty girl. I liked her. I liked her a lot.

I was now thrusting at maximum depth and speed, inching my way towards climax. I could sense it building. That familiar tingle at the base of my spine, the heatwave running up my thighs and back. I was ecstatic, never had an anus clenched and squeezed my cock quite as wonderfully as Innger’s warm and soft anal cavity was doing right now. The soft bristles of the hairbrush were like tiny electric shocks on the underside of my cock, and her virgin muscles, still tight and firm squeezed my shaft onto their soft, balled ends. I going to come and I could see Anna was also at her final destination.

“Oh my fucking Godddddd…” Anna cried as she arched her back and forced Innger’s face into her crotch. The next sounds from Anna were not words, but primeval groans and cries as she came into her best friend’s mouth, and I started to fill Innger’s guts with spunk.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” I said, as I closed my eyes and pumped the contents of my swollen testicles into Innger’s anus. As the final spurt left my cock, I pushed as deep as I could and held it there, enjoying the feeling of Innger’s ass squeezing down onto my cum-covered shaft.

Anna was still pushing Innger’s face into her cunt and she was trembling. Tiny ripples were running up her legs and thighs, and Innger was clearly still using her fingers and tongue on Anna’s twat as she came, driving her friend insane as her orgasm tore through her entire body.

“Oh my fucking, fucking… Oh, oh!” Anna cried, and then she pulled violently at Innger’s head, pulling her face way from her cunt. It was clearly too much for Anna, who was now beyond her orgasm, and reeling from the waves going through her body. I pulled my cock out of Innger’s ass, and stepped onto the bed. I straddled Innger’s back and stepped forward until I could grab Anna bay the hair.

“Clean me, bitch!” I said and forced her face towards my still hard cock. My shaft was smeared with spunk and a couple of yellow-brown stains were obviously shit from Innger’s ass. “Clean your friend’s shit off my fucking cock, bitch.” I hissed, and forced my glans between Anna’s lips. “And whilst Anna cleans my shit-covered, cock, Innger, you can get on your fucking knees and lick my arse.” As I spoke, I reached round and grabbed Innger by the hair, yanking her up onto her knees. She did not resist or fight and I felt her delicate hands touch my ass-cheeks as she spread them to gain access to my puckered anus. “That’s it, fuck-bitch” I whispered, “eat my fucking ass. Lick my shit hole while your friend sucks my cock.” I felt the tip of Innger’s tongue touch my butthole, and I knew I was going to be coming again very soon.

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    damn good story i saved it for 2 parts and i finished both oh man i wish it came out like it used to

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    Hey I haven’t even read the story yet but I saw that this was posted I am so happy there’s another one of these