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Naughty Jogger II

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I met this bizarre little girl on the way home, and she said some things. Disturbing things that made me ask questions…

I didn’t know who to ask, but then I got home, and my son Paul was on his phone. “Paul, uh!” I shook my head, “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, mom. In a minute?” He finished his text message, and followed me out to the back porch, where I was smoking. “What’s wrong?” Nervously flicking the butt, so no ash had a chance to build up on the tip. He picked up on my mood, just from that.

“Well, I met this, bizarre little girl on the way home, and.” I shook my head. “I don’t know how to put this, but she said that she wanted to be raped. I thought that she’d fallen down the hill, so I pulled over to see if she was all right. Her hair was disheveled, and she was covered in mud, but. What makes a girl that age do something so self destructive, and risky?”

“What are you asking me for? I’m not a girl, and how young are we talking about?”

“I don’t know, she said she was 12, and she looked so much older, but she kept acting immaturely, and then talking about these. Sick fantasies, and she actually cried when she said it’s impossible to get sexually assaulted.”

“Well, I’m no expert, but I read a study.”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes, “I don’t mean to pry, you know that, but I can’t help noticing the. Things, you’ve been interested in, lately.” That disturbed me, too. I didn’t want to say anything, and a part of me is ashamed for snooping through his phone, but what I found felt like punishment enough.

“You mean the porn.” I nodded, “It’s not real, I know some of it might have scared you a little, but.”

“I just don’t understand the violent stuff. What makes a woman want to be tied up, and beaten like that?”

“I don’t know, but I guess because she knows it’s not real? It’s just an act, but they do seem to get turned on. For real, I don’t mean they just fake orgasms, and piss so it looks like they’re gushing. They get red hot, and.”

“Well, she told me her mother has a friend, well. A lover, but not really like a lover, she met online. She told her that if she gets caught cheating then she can just say that she was raped, and since he doesn’t have any connection to her, then he won’t get arrested, and charged with it, but.”

“Mom, slow down a minute.” In retrospect, I was running on. “Okay, so what you’re saying is, her mother is into rough sex?”

“Rape play,” That’s what she called it anyway. “I think.”

“So, maybe she got it from her mother?”

“Maybe she just saw them together, and she was too young to understand it, but at first she thought her mother was being raped, right in front of her. So, she called the cops, she didn’t know why she couldn’t scream, but she could call the cops. They didn’t show up until it was all over, and then when she got home, she asked her mother if it was all right?”

“Yeah, I don’t think that being a fan of BDSM porn really qualifies me to psychoanalyze a little girl that I haven’t even met.”

“Well, you want to meet her?”


“She sounded so sincere, and I felt for her predicament, but one of her biggest complaints was not being able to find a boy, well. Like you?”

“You want me to talk to her?”

“I don’t know, you’re right, it’s probably inappropriate.”

“Well, you said she was 12.”

“No, she said she was 12, but now, I’m not so sure. Look, girls lie about their ages.”

“I know, women too, but you’re saying she actually lied to say she’s younger?”

“Yeah, and she thought that the men online were turned off by that, but she wasn’t sure.”

“So, she’s looking for men online to molest her?”

“No, she said she’s looking for Boys. And I’m quoting her here, she said men and boys, but she made the distinction. Between dirty old men, and horny teenage boys, but I think she just wants to relive what she saw her mother do, and find out what it’s really like.”

“And you want me to go over there, and play rape with her?”

“I don’t know!” I tried to squeeze the thoughts out of my head, knowing it wouldn’t work, but the scary part is when they weren’t that scary. The scariest part is the part of me that’s aroused by the thought. “Huh! She said that too. Actually, I remember distinctly, she said that she doesn’t know what she wants, but whatever he wants to do. If he makes her do it, then she doesn’t have to think. She doesn’t have to make a choice, she just has to obey him.”

“So, she sounds more submissive than masochistic?”

“I suppose, I don’t know, you know more about that than I really want to think about, but perhaps? Come to think of it, she never wanted to even listen to me when I told her the risks. She knows that she could be hurt, or even killed, but she can’t help the way she feels, and the way the violent fantasies make her feel.”


“Scared, excited, ashamed, and aroused all at the same time, but yes. She went down there to masturbate in the first place, but only because she imagined a guy following her, chasing her, and rolling down the hill for him to grab her, tear off all her clothes, and rape her.”

“Huh, well that’s fucked up, but if you want me to go over there. Yeah, I think I can do that.”


“Vicky12” (That’s short for Victim, since that’s the Role I want to play. In answer to your question, yes. I lied about my age, but I got the account Vicky12 when I was 12. That was a couple years ago…)

It’s kinda funny how it worked out, but after I got home, took a shower, and got out. I went in the bedroom, and somebody knocked on the window. “Huh?” I pulled my towel back up to cover my breasts, but my sister was out, watching TV in the living room. He knocked again, so I closed the door, and put on a robe.

