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mom’s a slave

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mom got caught flirting with guys at bar and dad rip the soul out of her-

My name is rais and i live in a small town. I have a nuclear family. My dad is very richest guy in the town.He basically provides emplyment to 60% of the mens in the town .I have never been close to my dad and he basically a workaholic. he works 6 days a week and in the weekend he usually sleeps till 2 in the evening so i have always been closer to my mom. Now my mom is the best women you can ever get. I felt very jealous of dad that he had such a beautiful woman and still he dosent give time and attention to her. Her name is Lexa and she is a gorgeous white woman 5 foot 3 inches tall and probably weights around 125 pounds and has D cup breasts.

my dad on the other hand is a 5 foot 11 guy who has a dark skin and has a great body due to the home gym we had our house was pretty isolated from the town so my dad had to frive for around 20 mins just to get to his office.

One day i just could sleep and was playing videogames on my laptop and suddenly i heard a strange sound comming from below i silently went below to investigate the source of the noise and quickly found that it was comming from my parents room. The door was halfway open so i couldnt see the bed and the closet at the right side of the room.

I was shocked by what i saw. Both of the hands of my mom were bounded and tied to the lamp that was hanged on the ceiling so that she was high in her heels .Dad was saying things like “how dare you flirt with that guy when i wasnt around without my consent “.The naked scene of my parents had my dick throbbing in no time. Both of them were completely naked and the ceiling lamp which was used to bound hands of my mom was the only light that was turned on at the time. Mom replied”am i am extremely sorry Dan(yea my dads name is Dan) i was extremely drunk today and had no idea of my actions please forgive me i will do anything you ask me to. “Dad then went towards the closet and put the blindfold on mom. He also brought a tub and put it right next to my helpless looking mom There was pin drop silence in the room for around 5-6 mins and I felt the tension on the room and could see mom dripping her juices from her pussy to the floor. Then my dad suddenly got up and started fucking mom like a steam train and twisting both her nipples making Mom moan so loud that I couldn’t differenciate if it was cause by pleasure or the pain it was probably both . Dad kept on poounding faster and faster until they both were at the edge of orgasm then my dad swiftly took the tub and made my mom squirted streams of juices from her cunt in that tub I thought he did that to keep the floor clean but apperently he had something very different in his mind. Dad also used his hands and came in the same tub.

Mom looked exhausted from the orgasm that she just had. dad freed her bonds from the ceiling making her fall to her knees and she stayed that way for some time.Dad again went to closet and said,”If you dont last on this for 10 mins then am going to make you clean the floor with your slutty mouth you whore”. At first I got confused then I saw the sybian vibrator. Mom took the blindfold off her face and whispered just one word,”How?”. That was the point I lost it and came in my underwears the thought of my helpless mom going to get vibrated for 10 mins was just too much for me to handle.

Dad had a expressionless face as he took a small table and put the sybian vibrator on there. So that moms heels were just off the ground to keep her balanced.

Moms terrified and helpless facial expression with the lighting of the lamp was just so beautiful that I wanted to go and fuck her right there. But I knew I couldnt do that for obhious reasons. Then she weakly stood up and sat on the vibrator.Dad had a devilish grin on his face he played with her for 2 mins by switching the vibration back and forth and after that he just went all in and wanted to see the bitch suffer.

Dad turns the vibration to its maximum and after 10 seconds mom started to shudder and lost it she moaned so loudly that if we had neighbours they would have called 911.Dad casually put the squirt from my mom’s now red hot cunt to the tub. He also warned her of waking me up as they thought that i was asleep and that seemed to keep mom abit quiter later. The second orgasm hit mom around 4 mins in and her pretty face looked very uncomfortable. She was continously asking dad how much time has went by and that didnt seem to help her at all. She kept climaxing over and over like a bitch in the heat and dad was calling her dirty names and was saying what a whore she had become. Around 6-7 min her cunt would usually come off the vibrator from time to time to reduce the overwhelming stimulation. Dad noticed that and immediately hold her hips so that her cunt was buried deep in the vibrator. That was it mom just couldnt take it anymore she arched her back and squealed like a piggy as dad pinched her nipple and boom she clearly had the biggest orgasm until that point. Then around 9 min she went limp in dads shoulder and arms as dad was still holding her hips to burry that pussy in that vibrator but the devilish smile that I was talking about returned once again and he said, “its 9 mins and 25 secs in you useless whore” and let go of mom. She immediately fell on the floor hitting her head hard on the floor almost knocking her out.

Dad splits at her face and says,”Well, i guess you have to clean the floor then”. That was the point when he threw all that mix of cum squirt and split right on mom’s face. My naked dad was then standing tall in front of my half conscious mother who had her face covered up in the mix of her own squirt and dads thick cum. That was the moment I came for second time the look on my moms face was so dismantled. Dad just made mom realise her place in his home which was his whore . A whore who now has to eat the squirt and cum out of the floor. Dad would just watch as mom starts eating the content of the floor. around halfway of cleaning the floor,Dad states that the floor was to sticky and pees in the floor. Mom was clearly heartbroken and was finally sobbing now after all that humiliation. While dad just sat in the bed with a expressionless face and cum occasionally just to add more stuffs to clean .

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