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My wife paid my debt

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A young wife pays off her husband’s gambling debt

My wife Melissa and I had been married for about two years. We both work full time, and for the most part live a fairly normal life. Melissa works at a doctor’s office as a receptionist, and I am in sales. We met in college and have been together ever since.

My wife is gorgeous, and I have grown used to men staring at her. She is 26, two years younger than me, 5’5 with long blondish brown hair. She has tan skin, and probably weighs about 120 lbs. She has the best legs and tits of any woman I have ever been with. Her 34C’s are amazingly perky, and she turns heads wherever she goes.

A few months ago, we got into a bit of financial trouble, and were in danger of being kicked out of our apartment. Actually, I should say that I got us into some financial trouble. I had accrued a bit of debt with my bookie Greg betting on football games. I had been stretching our money pretty thin trying to repay him, but the interest kept piling up and I felt like I was in a hole I couldn’t ever dig out of. As a result of the money I was paying, I had missed our last two rent payments. I had managed to keep this from Melissa, as I handled all of our finances, but I knew I would have a tough time explaining why we were suddenly homeless.

Ron, my landlord, is an asshole, plain and simple. So when he came banging on our door one night, needless to say I was less than pleased to see him. I do my best to stay out of his way. If I’m being perfectly honest, I was scared of him. He rarely spoke when I did see him, and had no shame at all in eyeing Melissa up and down anytime he saw her. Ron is black , about 6’4, and still in pretty good shape for a guy in his late 40s. I’m not tiny at 6’0, but I knew that if it ever came down to it, he could probably whip my ass.

After inviting himself into my apartment, Ron informed me of our potential eviction, and then asked me where my wife was. When I told him she was back in our bedroom, he was visibly excited.
“She sure is pretty, your wife” he winked at me.

“Uh, thanks….” I responded, wondering what exactly was brewing in his mind.
About that time, Melissa came into the living room, and looked a bit startled as she saw our huge black landlord standing in the middle of the room.

“Oh, hi Ron,” she smiled at him politely.

I watched Ron’s eyes scan her up and down, and wished she was wearing something more than the tank top and short shorts she had on.

“So, Chris, you paid Greg yet?” Ron asked casually, as he eased himself down onto my couch.
My heart nearly stopped beating. ”
Wh…. How do….?” was all I was able to get out. I stood frozen, panic rushing over me now, clueless as to how Ron knew about my gambling debt.

“Who is Greg, and why do you owe him money?” Melissa asked, staring at me.
Before I could answer, Ron took care of telling Melissa for me.

“Oh, damn….. you didn’t know? Your husband owes a friend of mine about 10k” Ron spoke up, smiling at Melissa, not even attempting to raise his gaze from her tits.

Melissa looked shocked and then seemed to grow angry as Ron went on explaining that my bookie, Greg, happened to be an old friend of his.
“I think I have a way of getting rid of this debt for you two.” Ron offered, shifting his eyes to me.
“How?” Melissa asked, her eyes angry as she glared at me.
“Well,” Ron responded as he stood up, taking Melissa’s hand, “you are a very beautiful woman, and I would be willing to take care of this mistake your husband has made….. for a small price”

“YES! Anything! Oh my gosh Ron, we’d do anything!” Melissa gushed, thinking Ron was offering some goodwill gesture.
Ron’s grin could not have been bigger as he walked to Melissa, standing in front of her, his hands reaching out, holding Melissa’s hips. His eyes looked down, staring directly down her tank top at her cleavage.

“Well I sure am glad to hear that babydoll” he said, eyes still locked on her body, which was just inches from his.

At this, Melissa realized just what Ron interpreted “anything” as, and began to pull back a little. Ron jerked her body by her hips hard against him, and I took a step toward him to put an end to this. Before I even realized what happened, Ron took one hand and threw me back, knocking me to the floor.
“Now listen here,” he said, his tone much more forceful as he spoke to Melissa. “You and I both know your dumbass husband can’t pay this debt off. Do you know what they’ll do to him when he doesn’t, Melissa?”

Melissa was standing with her hands at her sides, Ron’s arm now wrapped around her waist, holding her tight against him. Their faces just inches apart as she shook her head no.

” Well, I doubt they’d kill him over ten thousand dollars, but they might. They’d definitely fuck him up good though. Or worse, they might come for you.”
She gasped, and I could tell she was scared. I was too.
Ron continued. “So, I’m willing to take care of this little debt for you, if you’re willing to take care of me.”

Melissa was frozen as Ron slid his hands up from her waist and cupped her tits.
“Baby, p- please…” was all I could manage to get out as I lay on the floor, head still spinning from hitting it on the floor when Ron shoved me down.

“You didn’t really leave me much of a choice, did you Chris?” she stated flatly as Ron’s lips began kissing her neck.
Her eyes closed as Ron began sliding her tank top off slowly, sliding it up over her tight stomach before removing it completely, exposing her perfect tits. I could not believe this was happening. This black man, who I hated, was about to have his way with my gorgeous wife.
“God damn babygirl,” I heard him whisper as his hands slid up, admiring her breasts, his huge hands holding her sides.