It was a boy, in a mask, but I had to point out the sensor on the side of the window. I pointed out front, and put some shoes on to sneak out. Fortunately, they had the sound turned up loud enough in the living room, that they didn’t hear me turn off the alarm.

A long story short, he told me that his mom picked me up. She said that she had kids my age, and she might know a boy like that. One that might be into that sort of rough sex, but she didn’t tell me he was her son. I pulled the robe tight around me, and saw her waiting in the car, but she didn’t wave, she just looked away.

“Well, I just got out of the shower, and I should get ready for bed, but if you give me your number.” I patted my pockets. “I didn’t bring my phone.”

Ironic how you have to consent, I mean once you find a boy that actually wants to play, as opposed to a real rapist just grabbing you, and forcing you to do his bidding. So, he got his out, and I gave him my number to sext me.

[TBPH, catching you right out of the shower is pretty hot.]

[Yeah, but that’ll never work, unless you just want to beat off in the yard, or break in and rape me before the cops show up. We have an alarm.]

[Yeah, I saw that, but you could have just come out to check the mail, or get the newspaper.]

[Well,] I guess we can talk about his fantasies, too. [I guess it’s not as many clothes to take off, if I’m just wearing a towel, and a bath robe.]

[Yeah, you look really sexy in that bathrobe.]

[Thanks,] I pulled it open, to take a selfy down the front, and sent it. [Even sexier then when I take it off?]

[It’s hard to believe you’re only 12, but when are you going out for a run, next?]

“Huh!” At first, talking about my age was a turnoff, but then I got goosebumps when he talked about me going for a run. [Every afternoon, when I get home from school. Why, would you be there?]

[You bet I would, for a chance to see your ass in those tight yoga pants!]

[Your mom told you about that?]

[I don’t want to talk about her.]

[I know, but when you brought her along tonight. I would have totally let you ravish me right there in the bushes, but not with her there, watching.]

[Well, she knew where you lived, and she gave me a ride.]

[Isn’t that a little weird? I mean, your mom watching you hook up with me like that.]

[Okay? I don’t think there’s anything that isn’t more than a little weird about this, but isn’t that part of it?]

[Not your mom.]

[No, of course not. You’re right, that would be fucked up, but don’t worry. I’ll come alone.]

I giggled, [I better cum too!]

[We’ll cum together, see you tomorrow?]

[Not if I see you first. Goodnight.]

[Goodnight.] I just put my phone down, and passed out, before the screen even went blank. My sister was already snoring, but that didn’t bother me so much. Honestly, I was satisfied, after all that happened to me today, and talking to an older woman about it.

Even if she wanted to be creepy about it, and wanted to watch. She’s old enough to be my mom, of course. I tried talking to her, but this time she was different. This time she had a son, that’s into rape play, for me to play the victim, and finally make all my dreams cum true.

I haven’t slept so good in 2 whole years…



“Huh!” There’s nothing to do but satisfy my curiosity. So, when my husband got home, and found me tied up on the bed, he just laughed.

“Feeling a little kinky tonight?” He unbuttoned his shirt, and his cuffs.

I nodded, “Huh, you know.” Paul, “Kids these days, they’re starting to get into these. Thinks.”

“Kinky tie me up fucks, really?”

“You know I love it when you talk dirty to me, but. Huh!” I took a deep breath, so the nighty pulled tight across my braless bust. “Huh! I finally thought that we might try it. You know.” I struggled sexily I hoped, “To spice things up?”

I don’t really get it. I mean yeah, I got it, but it was just like sex. With my husband, it was a little awkward with my hands tied up, but I could put my arms over his shoulders. I couldn’t really hold him in my arms, and feel the sweat running down his back. The muscles in his buns tighten with each stroke, but he lasted a lot longer than I’m used to.

“Huh!” He finally collapsed, out of breath, so I pulled the knot out of the pantie hose with my teeth. That ruined them, but while I was out there, smoking. It was all right, awkward, but hardly the most mindblowing sex I ever had. “Whoh!” Maybe it’s more exciting with another man, but if the first day’s searching is any indication she was right about that.

Of course, if a hot horny little girl like that is having trouble, finding a man to fuck her roughly, and pretend to rape her. What chance have I got? Maybe I should ask her mother. “Phft!” Yeah, how would that conversation go. “You know that man you got to follow you on your runs to rape you in the park? Where do I go to get one of those?”

Maybe if I lose some weight. At least some of this baby belly, I let myself go, and my husband loves it. At least he says that, it’s more to love, and I never even thought of cheating on him before, seriously.

But then again, if he rapes me, then it’s not cheating. Right?


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