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My brothers were always sweet, until the lockdown started 2

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My brothers were always sweet, until the lockdown started.

It became a routine, every day mom worked I gave head to my brothers. It was only a few minutes of my day and then they left me alone. I preferred Caleb’s dick, it was close to 8 inches and he would lay in bed and let me do the duty as I liked with no rush, Jeff always wanted me to hurry up and his 5 inch dick would cum within a minute, he had small balls to, Caleb’s nuts were like lemons.

After 3 weeks I got bored, looked at some porn to spice things up. Spice up with Caleb I mean, not Jeff.

One morning I was blowing Caleb, he had just taken a shower and laid naked in bed while I licked on his balls.

Me- would it be okay if you laid on your stomach?

Caleb- my stomach? you cant get to my dick then

Me- please, just do it

He turns on his stomach, he had a nice firm ass, which I started to kiss, I reached me hand down to rub his balls a bit.

I took my hands and opened his ass cheeks and started to tongue his crack and asshole.

Caleb-damn sis, this feels good, never thought it would

I licked and tongued his asshole, he was clean and I loved how it tasted.

Caleb- back on my cock for a while

I sucked his cock deep and rub a finger up and down his ass crack, before letting my finger slide inside his asshole.I finger fucked his ass as I sucked on his dick, he told me my finger was hitting the spot and he shook hard as he released in my mouth. I swallowed and kept my finger in his ass.

Caleb- that was intense, I think you were rubbing my prostate

Me- it really felt good?

Caleb– it did, now Im going to lay on my stomach again, you know what to do

I slide my finger from his ass, wiped it on my shirt before tonguing his asshole again, his ass was sloppy and wet when he let me stop. He had me stand up and strip for him. I bent over and showed my asshole, he had me go back on his dick again, I took my time and once he came again, I was given permission to go.

He asked me if I fingered and I told him I had once, he said he wanted me to start fingering for him, he wanted to watch and not to tell Jeff about anything. We both hated Jeff and wanted him to just leave. I wanted to fuck Caleb but then I would have to fuck Jeff to, so we started a plan.

2 nights later, mom was working late, I had gotten vodka from a friend, she knew about my issues and was in on it if she could get some Caleb dick herself. She was a chubby ass with braces and Caleb only said he would fuck her if I was there to.

The set up,, me and Caleb walk out with 2 glasses of water for ourselves and a glass full on vodka for Jeff. We had to make faces as we drank the water, like it tasted bad to pass it off. We acted drunk while Jeff was drunk off his ass.

Mid way thru the second glass Jeff was tore up, I told him lets go out side , told him I wanna suck his dick so bad. We went for a walk, we helped him walk as we got to near the shipping center, we got to the Food Lion store and stood on the side of the building, I told him to take off his clothes, I wanted his dick so bad, he got naked and I told him to go in the store and I would join him in a bit.

Well thats how Jeff got sent to grandma’s for a while…

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    Lame. I was bored reading it, so when dose Caleb fuck you in your pussy.

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    Great Story Do Part 3