Melissa stood, almost in a daze, in front of him as he took a moment to admire her naked body. She seemed lost in the moment- her anger at me and her fear of what might happen because of my debt pushing her to this. Her body was stiff, arms crossed covering her tits.

“Mmmmm, you are fine as hell”, he moaned as his hands pulled her arms down.
Melissa looked away, her face a mix of anger, fear, and sadness. I could tell she was fighting back tears as Ron groped her tits. Her nipples involuntarily hardened at his touch, and she let out a slight moan when he lowered his head to hungrily suck them into his mouth. Her head leaned back, mouth open slightly as her eyes closed, overcome by the pleasure. Ron quickly slid her shorts and panties down as he sucked on her tits, leaving my wife completely nude.

“You ready to earn that payment, Melissa?”, he asked.

As she reluctantly nodded her head yes, he smiled, pushing her shoulders down, forcing her to her knees.

“Take my pants off” , he ordered, as he removed his shirt to expose a surprisingly fit body for a man his age.

I had pulled myself up to the chair in the corner of the room, and was trying not to watch, but I found myself unable. I knew Melissa was mad at me, but I could also tell by her body language she didn’t want this. I felt awful, knowing it was all my fault. Her hands worked to unfasten his jeans, and she slid them down his legs. I heard her gasp as she slid his boxers down and revealed what was by far the biggest cock she had ever seen.

He was already hard, and had to have been over nine inches, and fairly thick too. Almost as if it was acting on its own, her hand reached up and began to slowly stroke his monster cock as Ron looked down biting his bottom lip as he watched.

“Go ahead baby, I know you wanna taste” , he whispered.

I watched as my wife responded by wrapping her lips around his cock and began slowly sliding her mouth down on him. She was using her hand to stroke him as she slowly began to take him deeper, and I could tell it was stretching her mouth. Ron’s eyes were closed and his mouth was open, head back as Melissa began bobbing her mouth up and down on his cock.

“MMMMmmmmm baby, you sure do know how to suck a cock” , he moaned, his hands holding her hair as she sucked him.

I was surprised at how far she was able to take him. It looked like she now had about seven inches in her mouth as she was bobbing up and down on his cock faster.
I’m honestly not sure how long she sucked him for, my best guess was maybe 5 minutes. Between the overwhelming situation and the pounding in my head, my thoughts were foggy.
I heard Ron’s moans growing louder and faster, and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He pulled her head even deeper onto his cock, forcing her to take all nine inches into her mouth and throat. I heard her gag a little bit as he began pumping his hips back and forth.

“MM MM MMM fuck girl, you gonna make this cock cum” he moaned
Opening her big brown eyes, Melissa looked up at him, her hands gripping his muscular ass.
“OOO fuckkkkk!”, he screamed, his body beginning to shake, cumming hard into my wife’s mouth.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, watching her and realizing she was swallowing his cum. It must have been a massive load, because plenty of it was spilling out between her lips, dripping down onto her tits despite her efforts to swallow.

“God damn Melissa, you know how to work a cock.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just seen, but I was relieved it was over. That is until I heard him say,

“That was probably worth about $4000. You ready to earn the rest?”

“Wa- wait, what!?” I exclaimed, not believing what I had just heard from his mouth. “Look, you got what you wanted, this was the deal” I said, knowing that I really had no say in the matter anyway.

“Aww, Chris, you didn’t really think a blowjob was going to pay off S10,000 in gambling debts, did you?”
He was laughing, standing in my house, with my wife’s lips still wrapped around his cock.

“Fuck you, Ron!” I shouted.

I felt humiliated, seeing my wife with his cock in her mouth, on her knees for this man, and knowing it was all my fault.

“Get the fu…” was all I managed to say before Ron was on me, his fist smashing into the side of my face before I even knew what happened.

“Baby!” I heard Melissa scream as I hit the floor again.

Still dazed, I listened as Ron told her not to move, before addressing me.

“YOU did this to yourself motherfucker. Now, if I’m gonna get you outta it, I’m gonna get me something for my time and money.” He walked back over to Melissa, who was down on her knees still, frozen with fear.

“Come here babygirl,” he softly spoke to her, suddenly switching his tone altogether as he picked her up off the floor.

They were standing, facing each other, and I watched his hands slide up her arms to cup her tits. I watched Melissa tilt her head back, and heard a soft moan escape her lips as he used his thumb and forefinger to pinch her nipples. They almost instantly got hard again.

“Mmm, baby, you like feeling these big black hands on your body don’t you? Yea, I can tell you do,”
Ron whispered to her, loud enough for me to hear.

Ron allowed his hands to slide down her stomach, to her hips. His hand slid lower still, sliding across her pussy just as he lowered his mouth to her tits again, taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking. Using two fingers, he was rubbing her pussy lips up and down, while his mouth moved back and forth between her nipples, sucking, licking, and biting softly. I watched as he sucked her nipple hard, causing her to moan, and then heard her scream as he slipped 3 fingers inside her.
I had never seen my wife this turned on before, and I watched in disgust as he took his mouth off of her tits, and kissed her deeply. I was shocked to see her enthusiastically return his kiss, her hips bucking against his hand. Ron’s cock was already 3 quarters hard again, so when Melissa reached down and wrapped her hand around it as he fingered her pussy, it only took a few strokes before he was fully erect.

“Mmm, you ready to earn that money back for dumbass over there, Melissa?” he asked, jerking his thumb toward me. Without saying a word, she sat down on the couch, her ass near the edge, and spread her legs for him. I kept thinking that this had to be the worst nightmare of all time, and I would wake up soon. But deep down I knew that this was very real, and was all my fault.
Ron positioned himself between her legs, his knees on the couch. He was holding his cock at it’s base, rubbing Melissa’s pussy with his head.

“Tell me what you want , babygirl,” he whispered, staring down at her.
Melissa’s hands were cupping her tits, and she was rubbing her erect nipples when I heard her say something I never in a million years thought anyone other than me would hear my sweet wife say

“I want you inside me.”

At this, Ron groaned, and slid his hips forward, sinking about a third of his cock inside her. Melissa moaned, eyes wide in shock ,feeling his thickness inside her.

“Damn baby, this pussy feels even better than I had imagined it would,” Ron said.
I watched him rocking his hips back and forth. He was slowly forcing his monster cock deeper and deeper into my wife, and her moans grew louder with each thrust. This went on for about the next five minutes, until with one final thrust, Ron buried himself inside her. They shifted positions so they were now laying down on the couch, him on top of her, chests touching. One of his arms under her, the other holding her head as he sucked at her neck. He began working his hips in slow circles, gradually picking up speed.

Melissa was enjoying herself, I could tell, her eyes were closed, and her soft moans filled the room. I watched silently, realizing that she was so lost in the pleasure of this huge black cock that she either had forgotten I was there, or just didn’t care anymore.
When Ron asked her how she felt, she moaned breathlessly, “This feels so amazing. I’ve never had anyone make me feel this good”

Her pussy had expanded to accommodate his cock, and as he leaned back, he began fucking her hard. Fast strokes, and I could see and hear his balls slapping her ass as Melissa began moaning loudly now. Her eyes were closed, head thrown back.

“You like getting fucked by a real cock, don’t you, baby?” Ron asked her, smiling as he fucked her pussy harder and deeper than anyone ever had.

She nodded her head as she moaned “You’re going to make me cummm!!”

I didn’t think it possible, but he actually began fucking her harder and faster, and I watched as my wife had an orgasm ten times stronger than any I had ever given her. Ron slowed his pace and allowed her pussy to contract around his cock. Her legs were wrapped around his back.

“Oh my god, I have NEVER cum like that in my life!” Melissa moaned.

Ron laughed as he stood up and told my wife to turn around and get on all fours.

“You hear that Chris?” he laughed as he positioned himself on the couch behind my wife, his cock still rock hard. “Think about that the next time you’re inside her,” he smiled, pressing his cock head at the entrance of her pussy. “How does it feel to know that from now on, every time you fuck your wife, all she’ll be able to think about is MY. BLACK. COCK!?”

As he spoke those last three words, he thrusted inside her as he spoke each one, burying himself completely in her pussy with the third thrust. Melissa screamed as he filled her pussy, and Ron immediately began pumping his hips back and forth.

“Oh goddamn,” I heard him say, almost breathlessly, and I knew why.

Melissa’s ass is perfect, toned and tight and she knows how to work it. I never have been able to last long at all fucking her from behind, and I knew after the fucking he had already given her, Ron wouldn’t either.

“This white pussy feels so good.” he moaned, as he reached up, taking a handful of Melissa’s hair into his hands.
Her head jerked back, and as I watched him pump himself into her from behind, the room filled with both of their moans.

Melissa grew louder and louder, his cock finally sending her over the edge as she screamed

“Fuck, fuck, oh my god, I’m cumminggg!” as her body shook in orgasam.

Ron groaned, “That’s it babygirl, cum on daddy’s cock!” glancing over at me with a look of power and dominance.

It wasn’t until this moment that I realized that Ron wasn’t wearing a condom.
His hands were on her hips now, and I listened to my wife , through her moans telling him
“That feels so amazing!” and “fuck meee, omigod fuck me pleease!”

This sent him over the edge, and as his hips slapped against her body he moaned

“MMM baby, where you want this cum?”

I will never forget the words my wife spoke next, or the sound of her saying them, as she turned to look him in the eye and panted

“I want your cum inside me.”

That was more than Ron could handle, and I watched his head snap back, his back arching, as he began pumping his cum into my wife. His body spasming, loud groans escaping his mouth.
He came for what must have been 30 seconds, and from my wife’s body, I could tell he had made her cum again also. He collapsed on top of her, and they laid there for a few minutes, before he dismounted her. I could see the cum running out of her and onto the couch. The amount that leaked out alone was more than 2 or 3 of my loads.

Ron dressed, and grinned at me as he headed for the door.

“Oh, and don’t forget, I need that rent by Tuesday….. I do have a payment plan available if you’re interested,” winking at my wife as he left.
I knew my life, from this moment on, would never be the same again.

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